The 9 Best Tesla Lug Nut Covers!

Last updated on September 12th, 2023 at 03:04 am

Lug nut covers are very important to Tesla wheels,  they protect the lug nuts from grime, rust, and corrosion. They also add some color to the wheels and beauty to the wheels.

Lug covers are the barrier between the bolts and the moisture and curbs that could damage them. However, it is always best to choose durable and reliable bolt covers. 

You can find durable and reliable lug nut covers for your Tesla on Amazon; they also come in different colors, 17mm, 19mm, 21mm, and 22mm. These sizes should be able to cover most vehicles. Also, you can look out for the size that suits your vehicle. 

If you’re looking to purchase lug nut covers for your Tesla, you can search on Amazon; there are options for lug nut covers on Amazon in different sizes and colors. 

9 Best Tesla Lug Nut Covers Available On Amazon

Tesla Lug Nut Covers 

You can find several lug nut cover options for all Tesla models on Amazon; the list below covers the features of some of the best options currently available on Amazon. 

#1. 22-Piece Premium Tesla Model S, 3, Y, X Lug Nut Caps/Bolt Covers With Removal Tool 

22-Piece Premium Tesla Model S 3 X Y Lug Nut Caps/Bolt Covers with Removal Tool (Gloss Black Finish)

Traverse Ridge Racing manufactures the 22-piece premium Tesla lug nut cover designed for the wheel; the exterior finish of the lug nut cover only comes in gunmetal on Amazon. 

Premium Tesla lug nuts come in a set of 21, that is, 20 pieces with one extra piece in case of damage, and it is compatible with Tesla Model S, Y, 3, and X lug nuts or caps.

According to the manufacturer, the product will not crack or fade, and there is a tool for removing the lug nut cover that comes with the lug nut bolt covers. 

The product is easy to install and remove, guarantees value for money, and is also very durable, especially with careful use. 

It is also a perfect match for gunmetal, meaning they’ll match your Tesla wheel rims perfectly, as they’re the same color, well made, and fit perfectly.

They are also made with lightweight titanium instead of plastics, making them durable but not heavy.

The product has a 4.8-star rating on Amazon from verified purchases; buyers describe it as well-made and a perfect fit. It also comes with removal tools to make things easier for you.

 #2. T Sportline Tesla Wheel Lug Nut Cover Set in Black

T Sportline Tesla Wheel Lug Nut Cap Cover Set in Silver - Model Y

The T Sportline Lug Nut covers manufactured by T Sportline are only available in black and only fit the Model S Tesla; it is not available for other Tesla models. 

Also, the wheel lug nut covers do not fit aftermarket non-Tesla lug nuts even if it is a Model S; they only fit factory Tesla Model S lug nuts. Also, it is only suitable for Generation 2 Tesla.

The T Sportline lug nuts have a 5-star rating on Amazon from verified purchasers; the item is durable, easy to use, and a perfect fit for the Model S Tesla. 

Although some purchasers have observed that the T Sportline lug nut is pricier than other options, the quality you get more than makes up for the higher price. 

You’ll also have to ensure you have Generation 2 lug nuts; check if your Tesla lug nuts have a visible bolt or stud. 

If there is a visible stud or bolt, then it means that the lug nut is Generation 2 and suitable for the lug nut cover.

#3. Vluxauto Tesla Model S Wheel Nut Covers/Lug Nut Covers 

VLUXAUTO - for Tesla Model S Wheel Nut Covers/Lug Nut Covers - Glossy Black

The Vluxauto brand manufactures Vluxuato lug nut covers; they are made with plastic material, suitable for the wheel, and are available in black only. 

Lug nuts are glossy black; you can’t find them in any other color on Amazon; they fit directly over the OEM lug nuts and are very easy to install, even for people without prior experience.

You don’t need any tools to install Vlaxuato lug nuts; slip them over your existing ones while they are still in your car; you don’t need any tools to install them. 

The lug nuts are also the very high-quality complex plastic type of covers; they are not flexible and rubbery, they fit perfectly, and they’re not likely to fall off. 

Also, it fits Tesla Model S from the 2012 Model S to the 2022 Model S. However, it does not fit other Tesla Models such as Model X, Y, and 3. The product has a 5-star rating on Amazon.

It is easy to install and take off, the black covers fit the wheels perfectly, and it is very durable.

#4. Citigo Tesla Model Y/3 Wheel Cap Silver Lug Nuts Covers

CITIGO Tesla Model Y / 3 Wheel Cap Kit (Silver), 4 Hub Center Caps + 20 Lug Nut Covers + 1 Puller

Citigo silver lug nut covers are manufactured by Generic, made with aluminum and plastic, and come in Abs plastic, aluminum, and silver. 

The lug nut covers are easy to install and very cost-effective; they are made with premium aluminum alloy, ABS plastic, and matching quality OEM wheels. 

The package comes with 4x wheel hub cap centers, 20x wheel lug nut covers, and 1x install/uninstall tool; the install/uninstall tool is also easy to use and durable.

The lug nut covers are durable as OEM quality, waterproof, and scratch-proof; they also have sealed and can last throughout the lifecycle of your Tesla. 

