Tesla Austin VIN! (Beginners Guide)

Last updated on April 18th, 2023 at 11:18 pm

Almost single-handedly, Tesla has disproved the notion that electric cars can’t be attractive by combining various features. 

Every car, including Tesla, always has a Vehicle Identification Number, VIN.

The VIN is to identify the car. For Tesla, the VIN is according to the location of the Tesla factory where the car is manufactured.

The VIN is a special code to guarantee that any Tesla electric vehicle is allocated to its rightful owner.

Ordering a Tesla made in the Austin factory means getting a Tesla Austin VIN. Each number in the Tesla Austin VIN, just like others, has an important meaning and holds specific information about the vehicle. This information makes knowing the VIN of your Tesla very important.

What Was the First Tesla Model with an Austin VIN?

Tesla Austin VIN

The first Tesla model with an Austin VIN is the Model Y. The Model Y being the first Tesla model with an Austin VIN also means it is the first Tesla car to be manufactured in Austin, Texas.

Before the opening of the Tesla Giga factory in Austin, Model Y existed. It was announced by Tesla in March 2019, and production at Tesla’s Fremont facility began in January 2020. 

The first orders for Model Y began shipping in March 2020. 

Apart from being the first Tesla vehicle to receive an Austin VIN, the Model Y was also the first vehicle produced in the Berlin Giga factory, making it the first Tesla to have a Berlin VIN.

After its debut in 2020, the Model Y has remained the most recent Tesla model that is still on the market and has gained popularity as a modest and cost-effective alternative to the Model X.

Compared to earlier Tesla models, the Model Y is roomier and the first to use Tesla’s heat pump in place of electric resistance to heat the interior cabin and prepare the batteries.

Since then, the heat pump and other technologies have been added to Tesla’s other models. The Tesla Model Y comes in two trims; the Model Y Long Range and Model Y Performance. 

Both come with a dual-motor AWD powertrain and a 75 kWh battery that supplies power to both variants.

The second row of seats in the Model Y Long Range allows additional seating for up to seven passengers.

Since the Model Y is all-electric, there won’t be a need to stop at a gas station. You can have a fully charged battery each morning if you charge at home throughout the night.

The first person said to have the Austin VIN revealed it on social media earlier in the year. He did this by posting a screenshot showing the VIN.

According to him, he placed an order for the Model Y in January 2022. He got the VIN in February, and the delivery was in March.

Even though Tesla had not said anything at the time, most people believed this information for several reasons.

The first reason is that the person who ordered the vehicle lives in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

According to the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, Model Y from Giga Texas will only deliver to two-thirds of the Eastern part of the US and Canada.

The second is that before the end of March, Tesla claimed that deliveries would start from Giga, Texas, which corresponds to the information from the man.

How Do I Tell Where My Tesla Was Manufactured?

You can tell where your Tesla was manufactured from the VIN. The VIN is a unique code that distinguishes a vehicle from another.

The 17-character VIN is made up of both capital letters and numbers. This code contains information about the car’s distinctive characteristics and the place of manufacture.

Out of the 17 digits in the VIN, the vehicle’s manufacturing facility is indicated by the 11th number.

The list for the number 11 is as follows:

A is for Austin, Texas

B is for Berlin, Germany.

C is for Shanghai, China.

F is for Fremont in California.

The Tesla VIN consists of 17 digits, each with a function. Below is a list.

The first three digitsIt signifies that the car was made by Tesla. For example, ‘5YJ’ for  Model S & Model 3.
The fourth digitThis digit stands for the Tesla model. 
The fifth digitThis digit stands for Body Type and Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR)
The sixth digitThe Restraint System includes Type 2 manual seatbelts and other features.
The seventh digitThe Fuel Type and E, which means Electric,  indicate this 
Digit 8Motor or Drive Unit of the model
Digit 9The Check Digit from the manufacturer 
Digit 10Digit 10 is for the year of production of the vehicle. L is for 2020, M is for 2021, and N is for 2022.
Digit 11This digit indicates the place of production of the vehicle. F is for Fremont, C is for Shanghai, and so on
Digit 12 to 17These numbers are a special code from Tesla

To get an estimated time of the production date of your Tesla, you can input the VIN here.

How Long Before Delivery Do You Get a Tesla VIN?

The VIN allocation indicates that the car is in production and that the parts for production are available and ready for use. 

The building of the car usually takes place once the company sends out the VIN.

Depending on the Tesla model you order, the production of the vehicle could be between seven months and even more. 

After production, the delivery can take as long as two weeks, based on your location.

Many people who have gone through the Tesla buying and delivery procedure reference the moment they receive a VIN for their vehicle as a hint that delivery will happen soon.

Getting the VIN does not necessarily mean that your vehicle is coming soon.

Still, it serves as a confirmation for the production of your car because Tesla won’t verify VIN for incomplete orders.

The customer should have the VIN earlier because they may need to utilize it when configuring their insurance details.

You need your Tesla VIN to set up your vehicle insurance. Once your insurance card has been updated, you can upload it to your Tesla account.

You must upload those details on the account so that Tesla can send you a Motor Vehicle Purchase Agreement, MVPA, usually through email. You are to sign it and send it back.

If you’re making a transfer, you may provide your MVPA and Tesla VIN to your banker. Tesla will be able to proceed with the delivery after everything is settled.

Tesla Austin vs. Fremont VIN

Getting a Tesla Austin or Fremont VIN all depends on the location of the Giga factory that carries out the production.

If you want VIN from the Austin factory, you’ll get a Tesla Model Y because the Texas Giga factory only produces a Model Y for now.

If you want to purchase other models from Tesla, including the Model Y, you’ll get a Fremont VIN. 

You’ll be getting a Fremont VIN because, unlike the Texas factory, the Fremont factory produces every model from Tesla.


Intending to supply the globe with solar energy, inexpensive EVs, and cleaner energy, Tesla is steadily growing its global footprint and reaching more people.

There will be more new Tesla VINs due to the development of additional factories besides the Austin VIN.

The latest advancement will increase worldwide delivery and safety for Tesla customers.

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