Does Tesla Insurance Cover Rental Cars? (Explained)

Last updated on September 12th, 2023 at 03:03 am

Are you going to be using a rented Tesla for a while? Perhaps your Tesla is ongoing repairs at a Tesla Centre, and you received a rental car.

Accidents are unpredictable. However, you want to be sure that you’re insured. Tesla’s insurance policies are very beneficial, especially during emergencies.

As a result, many people begin to wonder whether Tesla’s insurance covers rental cars.

Yes, Tesla insurance covers rental cars. However, for a non-Tesla vehicle, you must have provided its details earlier before an emergency. Therefore, there’s no partiality when attending to rental cars. Moreover, you must start paying your insurance fee once the rental car is insured.

In this article, I’ll explain how Tesla’s insurance works by highlighting factors that affect its accessibility.

Afterward, you’ll understand how Tesla insurance prices work and how to save costs. You’ll also learn how to access Tesla insurance.

Do You Get Tesla Insurance For a Rental Car?

Does Tesla Insurance Cover Rental Cars

Tesla insurance is available for a rental car. All you need to do is provide the car’s documents through the app.

However, you must own a Tesla if the rental car is a non-Tesla vehicle. If it was given to you by a Tesla Centre for a limited time, then of course. 

Furthermore, before you get into a situation where you need Tesla insurance, you must always pay the insurance fee. Therefore, if you have debts, your claim can be rejected.

Is Tesla Insurance Expensive?

Yes, Tesla’s insurance costs more than the insurance for other cars.

It is more expensive because Tesla’s price is higher. Therefore, the maintenance cost of Tesla is expensive.

Its insurance prices range from 2000 to 4000 dollars per annum. However, many factors affect the cost of Tesla insurance.

As a result, the prices of Tesla insurance fluctuate. Here are the factors that affect the price of Tesla insurance.

#1. The Model

Teslas come in different models. However, these models have different prices based on their modifications. 

As a result, purchasing an expensive model entails paying a higher insurance price. For as low as 1500 dollars, you can get insurance for a cheap Tesla car.

Below are highlighted details of cheap Tesla models.

#1. Model 3

This model is one of the cheapest Tesla cars. It costs about 44000 thousand dollars for a brand new one. However, its insurance annually is 3,386 yearly.

Model 3 has three types. These types have different prices. This price range is due to additional features such as better batteries and acceleration.

#2. Model Y

This model is the cheapest Tesla model. It is factual to say Tesla Y models are cheaper than Tesla X models.

As a result, its insurance price goes as low as 1500 to 2500 dollars annually.

Cars with three compartments(sedans) are more expensive to insure than those with two compartments.

The front, the passenger’s space, and the trunk are further analyses of three-compartment cars. 

These slight details, which seem irrelevant, are also considered.

#3. Model S

The Tesla Model S costs more than other Tesla models. A brand new Tesla model S is about 90,000 dollars. As a result, its insurance is expensive.

Therefore, the insurance costs about 2000 to 4000 dollars. However, some with additional features are more expensive than others with lesser features.

#4. Model X

Tesla Model X insurance costs 2200 to 4000 dollars annually. The car costs about 120000 dollars which explains why the insurance is also high.

Here is a tabular representation of Tesla models and their insurance costs.

ModelsInsurance Cost (Dollars)
Model X2200 to 4000 
Model S2000 to 4000
Model Y1500 to 2500
Model 33,386 averagely.

#2. Location

The location you drive the vehicle is a keen factor that affects insurance costs. The more dangerous a city road is, the higher the insurance cost, and vice versa.

For example, California is the most populated US state and has an average insurance cost of 3000 dollars. On the contrary, Ohio’s average insurance cost is 1200 dollars.

Tesla reviews the city’s road accident records and weighs all the research before implementing such costs.

#3. Distance Driven

The greater distance you cover, the more insurance costs you pay. Tesla is trying to give you insurance without putting itself on the losing side.

Therefore, if you travel greater distances, there’s more accident risk or damage to the car. So, by regulating your travel distances, you can reduce your insurance cost.

#4. Coverage 

Depending on the insurance agreement, you can get a higher insurance cost. However, this cost comes with fewer limitations.

You’ll be able to file claims easily on what the coverage entails. To learn more about Tesla insurance claims, visit their support page.

#5. Safety Score

Tesla keeps track of the driving history through the app. They use it to monitor the risks and safety the vehicle experiences. 

However, at intervals, you get to know your safety score. A high safety score shows that you’ve been a safe driver and attract less insurance cost and vice versa.

Actions such as overspeeding, making phone calls while driving, and using hard brakes will be detected.

So, it would be best to be careful while driving to avoid overwhelming insurance costs.

Is Tesla Insurance Worth It?

Of course, Tesla insurance is worth it. Tesla professionals will always be at your service.

This decision is the best because they’re more accustomed to Tesla repairs than other mechanics.

However, the car and driver’s health will be in safe hands. This statement is true because Tesla’s insurance covers a lot of privileges.

Here is a list of services Tesla insurance provides.

  • Tesla insurance covers the medical bills of the victims involved in an accident.
  • Vehicles involved in the accident are repaired gradually till completion by Tesla.
  • It also covers damages to the vehicle from other sources, such as fire, theft, and flood.
  • Tesla fixes glasses that are problematic in the absence of accidents.
  • It aids you during emergencies like low fuel, flat tires, and even vehicle towing.
  • Amazingly, it covers the cost of a damaged rented car. 
  • Tesla insurance covers your wall charger and missing or spoilt key parts.

Accidents happen, and Tesla recognizes that fact and won’t ignore or penalize you if you’re at fault. However, all these services listed above are for both parties benefit.

How Can You Access Tesla Insurance?

There are two methods through which you can access your Tesla insurance. First, you need to know if you’re eligible to benefit from Tesla insurance policies.

Here are the requirements to be able to access Tesla insurance.

#1. Location

The current location is essential when trying to access Tesla insurance. Some states in the United States are still yet to be part of this development.

However, Tesla has informed the public that they’re working on it. Hopefully, as the year concludes, Tesla insurance will cover more states.

Below is a list of states where Tesla insurance is currently accessible.

  • California
  • Ohio
  • Arizona
  • Colorado
  • Oregon
  • Nevada
  • Virginia
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Maryland
  • Illinois

You must own a Tesla to receive these insurance services. You can get insurance from Tesla professionals for non-Tesla vehicles only if you own one.

#2. Accessing Tesla Insurance

There are two methods of accessing Tesla Insurance. The methods are by direct means or through the Tesla app.

To get Tesla insurance started using the app, follow the instructions below.

  • Touch and open the profile icon.
  • Tap Get Tesla Insurance.
  • Ensure your driver’s information, address, and date of birth are correct.
  • Then, you’ll be able to view the insurance policy, card documents, and payment details and complain through the app.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Tesla insurance is available for rental cars. However, Tesla’s insurance is more expensive than other insurance.

These factors that affect the cost of Tesla insurance include;

  • Model
  • Location
  • Distance
  • Coverage
  • Safety score

The guidelines in this article will help you reduce your insurance cost. You now know what the Tesla insurance covers and how to access it.

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