Tesla Car Names: Funny, Creative & More!

Last updated on September 10th, 2023 at 03:27 am

Imagine a world where electric cars have names that capture their unique personalities and individual traits. 

Gone are the days of “Model 3” and “Model X.” In this world, your Tesla car can have a name that’s as unique as you are and that perfectly captures its sleek style and powerful performance. 

Additionally, there are no limits to the fun you can have with naming your Tesla. Want to know more about naming Teslas? Read on.

When naming Tesla cars, there are a few official guidelines to follow. For one, the name has to be a single word made up of only letters from the English alphabet. Additionally, the name contains no numbers, special characters, or trademarked terms. Finally, the name can’t be offensive.  

This article covers everything you need about Tesla car names. 

Along the way, we’ll provide some helpful guidelines for changing your Tesla name and making the process a breeze. 

Best 3 Funny Car Names For Your Tesla

Tesla Car Names

There’s no doubt that Tesla cars are impressive feats of technology, but that doesn’t mean they can’t also be a source of humor. 

After all, what’s better than a car that’s both advanced and funny? 

If you’re looking for some ideas for a funny name for your Tesla, check out these top 3 picks. 

#1. Watt’s Poppin

“Watt’s Poppin” is a pun and wordplay that combines the phrase “what’s popping?” with the word “watt,” which refers to electrical power. 

This name will surely bring a lighthearted and casual vibe to your Tesla. 

#2. Ohm My Ride

“Ohm My Ride” is a funny and clever play on words that combines “ohm” and “oh my.” 

This name is perfect for a Tesla, highlighting the electrical resistance of the car’s systems.

#3. Joltin’ Joyrider

“Joltin’ Joyrider” is a name that conveys the exhilaration and fun of driving a Tesla. 

The name evokes both the speed and excitement of the car, as well as the sense of happiness and fulfillment it brings to the driver. 

These funny names for your Tesla aren’t just amusing; they also serve a purpose by highlighting the high-tech nature of your car.

In addition to being conversation starters, they can also help to spark interest in electric vehicles and make them seem more accessible.

It’s a brilliant way to bring joy and laughter to the world of electric cars. 

Top 3 Creative Tesla Car Names

There’s no denying that Tesla cars are incredible feats of engineering, but when it comes to naming them, the sky’s the limit. 

Consider these three creative Tesla car names if you want something creative and unique. 

#1. Volt Voyage Vanguard

“Volt Voyage Vanguard” is a Tesla car name that’s rich with meaning. 

It references the car’s electric nature, while “voyage” evokes a sense of adventure and exploration. 

This creative name perfectly captures the excitement and possibilities of driving a Tesla car. 

#2. Eco-Electron Elegance

“Eco-Electron Elegance” is a name that perfectly describes the combination of Tesla’s dedication to sustainability and its reputation for luxury.

The words “eco” and “electron” emphasize the car’s green credentials, while “elegance” highlights its stylish and high-end features.

It’s a name that shows off the best of what a Tesla car has to offer. 

#3. Zenith Zenon Zephyr

The name “Zenith Zenon Zephyr” embodies sophistication and relaxation. 

“Zenith” suggests the top of the range, while “Zenon” adds a futuristic feel. 

Finally, “Zephyr” suggests a smooth and stress-free drive. Together, these words form a name that’s both luxurious and serene. 

The right name for a Tesla car can be more than just a label – it can be a window into the world of electric vehicles and all their possibilities. 

Furthermore, the name can express the essence of the car and capture its spirit of innovation and style. 

Best Tesla Car Names By Color

One of the most fun parts of owning a Tesla is picking the perfect name for your car. And what better way to choose a name than by looking at your car’s color for inspiration? 

Here are some of the best names for your colored Tesla:

#1. Red: Crimson Current Cruiser

“Crimson current cruiser” is a striking and evocative name!  It captures the power and passion of a red Tesla with descriptive and poetic words. 

The name also paints a picture of a powerful and stylish car gliding along on a wave of electricity. 

#2. Blue: Azure Volt Voyager

“Azure Volt Voyager” is a beautiful name that perfectly captures the spirit of a blue Tesla. 

The word “azure” evokes feelings of calm and open space, while “volt” adds a touch of power and modernity.

Also, “voyager” suggests the limitless possibilities a Tesla can offer, taking you on a journey of discovery. 

