This is Why Your Tesla Phone Charger Not Working!

Last updated on September 12th, 2023 at 03:02 am

With your Tesla charger, you can charge your phone while driving. Tesla’s wireless charger, which you will find in most models, can charge your phone at up to 15W of power. 

In the Model Y, the phone charger can charge two phones simultaneously, although that will split the power.

So if your Tesla phone charger does not work, try to charge the phone on another device to confirm that the fault isn’t coming from the phone. When a phone doesn’t charge, the fault is usually from the phone, so reboot the phone and try again. 

Why Is My Tesla Phone Charger Not Working?

Tesla Phone Charger Not Working

The charging feature in Tesla cars is very handy for owners, especially those that spend a lot of time on the road. Unfortunately, the charger has been known to be faulty.

And that issue is common with many Teslas, regardless of the model. There are several reasons why the charger in your Tesla doesn’t work.

The charger may not be charging your phone because you have not placed the phone in the sweet spot for charging. If you don’t position the phone correctly, it won’t charge. 

So, manually move the phone you want to charge against the charging pad. If you can find it, the phone will charge.

Some phones don’t charge on every charger, especially iPhones. So, you can try using the charger on the passenger side to see if it works. If that doesn’t work, the issue may be with the phone, not the charger.

Additionally, if your phone doesn’t charge most of the time, the fault is from the phone and not the Tesla charger. 

So, try to charge it with another phone charger to ensure the issue is not from the phone itself.

If it works, the issue is with the charger. Apple phones have been known to have issues with wireless charging.

Sometimes, when you connect a phone to the charger, the phone only charges for a few seconds and then stops charging. 

Often, when that happens, the issue is with the phone. But sometimes, the charger has issues, maybe from the installation, so you can make a service request to the company. 

Usually, they send a tech to take a look at the wiring. But, many chargers malfunction for the first few days you try to use them.

The phone often needs a few days to adapt to the wireless charging pad. So, if it’s not working for the first few days of delivery, don’t fret.

Just give it a moment. It will start working after a few days. Otherwise, make a service request, and they’ll send assistance.

How Do You Reset The Charging Port On A Tesla?

To reset the charging port on a Tesla, you need to unplug the mobile connector from the car and then press the reset button. After you’ve pressed the reset button, the error should have gone.

But if the error persists, you’ll have to do a manual reset. Please turn off the power outlet, and remove the mobile connector from the power outlet and the vehicle.

Then, plug the mobile connector back into the power outlet and reconnect it to the vehicle.

If your charging port becomes damaged and you get a new one, you’ll need to reset the charging port. 

The new charging port won’t work automatically because the car turns off the charging port when the original one is damaged.

If you get an error message saying “charge port needs service.” You’ll have to reset it. 

Or even if the charging port does not have any faults and it’s functioning just fine, there could be an error message on the dashboard.

There is a small, round, adjustable nub inside the charging port. So, you can adjust it in or out, and the error code may go away.

If it doesn’t work, you’ll have to contact the service. You can reset the port manually without calling or visiting Tesla. 

First, you must open the charge port door before manually resetting it. You can manually open the door using the touchscreen from the remote key. 

  • To open with the touchscreen, open the charging app and click on the open charge port.
  • Open the controls, go to quick controls, then click on the charging icon.

To open the charging port manually, press the door of the charging port inward. And the door will open.

Why Is Tesla Wireless Charging Not Working?

Your wireless charging may not work because your phone doesn’t support wireless charging. Some phones, like iPhones, have issues with wireless charging. 

So, the issue isn’t the charging spot in the Tesla but with the phone you’re trying to charge. So, try charging different phones on the Tesla charging pad. 

If none of the phones charge, you can confirm the issue with the charging pad and not the phone.

But, if other phones charge and only one does not charge, then the issue is with the phone. 

And if the phone is not faulty, then the wireless charging is not working because the design from Tesla is poor. There could be a fault with the wiring.

In that case, the charging pad won’t work unless you have someone from Tesla come out and have a look at it.

Additionally, the phone may not be charging because it has not yet adapted to the charging pads. 

It takes a few days to adapt to the charging pads after you start using the phone. So, wait for a bit and see if it works.

If the phone’s software is not up to date, the wireless charger won’t charge the phone. Also, hardware malfunction could be the charging pad or the phone itself.

The Tesla charging pad is also picky. The pad works with some phones and not others. If it isn’t working on the charging pad, try it on another pad and see if it works.

Furthermore, the charging pad may not work because you’ve positioned the phone on the charging pad incorrectly. 

The charging pad contains charging coils that transfer power to the phone while charging.

So, the phone’s position on the charging pad has to be correct. You have to place the phone at the center of the charging pad. Also, the charging pad may not be Qi-compatible. 

Why Is My iPhone Not Charging On My Tesla Wireless Charger?

Many vehicles are putting wireless charging pads in their vehicles. That sucks for Apple users because the iPhones are not compatible with wireless charging pads.

The iPhone has cameras popping out, which makes it difficult for the back of the phone to touch the Tesla wireless charging pad.

The issue is a design flaw on Apple’s part. As many car manufacturers are now installing wireless charging in their vehicles, the deficiency is a serious issue. 

Also, it could be that your version of the iPhone does not have wireless charging capabilities. The iPhone 7 and earlier versions do not have wireless charging capabilities.

Furthermore, the case on your iPhone may be too thick. If you keep the case on your phone while charging, it may not work. 

Remove the case before you attempt to charge the iPhone on the wireless charging pad.

It won’t be charged if your wireless charging pad isn’t Qi-enabled. So, make sure the charging pad you’re using is Qi-enabled.

Otherwise, it won’t charge your iPhone. You’ll also need to update your iPhone software to enable the wireless charging function. 

Also, it could be that your version of the iPhone does not have wireless charging capabilities.

The iPhone 7 and earlier versions do not have wireless charging. The models of the iPhone have wireless charging.

iPhone ModelWireless Charging Capabilities
iPhone 6Doesn’t have wireless charging
iPhone 7No wireless charging capabilities
iPhone XHas wireless charging pad
iPhone 11Has wireless charging capabilities
iPhone 12Has wireless charging capabilities


Most of the time, when your Tesla phone charger isn’t working, the issue is with the phone. 

Some phones aren’t Qi-enabled, so they won’t charge on a wireless charging pad. Try charging another phone to be sure.

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