Can You Repair A Dent On A Tesla? (Explained)

Last updated on April 18th, 2023 at 11:16 pm

Buying a new Tesla car makes you excited, and you will try your best to drive the car so that it remains new. 

As a new electric vehicle, it can withstand any wear and tear you experience while driving. However, what if you notice a dent in your Tesla? Can you repair the dent on your Electric vehicle? 

You can repair your Tesla dent using the traditional or paintless dent repair (PDR) method. However, it would be best if you first considered the cause of the dent before attempting to fix it to ensure smooth repair. 

This article will explain how you can fix the dent on your Tesla, what is the safest method and the cost of fixing your Tesla dent. 

After reading this article, you will know the best method for fixing a Tesla dent. 

Can You Fix a Dent on a Tesla?

Can You Repair a Dent on a Tesla

It’s possible to repair dents on your Tesla. The mark sitting on the body of your car can result from any incident happening in your surroundings. You might be unaware of it at first. 

It might be due to a shopping trolley, a football aimed at the wrong location, or the next person opening his vehicle door hard in a cramped packing space. 

Regardless of the type of dent and what causes it, as long as it is not too intense, the paint is unscathed, and the area of the dent is accessible to the technician, you can repair it. 

Not all car dents are the same. They differ in shape, size, and causes. Therefore it’s essential to know all these facts before choosing the appropriate repair method.

Some common types of dents are;

#1. Creased Dents

When an object such as bicycle handlebars or tree branches hits your EV and pulls along its panel, it causes a creased dent. It also happens when you drive your car too close to the wall. 

This type of dent mainly occurs at the side panel. Unlike other dents, it takes an expert to identify this dent. 

Creased dents damage both the metalwork and the original paint texture. So repairing with a PDR might not be enough. You will need the help of a professional.

#2. Sharp Dent 

A sharp dent, the trickiest of all dents, results when a small metal object bangs fast across your Tesla exterior. The metal object leaves a sharp mark on your car’s surface. 

However, if the dent is below the car panel, it might be more serious, and you might find it challenging to repair.

#3. Dings

Dings are non-severe indentations resulting from rocks or external objects. The car ding is at most half an inch in diameter.

#4. Round Dent

It is another common type of indentation that might be either funnel-shaped or round-shaped. It might result from a football slap, hailstone, or spherical objects. 

You can repair a round dent with a paintless dent or other techniques depending on the extent of the damage.

What Is the Best Option for Fixing a Dent in Your Tesla? 

Paintless dent repair is the best and safest option for repairing dents and creases in Tesla models. Paintless dent removal is the method of removing minor dents from your car’s exterior. 

As long as the paint and the metal of your EV are still intact, this method is more effective for any indentation on your car than a traditional method. 

The table below explains the difference between a paintless and a traditional body.

Paintless Dent RemovalTraditional Body
PDR is straightforward and fast to carry out.It takes time, even days, to fix.
It’s very cheap to fix with a few pieces of equipment.It’s an expensive process that requires lots of equipment.
Technicians work only in the affected location.Technicians might have to remove and repaint several parts.
It retains the factory paint. It’s challenging to match the original color of your car.

Why Is Paintless Dent Removal the Best for Your Tesla?

The PDR process offers faster repair. Car dent repairs are very stressful. Imagine getting stuck for days without a car to drive about because it’s getting repaired. That isn’t very pleasant!

Therefore, many Tesla owners do not repair their dented cars in an auto body shop. Instead, they choose PDR because it doesn’t involve many processes.  A few hours is all you need.

Below are some reasons why PDR is best for your Tesla;

#1. Paintless Removal Repair Maintains Tesla Factory Finish

Getting a traditional body for your EV improves your car’s aesthetic and repairs its dents. However, it will affect the original factory paint. 

Your car will lose its value since no one can guarantee the paint will last long or look good.

But Tesla PDR does not involve trimming, scraping, wielding, or repainting. Therefore, the factory finish remains perfect. 

#2. PDR Doesn’t Reduce Your Tesla Value

Since PDR does not include scraping, using Bondo, your Tesla value will not decrease. And you will not have to worry about color mismatch, paint bubbling, or fading. 

#3. It’s Safe for the Environment 

The paintless method is friendly to the environment. Since there is no release of toxic chemicals, there is no environmental pollution. It also decreases your carbon imprint. 

#4. You Can Redo a PDR Multiple Times

 If your Tesla has undergone a paintless dent removal process, you can repeatedly redo it. Since it’s a pointless procedure, you are not afraid that the technician will crack the original paint. 

#5. Say Goodbye to Indention Forever

Any dents you repair with PDR will remain like that forever. As time goes on, Bondo will shrink, and you need to refix it. 

Only when you hire a quack to fix your repair with PDR is there a high probability your dent will return. 

However, if the dent on your EV is deeper and damages the paint or is at risk of causing further damage to your auto, then you should not use PDR. Consider another option for your car. 

How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Small Dent on a Tesla?

Repairing your Tesla dent ranges from $250 to $600. However, if the dent on your auto needs extensive work, like replacing the panel, you will fix it at a higher price. 

Various factors affect the cost of repairing your indentation. A complex dent requires more time. Therefore, it will cost more. 

Also, a dent that a technician cannot effortlessly access requires more time. Therefore you will pay extra money for the repair. 

Another factor to consider is the quantity of your auto dent. You can’t compare the cost of your car roof with 20 dents to a one-door ding. The price will indeed vary since they are not the same. 

But no matter the cost of a PDR, it can never be as expensive as a traditional repair. As a Tesla owner, you know that not all repair shops can fix up your car. 

Only shops with the Institute for the Motor Industry (IMI) Electric Vehicles Certificate can work safely to power down your EV and fix the repair needed. 

If you need help determining where to take your car for repairs, you can visit Tesla Service Center. They can help you fix your car’s minor dents at a faster speed. 


Is It Easy to Dent a Tesla?

It is quite easy to dent any model of Tesla. They are prone to dents on both the door and the side panel. 

Can You Repair Tesla Yourself?

There are some basic repairs you can perform on your EV. You can check the  Owner Manual for more information.

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