#3. White: Pearl Electra Elegance

“Pearl Electra Elegance” perfectly captures the beauty and sophistication of a Tesla, evoking images of pearls and electric currents. 

The name also suggests that the car is not just a mode of transportation but a work of art that inspires admiration and desire. 

#4. Black: Obsidian Quantum Quest

“Obsidian Quantum Quest” is a striking name for a black Tesla! 

The name creates a sense of depth and mystery and adds a sense of excitement and purpose. 

The name evokes the unique allure of Tesla’s black paint job and the adventures that await on the open road.

Tesla car names are often inspired by different colors, each with unique associations and inspirations. 

Fortunately, since Tesla car names are so diverse, we’ve created a table to help you explore options and find the perfect color for your vehicle.

Check out the table below:

Car NameColor
Azure DreamscapeTurquoise
Amethyst AmbiencePurple
Citrine Celebration Yellow
Coral CharmOrange
Emerald Euphoria Green

You can create a more personal and meaningful bond with a name informed by your Tesla’s color. 

A fitting name for your Tesla can enhance your connection to the vehicle and amplify the joy of driving an electric car.

How To Change Your Tesla Car Name From Your Car?

If you’ve decided that your Tesla needs a new name, you’ll be happy to know it’s a quick and easy process. 

You can update the name of your car right from the vehicle’s touchscreen display. 

You can give your Tesla a new moniker that reflects its personality and style in just a few simple steps.

Here are the steps;

Step 1

The first step is to download the Tesla app on your phone. The app is available for iOS and Android phones, and you can install it from the App or Google Play Store. 

The app allows you to manage many aspects of your Tesla, including the car’s name.

Step 2

The next step is to log into the app using your Tesla account. If you don’t have a Tesla account, you must create one before accessing the car’s settings. 

The account creation process is straightforward and only takes a few minutes. You can access all the app’s features and manage your Tesla car’s settings with your account.

Step 3

To continue, you’ll need to ensure your Tesla car is parked and within range of your phone. 

You should connect your phone to the internet to ensure the app can convey data with the car and access its settings. 

Once you’ve confirmed these conditions, you can proceed to the next step.

Step 4

Within the app, you should see a list of your Tesla vehicles. Select the specific car you’d like to change the name from this list. 

This selection brings you to the settings page for that specific car, where you can change its name and other features. 

Remember that you can only change the name of one car at a time.

Step 5

Once you’ve selected the correct car, the next step is to access that vehicle’s settings or options menu. 

On this page, you’ll find various options for customizing your car, including changing the name. 

Depending on the app version, the location of this menu may vary, but it should be fairly easy to find.

Step 6

The next step is to find the option to edit or change the car’s name. This option is in the app’s “Vehicle Name” or “Car Name” section.

The current name will be displayed if you’ve set a custom name in the past. Tapping the “edit” or “change” button to change the name allows you to enter a new name for your car.

Step 7

When you’ve accessed the name edit option, you should see a text field where you can enter a new name for your Tesla. 

On your phone’s keyboard, type in the new name you’d like to give your car. 

The name can be anything you like as long as it meets the character limit set by the app. You can also use letters, numbers, and symbols in the name.

Step 8

Once you’ve entered the new name, you must save the changes to make them permanent. Look for a “Save” or “Confirm” button and tap on it to save the new name. 

The app may take a few moments to process the change, and the new name should be visible on the screen. Congratulations, you’ve successfully changed the name of your Tesla!

Step 9

After saving the new name, the app will likely need to communicate with your Tesla and update the car’s name. 

This process might take a few moments, depending on your internet connection and the specific app you’re using. 

After updating the name, you should see the new name in the app and on your car’s center display screen. 

You may need to restart the car to see the name change on the center display screen.

Step 10

After updating the name, you can close the settings screen and check the app’s main page for your car. 

The new name should be visible here, confirming that you have successfully changed it. It’s always a good idea to double-check that the new name is displayed correctly to be sure. 

If it’s not, you can always repeat the steps to change it again.

It’s important to note that app updates and changes made by Tesla may affect the steps required to change your car’s name. 

If you cannot find the option to change the name or encounter any difficulties during the process, the Tesla website or customer support team can assist. 

How to Change the Tesla Car Name From the App

If you want to give your Tesla a new name but don’t want to go through the hassle of setting up a service appointment or dealing with Tesla’s customer support, you’re in the right place.

