The Ultimate Guide On How To Fix Tesla Side Mirror!

Last updated on April 18th, 2023 at 11:16 pm

The design of Tesla vehicles reveals not just the importance of every car part but also the simplicity of troubleshooting them when they are faulty, especially in mechanical structures. 

This is also true for Tesla side mirrors which are easily faulty due to their external positions in the car.  So, what if your Tesla side mirror develops a fault? What can you do?

Well, you don’t need to be anxious; this article provides a detailed guide to help you fix your side mirror. Here’s a brief overview outlining some steps that can help you.

The Tesla Side mirror has three tabs placed behind the mirror at manufacturing. After purchase, you may discover that the side mirror doesn’t adjust above a certain point. While it may seem like a complicated fault, it’s not, and you can fix the issue by simply removing the three tabs behind the mirror. 

In this article, I’ve developed an in-depth guide on how to fix your Tesla Side Mirror. I’ll also explain why your side mirrors could stop working. So read on for further insight. 

How Do I Fix My Tesla’s Side Mirror?

The Ultimate Guide On How To Fix Tesla Side Mirror

To fix the Tesla Side mirror, you will need the services of a professional, but you can do it on your own at no cost. 

If you choose to go with the latter, the following steps provide the details for fixing the side mirror on your Tesla. 

#1. Remove The Mirror From The Housing With The Use Of A Tool

Since the reason your Tesla Side mirror isn’t tilting high enough or rotating completely has the same fixing process, the first thing you need to do is to remove the mirror from the housing compartment with a pry tool or your fingers. 

Grab the mirror gently, rotate it, and pull continuously till it falls off. You will see three tabs underneath the mirror compartment. 

#2. Break And Remove The Tabs Beneath The Mirror Housing

As I mentioned earlier, there are three tabs placed by Tesla manufacturers in the Side mirrors to restrict how high or low you can tilt your mirror and how far you can rotate your mirror. 

Therefore, when fixing your side mirror issue, the first and only thing you need to remove is the three tabs underneath the mirrors because that’s all you need to fix your mirror issue. 

Once you have opened the mirror housing and have located them, gently break off the tabs. They are quite easy to break because they are plastics. 

#3. Reinsert The Mirror 

The last and final step is to reinsert your mirror back in place after breaking off the tabs. Once you do this, your side mirror will automatically become easy to rotate or tilt in any direction. 

As easy as this sounds, it is best to allow a professional touch if you feel you will mess things up. After all, Tesla’s parts are quite pricey. 

Can I Really Fix My Side Mirror Myself? 

Of course, you can. You only need basic knowledge of how your side mirror works. 

You must also know your side mirror’s main problem and issue so that the quick fixes get applied appropriately. 

Here are some DIY steps you can follow:

Detach The Side Mirror: Remove the side mirror from the housing compartment with your fingers or a pry tool. 

Locate The Mirror Tabs: There are three tabs behind the mirror; locate them after removing the side mirror.

Break The Tabs: Next, gently break the plastic-made tabs you see inside. 

Reinsert The Mirror: After removing the side mirror and breaking the tabs, reinsert your mirror and test to see how it works. 

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Side Mirror On A Tesla? 

Tesla parts are costly. They are very pricey, and replacing a part could cost you, especially if you require professional service. 

Replacing a Tesla Side mirror can cost you at least $540 – $700, including the labor and service fees. 

Fortunately, you can cut out any additional fees, like the service fee, if you decide to use the DIY steps I have mentioned above. 

You can also purchase a fairly used side mirror from a third-party market at a considerably affordable price of $300. 

Never attempt to follow DIY steps on your Tesla if you have no idea what you should be doing or where. Instead, contact a professional for help if the issue exceeds your capacity. 

Lastly, you can find a suitable car insurance package and sign up so that it can cover most of your car’s repair cost. Jerry is one such platform. 

Your Tesla’s Electric Mirrors Are Not Working? Here Is Why 

Several reasons could cause your electric mirrors to stop working. These reasons could be minor or major. Identifying the exact reason for your side mirror’s malfunction is essential to fixing it.

Interestingly, you can always have a professional inspect it thoroughly at your convenience. 

However, if you have basic technical skills, this article can guide you in detecting why your Tesla electric mirrors are not working. 

Below are some reasons why your Tesla electric mirrors are not working;

#1. A Defective Internal Tilt Mechanism 

The Tesla mirror gets manufactured with three tabs installed at the back of the mirror. So if your mirror no longer auto-tilts or adjusts only to a small range, then a likely cause is the tabs behind the mirrors. 

Ordinarily, the producers must remove the tabs after manufacturing, but they do not. 

Since the tabs are only there to restrict the movement of the mirrors, you can easily remove them. 

To access the tabs, It would be best to detach your mirror by continuously rotating the ends using your fingers. After this, break off the tabs and reattach your mirror. 

If this is why your mirror isn’t working, the issue will be fixed automatically. 

#2. An Old Mirror Switch is Overdue For Replacement 

As you drive your car daily, some parts may wear out, signaling that they are due for replacement. 

One such part of the Tesla is the mirrors. Unfortunately, dirt and dust could accumulate behind your mirror hinge, restricting its movement and other functionalities. 

When this happens, clean out the dust. However, if the mirror issues persist after a thorough cleaning, it is the appropriate time for a replacement. 

#3. Cold Environments 

Too much cold is capable of causing your electric mirrors to malfunction, especially in areas with so much snow and ice. 

I suggest reducing how often you drive your car under such intense weather conditions to avoid paying a huge amount of money on repairs. 

#4. Faulty Wiring 

Improper wiring is often a fault of the manufacturers or your car electrician. If your car has been worked on, ensure the electricians appropriately reconnect every loose wire. 

#5. A Blown Fuse 

Here is another reason your car’s electric mirrors are not working. A fuse is needed to regulate your Tesla mirror’s electricity to perform all its functions. 

Once it gets ineffective, replace the fuse immediately to avoid further issues that may arise. 

Most times, fixing a mirror issue in the Tesla is quite expensive. For instance, repairing and fixing your electric side mirror could cost at least $50 – $100

On the other hand, if you decide to fix the issue yourself, make sure you know what you are doing. 

Most professionals advise against fixing your Tesla by yourself since it’s more likely than not that you will mix up the fixing process. 

Below are some of the pros and cons of getting professional help for your car issues. 

Pros Cons
It saves you time and energy Professional fees are very expensive 
It reduces the risk of further complicationsThey could also delay your car repair for a long time 
The professionals are more acquainted with Tesla’s repair processes Faulty wiring could result from the negligence of the professionals after fixing your car

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