Tesla Battery 4680 vs. 2170: The Battery Showdown!

Last updated on September 21st, 2023 at 09:36 am

One of the most vital components of an electric vehicle is the battery capacity. And Tesla, over the years, has ensured that each of its Models has optimal fit batteries.

You’ve probably heard the hype around Tesla’s 4680 battery cell, and as an electric vehicle enthusiast, you are curious to know how it stacks up against the 2170 battery cell.

Well, you are in the right place; get ready to dive into the details of these revolutionary batteries.

4680 battery is a lithium-ion battery. It’s a larger and heavier cell, 46mm in diameter and 80mm tall, that can store more energy. 2170 battery is a lithium-ion cell that is 21mm in diameter and 70mm long and offers high energy for Tesla cars. Although with a lower discharge, the 2170 has a greater nominal voltage than the 4680 battery.

In this article, I will make a detailed comparison of Tesla’s 4680 and 2170 batteries. I will cover the batteries’ differences, similarities, and other features.

By the end, you will gain an appreciation for how far Tesla battery tech has come since the early days of electric vehicles.

Differences Between Tesla’s 4680 and 2170 Batteries

Tesla 4680 Battery Versus 2170 

Batteries are the soul of any electric vehicle. As such, Tesla has improved its generation of batteries and now relies on the 2170 and 4680 batteries.

And when it comes to Tesla’s revolutionary new battery cells, the 4680 and 2170 models are quite different.

So, let’s look at what makes these batteries revolutionary. 

I will compare and contrast the two batteries and then state their specifications so you can better understand what characterizes the 4680 and 2170 batteries.  

The 4680 battery is Tesla’s latest and most outstanding innovation. 

The batteries are larger, more powerful lithium-ion cells, enabling Tesla vehicles to have a greater range on a single charge. 

The 4680 cells are much bigger, measuring 46mm by 80mm, hence the name. The batteries have a simplified structure, which reduces costs and increases energy density. 

Consequently, Tesla can pack more range into their vehicles without increasing the battery size or weight.

On the other hand, Tesla’s 2170 battery cells have, over the years, powered Models 3 and Y. 

They’re smaller and measure 21mm by 70mm, offering decent range and performance. While the 2170 has served Tesla well, the 4680 cells are the future. 

They represent the next generation of electric vehicle technology to enable more affordable and eco-friendly electric vehicles.

Below are some key differences between Tesla’s 4680 and 2170 batteries.

#1. Size and Energy Density

The 4680 has larger cells, meaning higher energy density, providing more range and power.

#2. Chemistry

Both the 4680 and 2170 Tesla batteries use nickel-cobalt aluminum oxide chemistry. 

However, Tesla plans to use lithium phosphate chemistry, which is less energy-dense but safer and longer lasting.

#3. Cost and Availability

While the 4680 is still ramping up production, the 2170 battery is now more widely available and affordable. 

Regardless, over time, the 4680s simpler design and larger scale promises to reduce cost.

#4. Applications 

The 4680 is ideal for Tesla’s Cybertruck, where maximum range and power matter most. On the other hand, Tesla’s Model 3 and Y use the 2170 battery for now.

It would help to know that Tesla expects to employ the 4680 battery in all their cars.

Overall, Tesla’s 4680 battery cells are bigger, better, more advanced, and more powerful than the older 2170 cells.

The 4680 batteries will allow Tesla to continue improving their vehicles by offering more range and performance at a lower cost.

Although the 2170 cells have enabled the success of other Models, the 4680 batteries signify the future of Tesla’s cutting-edge electric vehicle batteries.

Check out the table below for Tesla’s 4680 and 2170 battery specifications.

Specifications 4680 Battery 2170 Battery 
Weight of battery.It weighs 355g.It weighs 68g.
mAh per battery.9000 mAh.4800 mAh.
Nominal voltage.3.6 volts.3.7 volts.
Maximum charge.4.2 volts.4.2 volts.

Is the 4680 Battery Better Than the 2170?

Regarding Tesla’s lithium-ion batteries, the 4680 model is an upgrade over the previous 2170 version. The simple answer is yes. The 4680 battery is better than the 2170 battery.

With continual battery improvements, Tesla accelerates the world’s transition to sustainable energy.

According to reports, Tesla’s 2170 batteries ranked as the biggest energy density cells ever utilized in an electric vehicle when they first came out. 

By reducing the quantity of cobalt and improving the fraction of nickel per battery pack, Tesla and Panasonic formulated the distinct composition of the battery.

Regardless, Tesla’s 4680 cell represents an ingenious battery innovation and a glimpse into the all-electric future.

