6 Steps To Wash Tesla in Winter!

Last updated on April 18th, 2023 at 11:17 pm

Winter is not only the coldest period but also the cruelest weather. Your body needs extra care and attention, and so does your car in these times.

Some things have to change with the handling of your Tesla. For example, in the winter, you should take special care in washing your Tesla.

Because specific changes affect the overall wellness of your Tesla, you should make specific alterations in your washing technique in response to these changes.

When washing your Tesla in winter, you should rinse the car thoroughly. Afterward, you can apply soap and then hand wash the car. Before washing, vacuum cleans the surface to remove dirt and grime. Then, when washing the car, use a soft cloth to clean the car’s surface and allow it to dry.

In this article, I will take you through a step-by-step guide on how to wash a tesla in winter. I will also share some tips on maintaining your car through winter.

How Do You Wash Tesla in Winter?

How to Wash Tesla in Winter

You should follow some steps when washing your Tesla in the winter.

Some of these steps include:

  • Dress appropriately
  • Vacuum blow your car
  • Hose with warm water
  • Rinse the vehicle
  • Spray the underside
  • Apply winter wax
  • Wash other vital areas

#1. Dress Appropriately

It is not all about your Tesla. The winter season is equally harsh to you also. Washing your Tesla below freezing temperature or any single-digit temperature requires you to take care of yourself.

When you appear in the open to wash your Tesla, you need to layer up on your clothing. Whatever you choose to wear should prevent the water from splashing on you and remain warm.

Your clothing should be waterproof. For example, you should wear waterproof gloves and waterproof boots.

#2. Vacuum-Blow Your Car

Before you begin to wash your car, it is appropriate to vacuum-blow it. When you blow your car, you get rid of debris that might have hung loosely on the surface of your vehicle.

This dirt and debris may have been stuck in your car’s hard-to-reach areas. When you vacuum-blow your vehicle, this debris is thrown off.

#3. Hose with Warm Water

To clean your car, you must splash water at a jet-like speed. To achieve this speed, you will have to use a hose.

The hose has a nozzle that you can adjust to a certain speed. Once you have your required speed, apply the jet to wash it at any point in your vehicle.

This technique is important because the speed of the water can break down thin particles of ice or snow that may have formed a layer on the surface of your Tesla.

You should avoid using hot water when you wash your car during the winter. This is because hot water harms glass.

When hot water splashes on glass, tiny cracks may widen, making the cracks expand and shattering the glass as a whole.

Many parts of your Tesla are made from glass wares. When you use hot water, you may notice some severe damage. Instead, warm water will do a great job of breaking up this debris.

#4. Rinse The Vehicle

When ready to apply the soap, ensure you rinse and not scrub. When you scrub, you risk getting hard grain sand and salt rub on your paint.

Scrubbing your car may require you to use your hand to rub the surface with some effort.

The effort you apply could press some particles against the surface of your Tesla.

These particles will leave some scratches on your car when you are done washing your car.

A foam soap gun will apply the soap evenly across the surface of your Tesla. This soap gun can save you the stress of scrubbing.

#5. Spray The Underside

A neglected aspect of your car is the undercarriage. The underside of your car comes in contact with the snow because no coating covers the surface.

You should repeat the procedure on the underside of your car. However, you can leave out the vacuum-blowing.

When spraying the undercarriage, remember the wheel wells. Some dirt and salt from the road could cling to these parts.

#6. Wash Other Vital areas

There are other vital areas that you must maintain: the wipers, the doors’ handles, the doors’ edges, and the doors’ hinges.

Follow the same procedure for these parts to keep them working optimally. 

Can You Hand Wash Your Tesla in Winter?

You can hand wash your car during winter. Although this technique may be demanding, it is possible.

When you hand wash your car, you pay attention to more details and hard-to-reach areas of the vehicle. Although you get to face the cold, it is usually worth it.

Hand washing your car is a simple do-it-yourself process that you can do with the following tools:

  • Car soap
  • Microfiber towels
  • Separate wash bucket
  • Hose
  • Vacuum blower

Tips for Washing and Maintaining Your Tesla During Winter

You need to take extra care when handling your Tesla in winter. The winter season adds extra strain on your Tesla.

Here are some helpful tips for washing and maintaining your car during winter.

  • Apply winter wax
  • Use milder soaps during wash sessions.
  • Do not splash hot water on the glass.

#1. Apply Winter Wax

Winter waxes provide a durable coating for your Tesla. These coatings shield your Tesla against the elements.

Snow, salt, dust, and ultraviolet rays affect the outer coatings of the car. When you apply winter wax, it insulates this finishing from having direct contact with the element.

Whenever you wash your vehicle, apply some wax. This wax will keep the cars looking new all through the winter season.

#2. Use Milder Soaps During Wash Sessions.

Wash your Tesla with mild soap during the winter. Potent cleaning agents can erode the finishing on your Tesla.

When you hand wash your Tesla, milder soap should be added to the foam soap gun. When you use a mild soap Consistently, the finishing of your vehicle is preserved. 

#3. Do Not Splash Hot Water On the Glass

Refrain from using hot water on the jet-like spray. Warm water is the most suitable water for washing your car during winter.

Here is a summary of the advantages of the maintenance tip on your Tesla:

Winter Maintenance TipAdvantages Of Your Car
Winter waxMaintains the finish of the car
Mild soapsMaintains the finish of the car
Warm water jetPreserves the glass wares

How Often Do You Wash Your Tesla During Winter?

You should wash your car every two weeks. Although there is no rule on how often you should wash your car, it is ideal for cleaning it after two weeks.

The level of snow and dirt that the car must have accumulated as you drive would inform your need to wash your car.

When your Tesla is frequently exposed to the elements, you should wash the vehicle more regularly. A two-week interval may not be ideal in this condition.

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