You can change your car’s name directly from the Tesla mobile app! Here’s a quick guide on how to do it.

#1. Download and Install the App

The first step is downloading and installing the Tesla mobile app on your smartphone. 

You can get the app free from the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android. 

After installing the app, you can proceed to the next step. 

#2. Log In to Your Account

After installing the app, you must log in with your Tesla account credentials. 

If you don’t have a Tesla account, you can create one on the app or the Tesla website. Once you’re in, you can proceed to the next step. 

#3. Connect to Your Car

After logging in, the next step is to connect the app to your Tesla vehicle. 

Ensure your car is parked nearby and has a strong internet connection. You may need to be near your car for the connection to work. 

Once your car is connected, the app should display your vehicle information.

#4. Select Your Car

Within the app, you should see a list of your Tesla vehicles. If you have more than one, select the specific car you want to change the name for. 

It is important because you can only change the name of one car at a time.

#5. Access Car Settings

You can access your car’s settings in the app by tapping an icon or menu. The exact location of the settings may vary depending on your app version, but it should be fairly easy to find. 

Once you’re in the settings, you can access various options and settings for your car.

#6. Change Car Name

You should see an option for changing the car’s name in the settings. You can label it as “Car Name,” “Vehicle Name,” or “Rename Vehicle.” 

If you don’t see this option, you may need to scroll down or look in a different menu. Once you’ve located the option to change the name, tap on it to proceed.

#7. Edit the Name

Once you’ve found the option to edit the name, tap on it to bring up a keyboard. You should be able to type in the new name for your car. 

The name can be up to 32 characters long, so you have plenty of space to get creative. After typing, hit the “save” button to confirm the change.

#8. Save Changes

Once you’ve entered the new name, the next step is to save the changes. Look for a “Save” or “Confirm” button and tap on it. 

The app will then communicate with your car to update the name. 

This process might take a few seconds or minutes, depending on your internet connection and the status of your car’s software.

#9. Sync and Wait

Even after saving the name change in the app, it might take some time to reflect in other systems.

If you don’t see the new name after a reasonable time, try restarting the app or your car’s infotainment system. 

You can also check for app updates and ensure your car’s software is current. 

If all else fails, Tesla’s official support resources and customer support team can help you troubleshoot any issues.

How to Activate Easter Eggs on Your Tesla When Naming It?

If you’re a fan of hidden surprises, you’ll love discovering the Easter eggs in your Tesla software. 

Many of these are activated when naming your car, ranging from funny animations to unexpected sound effects. 

So, if you’re ready to give your Tesla a unique and personalized name, get ready to discover some hidden delights along the way!

Here are the steps to take to activate Easter Eggs on your Tesla while changing its name:

#1. Access Your Tesla’s Display

To access the Tesla’s Easter eggs, you’ll first need to open the central display screen in your car. 

This display controls various features and functions, including the Easter eggs. 

#2. Navigate to Vehicle Settings

Within the display screen, look for the “Vehicle Settings” menu or icon. The icon is where you’ll find the hidden Easter eggs. 

Depending on your model and software version, the menu or icon may be in a different location. 

#3. Find Easter Egg Settings

Once you’re in the vehicle settings, you should see an option for “Easter Eggs” or a similarly named section. 

Some common names for this section include “Easter Eggs,” “Fun & Games,” and “Hidden Features.” Find the right option and get ready for some quirky surprises!

#4. Enter Activation Code

Some Easter Eggs may require a special code to activate. This code could be related to the name you’re giving your car. 

It could be a sequence of characters that references the new name or a random combination of letters and numbers. Try using your imagination and see what you can discover! 

#5. Follow On-Screen Prompts

The next step is to follow any prompts that appear on the screen. 

These may include pressing buttons, entering additional codes, or watching an animation. 

#6. Enjoy the Surprise

Once the Easter Egg is activated, sit back and enjoy the experience! 

Whether it’s a silly animation, a fun game, or something else, these hidden features make your Tesla ownership experience more enjoyable.

#7. Share the Fun

The fun doesn’t have to stop with you – feel free to share the Easter Egg with your passengers or friends! 

These hidden features can make your car more interesting and entertaining, so don’t be afraid to show them off. Sharing is caring, after all!

Remember that Easter Eggs can vary depending on the Tesla model and software version, so not everyone might have the same experience. 

And stay informed about any software updates that might add or remove Easter Eggs. Have fun, and happy exploring!

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