The 4680 battery represents a massive leap forward for Tesla and the prospect of electric vehicles.

Tesla redesigned the 4680 battery from scratch to optimize for high-volume production. 

The brand included new manufacturing techniques like dry electrode coating and a simplified winding process to improve efficiency

The new 4680 battery offers some key advantages over Tesla’s previous 2170 battery.

Below are some of the advantages of Tesla’s 4680 battery.

#1. Higher Energy Density

The 4680 has about five times the energy density of the 2170 battery, meaning it can store much more power in the same space. 

Consequently, it will allow Tesla to build vehicles with longer ranges and higher performance without increasing the size of the battery pack.

#2. Improved Safety 

The 4680 has a new cell architecture that improves thermal conductivity and allows for better heat dissipation.

The boost will reduce the risk of overheating, especially during fast charging or in hot weather, as the table design provides more surface area for cooling. 

Also, the simpler design has fewer potential points of failure.

#3. Longer Lifespan

The 4680’s larger size gives it a higher energy capacity over time. 

Tesla estimates the 4680 will retain 90% of its capacity after charge cycles compared to around 70-80% for the 2170.

Overall, the 4680 battery is poised to transform electric vehicles with lower costs, higher performance, enhanced security, greater longevity, and more sustainable manufacturing.

The 4680 battery is crucial to achieving Tesla’s long-term vision. They will power Tesla’s future vehicles like the Cybertruck and Roadster, enabling longer ranges per charge.

Tesla 4680 Battery Versus 2170 Which Is Cheaper?

You have two options for Tesla’s revolutionary batteries: the new 4680 or the existing 2170 battery. Both offer amazing performance, but which is more affordable?

Tesla’s new 4680 battery, once manufactured at scale, Tesla expects the 4680 battery to be cheaper, all thanks to its larger size and new tabless design.

The Tesla 4680 larger cells and facilitated production process will significantly reduce manufacturing costs.

Tesla estimates the 4680 could lower battery costs up to about 56% compared to the 2170. 

Generally, lower costs mean Tesla can sell vehicles at lower prices and still turn a profit.

Tesla’s current 2170 battery, which fuels the Model 3, Y, and the S plaid Model, is still affordable, although more expensive to produce compared to the 4680 battery.

However, the smaller size requires more cells to achieve the same power and range as the 4680 batteries.

Regardless, the 2170 battery remains the more budget-friendly choice because the 4680 battery is not yet available.

On the brighter side, both batteries are far more affordable and higher than the previous options.

Furthermore, although the 4680 battery is cheaper, both batteries share a few similarities.

4680 and 2170 are lithium-ion batteries using nickel cobalt aluminum cathode and graphite anode. The combination provides high energy density so the cells can pack more power. 

However, the 4680 battery will use lithium-ion phosphate cells, which cost much less to produce.

Also, they both utilize similar components like electrode foils and electrolytes. However, the 4680 has a larger form factor, resembling an AA battery.

Another thing to note is both batteries have comparable energy densities. 

The Tesla 2170 battery has an energy density of about 260 Wh/kg, while the 4680 will achieve up to 300 Wh/kg as manufacturing improves.

In addition, both batteries are integral to Tesla’s goal of advancing the world’s transition to sustainable energy. 

Price improvement, charging, and range will make electric vehicles more thrilling to mainstream consumers.

Overall, Tesla has optimized the battery design and chemistry to suit the needs of their electric vehicles.

What Are the Specifications and Price of the Tesla 4680 Battery?

The tesla 4680 battery specifications and pricing have generated significant curiosity among electric vehicle enthusiasts. This groundbreaking battery offers a multitude of improvements, such as increased energy density and power capacity. The specifications reveal its potential to revolutionize the EV industry. As for pricing, Tesla has not publicly disclosed the exact figures, but the company aims to reduce the cost per kilowatt-hour, making electric vehicles more affordable and accelerating the shift towards sustainable transportation.


Which Tesla Models Can You Find the 4680 Battery?

You will find the 4680 battery in the Model Ys built in Tesla’s new Texas plants, the only Tesla vehicles using the 4680 battery. Tesla hopes to use the 4680 battery in all their vehicles soon.

Does the Tesla 4680 Battery Charge Faster Than the 2170 Battery?

Regarding faster charging, the Tesla 4680 charges considerably faster than the 2170, though it’s unclear how much faster it will be until more batteries are tested in real-world situations.

Why Does Tesla Use Lithium-Ion Batteries?

They are a more effective choice since they have a high energy density and can store more energy than their size.

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