The product has a 4.3-star rating, is easy to install, and offers excellent value for money; it also has a color that works well with the Tesla wheels.

The pieces snap together securely and are very easy to install, for the quality is also very good, but the lug nut covers are gleaming chrome. 

It also looks great and fits every Tesla Model from Model Y, S, 3, and X.

#5. Xinfoob Tesla Model 3, Y, S, and X Lug Nut Cover Silver Matte

XINFOOB Tesla Model 3 Y S X Center Cap Wheel Cap Kit Lug Nut Cover Silver Matte (4 Hub Center Cap + 20 Lug Nut Cover) Tesla Accessories

The Xinfoob brand makes the silver-colored 2.2 inches snap-on lug nut cover, and it is one of the best lug nut covers and works on Model X, Y, 3, and S.

It protects the lug nuts from everyday damage, and it is a combination of black and silver colors. Tesla users love the product for its adhesion, ease of installation, and value for money.

The product is top-rated among Amazon shoppers and has a 4.4-star rating, the lug nut covers have a very snug fit, and there is no danger of the cover falling off the lug nut. 

#6. Osircat Tesla Wheel Lug Nut Covers

Osircat manufactures these lug nuts, which come in silver; the exterior and the color of the lug nuts are silver, and the product is made with Abs.

Installing the lug nuts is relatively easy, as you can use the snap-on installation model to install the lug nut covers. The covers are compatible with Model S, Y, 3, and  X.

The product is high quality and made of excellent ABS and PC material; it is tough, anti-sealing, anti-corrosion, solid, and durable. 

Specially designed for Tesla users, Osircat lug nut covers will make your Tesla stand out among others. 

The lug nut covers are waterproof, dust-proof, and fully protect the lug nuts. The design also makes it very easy to install and remove the lug nut covers from the lug nuts. 

The product has a 4.4-star rating on Amazon, and the lug nut covers are beautiful, making the car look much better. However, the lug nut covers are plastic.

#7. FiveEyes 21MM Wheel Lug Nut Covers Bolt Caps 

FiveEyes 21MM Wheel Lug Nut Covers Bolt Caps Compatible with Tesla Model 3 S X with Dismantle Tool Black 20PCS

FiveEyes 21mm wheel bolt lug nut covers caps are compatible with Tesla Model 3, Model X, Model Y, and Model S. The product is manufactured by the FiveEyes brand with plastic.

The product comes only in black and has 20pcs of black wheel lug nut covers and 1pcs cap removal tool; the dimensions are 21 mm inner diameter and 24mm height.

The product is compatible with Tesla Model 3, S, and X, and is made from durable material, 100% brand new, and very high quality.

The nut caps help to protect the bolt heads from dust and corrosion, and they are a perfect fit for the wheel nut on your Tesla; they also make the car wheels look much better. 

The product has 4.4 stars on Amazon from verified purchasers; it gives value for money and is durable and easy to remove. 

It will also be a perfect fit for your Model S, 3, and Model X. However, the lug nut cover does not fit the Model Y, so you’ll have to find another option if you own a Model Y.

The lug nut covers push on over the nut with little resistance, and they don’t come off quickly; it is sturdier and makes the car’s wheels look very good.

In addition, the lug nuts are easy to install, and they also come with a tool that you can use to install and uninstall the lug nuts cover when you’re ready to get another one. 

#8. Oemassive Wheel Lug Nut Covers

OEMASSIVE Wheel Lug Nut Covers Bolt Caps Tesla Wheel Cap Kit Tesla Model 3 Y S X with Dismantle Tool (20 x Wheel Nut Caps, 1 x Lug Nut Cover Puller) Tesla Hubcaps Accessories

The Oemassive lug nut covers also come with bolt caps and a Tesla wheel cap with a dismantling tool; it contains 20 wheel lug nut covers and 1 lug nut cover puller.

The covers are made with high-premium ABS and PC material; the material is anti-dust and resistant to rust and scratches.

The wheel lug nuts are compatible with Tesla Model 3, Model Y, Model X, and Model S. The package also includes nice wheel center caps that make your car more beautiful.

The installation is also hassle-free, has high precision, an accurate buckle design, and is easy to install and remove. It has a perfect fit and does not slip off easily. 

#9. Caravan Wheel Nut Cap for Tesla Model 3 Wheel Nut Covers and Lug Nut Cover

Carrfan manufactures the Carrfan lug nut cover, made with plastic, and comes only in black, which means it will be best for your Tesla if you have a black colored wheel. 

The Carrfan lug nut cover is very durable, it will not fade or crack, and you can use it for a long time. You can also easily install the lug nut on your wheel without using any tools.

Also, the lug nut cover is made with high-quality hard plastic, not flexible rubbery plastic. The lug nut has a black finish, perfectly matching a black wheel.

It will also not fall off; the package includes 20 pcs lug nut caps and 1 log nut cover puller; the product also has a 4.5-star rating on Amazon.

Verified buyers of the product have said the lug nut covers are easy to install and offer great value for money; they’re also a perfect fit and make the tires look good. 

The lug nut covers are only suitable for the Model 3 and not for any other Tesla model; you should consider another option if you don’t have the Model 3 Tesla.

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