4 Reasons Tesla Says Left Door Pillar Camera Blocked Or Blinded!

Last updated on April 18th, 2023 at 11:17 pm

It can be quite frustrating when certain parts of your car are not functioning as they should. The feeling of frustration is way worse when your car is new.

The camera systems are so important that any malfunction won’t be easy to accommodate. 

Well, if you’re getting a message that says your door pillar camera is blocked or blinded, there are reasons for that.

This article highlights these reasons so you can identify and resolve them. 

This happens when your camera is unable to focus and it malfunctions. If you’ve left your car out all day, you’d probably experience this problem due to condensation. Try to clean the camera to get the cameras working again. Also, if the sun hits the left door pillar camera directly, you will get the same message.

This article will explain the possible reasons for this dilemma and offer solutions. Read further to know more! 

Why Does My Tesla Say ‘Left Door Pillar Camera Blocked or Blinded’?

Tesla Left Door Pillar Camera Blocked or Blinded

If your tesla says your left door pillar camera is blocked or blinded, it means the camera is unable to focus. This inability to focus is usually due to an obstruction in the lens. 

If the saying persists, check the camera in question and try to resolve the issue. The problem, usually, is not technical and only requires a little effort to resolve. 

Here are a few reasons your left door pillar camera may be blocked or blinded. 

#1. Condensation

You can’t park cars inside the house. But leaving them outside for a long time can cause a blockage to the camera lenses. 

You may have noticed a certain cold feel or even water droplets on your car every morning from the weather. 

These water droplets cover the camera lens, making it impossible for the camera to focus. 

#2. Dirt or Dust on Camera

If your camera has dirt or dust on the screen, you will get a blocked or blinded camera notification. All you need do is wipe off the dirt, and the notification should stop. 

#3. Direct Exposure To Sunlight

If the left door pillar camera faces the sun directly, the harsh rays could blind the camera

Therefore, if you’re getting a camera-blocked message from your tesla, check the direction it is facing. 

#4. Driving In Unlit Areas

You’d hear this complaint when it is completely dark, and your camera can’t see anything other than a black environment.

If it’s possible to use an area with proper lighting, you should. But if it isn’t, you can use that area and then try driving during the day the next day to check the camera again. 

Hopefully, the notification messages about your left door pillar should stop. Unless, of course, there’s another issue due to condensation or sunlight. 

Is It Safe To Drive With a Blinded Door Pillar Camera?

No, driving with a blinded door pillar camera is unsafe. The cameras on the car are very important, and any problem with them can affect us greatly.

The left door pillar camera is necessary for the quick detection of other road users.

The camera could pick up a possible collision, and your tesla notifies you to avoid the situation. 

The left door pillar camera is important for turns especially left turns. The cameras tell you if it’s safe to turn and not hit a roadblock or another road user. 

If the left door pillar camera is not functioning properly, this may affect easy left turns.

You may have to look for other means, like side mirrors and windows, to enhance your turns. 

Side mirrors and windows are effective but not as effective and easy as the door pillar camera. 

So if your left door pillar camera is blocked or blinded, driving wouldn’t be safe. 

What Causes Tesla Cameras To Flicker?

Tesla cameras sometimes flicker due to the uncoordinated sync between the camera and an external light source. 

Car cameras are not on all the time. They flicker on and off from time to time. But it happens so quickly that you may not even notice it. 

This flickering occurs due to a cycle of a particular light source. It is quite normal for car cameras to flicker on and off. Even phone cameras flicker, too, but you’d not notice. 

If the sync between the camera’s frequency and the light source is out of place, the camera flickers. 

The frame rate of your camera ordinarily should match the frequency of the lights in the environment.

It’s not so easy to get the frame rates to work with the frequency of the lights. 

Firstly, you have to know the frequency of the light source so you can adjust the frame rate of your tesla cameras to suit it. 

And very importantly, the frame rate ought to be divisible by the frequency of fluctuations. 

Your location’s power network affects the lights’ frequency or fluctuations. 60Hz is the power network for the United States and 50Hz for Africa, Europe, and Asia. 

Remember, the rule of frame rate divisibility by frequency stands. 

The table below contains the power networks, the frequencies at which they operate, and the camera frame rate to suit each frequency

Power NetworkFrequency(Fluctuations Per Second)Frame Rate (Fluctuations Per Second)
60Hz12030, 60 or 120
50Hz10025, 50, 100

For 60 Hz, you can choose any frame rate, and it would work perfectly. This principle also applies to the 50Hz network. Any of the three frame rates on its row would work. 

How Do You Resolve a Tesla Camera Warning? 

In resolving tesla camera warnings, basic strategies could easily work. These basic strategies include; 

#1. Cleaning the Camera:

Sometimes, the camera is blocked or blinded by dirt and debris. You could regularly clean your cameras to ensure they are not blocked or blinded. 

#2. Turning Off the System and Turning It Back On:

Rebooting the car system is a quick and easy trick to clear off warnings. 

This strategy may not work all the time, though. So, if it doesn’t, pay attention to the warning and resolve the issue. 

#3. Give It Some Time and Check Again:

This trick could work in cases where the sun is hitting directly at the sun. 

You cannot control the sun, so it would be better to keep driving till you’re out of the situation. The warning should clear up soon after. 

#4. Clear Camera Cache and Data On the Settings:

You can click on the settings on your tesla screen and clear up the camera cache. If the warnings are due to excess junk, this will resolve it. 

In resolving camera warnings, ensure to park your car first. If the warnings are not affecting your ride, you should wait until you park. Try not to work on your car while driving. 

Furthermore, here are some quick tricks to help prevent your cameras from getting blocked or blinded. 

  • A Ceramic coating would help against dust and sunlight. 
  • Cover your car properly when leaving it outside all night. 

If the warning persists after all the strategies above, you could schedule a service to resolve the problem. But in the meantime, you could keep driving your vehicle. 


If your camera is having problems focusing, your tesla will likely notify you about your blocked or blinded camera. 

It’s easy to get your left door pillar camera blinded since it can be affected by dirt, sunlight, and condensation. 

However, a regular cleaning session for your cameras should get them unblocked and working again and, hopefully, prevent further occurrences. 

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