Tesla License Plate Screws And Sizes! (Must Know This)

Tesla makes unique cars. You can easily spot a Tesla from a distance when you see one. Every part of the vehicle is unique from other cars.

Tesla has specific screw sizes for its license plates. To have a proper installation, you should adhere to these sizes.

You can find other sizes, but to have a perfect installation, you must match a perfectly fitting screw with a license plate for your Tesla.

On average, a license plate screw for Tesla should measure about 6mm. It would be best for you to take note of the screw length because of the changes you may need to make. These changes may include the length of the screw on a frame, the addition of washers, or other accessories.

In this article, you will discover the ideal size of a screw for your Tesla license plate. You will also find out the best types of screws you can apply to your Tesla license plate.

That’s not all; you will also find out if you need screws to fix the license plate on a Tesla or not. 

What Size Screw Can You Use for A Tesla License Plate?

Tesla License Plate Screws And Sizes! (Must Know This)

The ideal size of screw you can use for your Tesla is the 6mm screw size. These screws are short and sturdy, with a cap for easy insertion by a screwdriver.

The 6mm screw can be compared to the size of a dime: this coin and the screw share similar sizes. A 6mm screw is ideal for a Tesla license plate.

This screw is usually a threaded screw with a cap and a depression. This depression is located on the cap and allows for articulation with the pointed end of the screwdriver.

Although license plates come in different sizes, the ideal size may vary based on your license plate. Some license plates come with accessories.

These accessories include a license plate frame, bolts, and washers. These accessories will significantly affect the size of the screw.

A short screw may not fasten the license plate to the vehicle’s body. A screw longer than the average length will alter your car’s paint.

When the screws are too long, the screws will be driven past the plate holder and scratch the car’s surface. Some may go beyond the surface and drill holes into your car.

An ideal screw should fasten the license plate without puncturing the car. A 6 mm screw has a threaded diameter of 0.25 inches.

The threaded diameter is the distance of the imaginary co-axial cylinder that touches the crest of the walls of your Tesla. 

In this case, your Tesla makes an internal thread that allows the screw to articulate while it fastens the plate to the surface of your Tesla.

For the 6mm screw, there are 14 threads separated by a thread diameter of 0.25inches

On the cap, the screw has a depression with a unique shape. This shape is known as a slotted hex head.

This head articulates the screwdriver as you apply the turning force to drive it on the license plate.

In other instances, you may need a longer screw. These instances coincide with times you use a license plate frame or washers.

In other cases, you may choose to use a bolt. These accessories increase the distance between the plate and the screw.

In cases like these, you can apply an 8mm screw. This screw is long enough to go through the accessories while fastening the license plate to the vehicle’s body.

What Size Screw Is Used on Tesla License Plate Holder?

You would need a screwdriver with a size of 8mm to hold a license plate frame. The license plate frame is also called a license plate holder.

The 8mm size screw is longer, and you can drive this screw into a Tesla license plate holder without damaging the body of your Tesla.

The length of this 8mm screwdriver covers the distance it will travel in the Tesla license plate. 

When you measure from the bottom of the screw, the entire length is about 8mm. With a thread diameter of 0.25 inches, up to 18 threads are on the 8 mm thread.

This screw has a head diameter of 2.5mm and a thread pitch of 0.45 mm and can fasten a license plate holder to the vehicle’s body.

This screw is long enough to hold the license plate holder and the license plate together without damaging your vehicle’s body.

The head has a cap with a depression in the center. This depression articulates with the pointed edge of the screwdriver or any other device you use to drive the screw through the license plate.

The Best 2  Screws for Fixing Tesla License Plates

There are a few screws that are better for your Tesla license plate. Here are two suggestions you can look at when you want to pick up screws for your license plates.

  • BGGTMO Tesla license plate screw
  • NEASY Tesla license plate screw

#1. BGGTMO Tesla License Plate Screw

This screw is a high-quality installation accessory that is made for your Tesla. Made with a non-fade, non-rust design is just what you need.

This screw comes in the 6mm long shaft and the 8mm long shaft for your license plate. This length variation implies you can use this screw for a license plate with or without a frame.

The head of the screw has a hexagonal-shaped depression that articulates with a unique type of screwdriver. This head provides anti-theft protection for your license plate.

When you purchase a set of these screws, you get a license plate pad that acts as noise-proof when you are in motion. This pad increases the firm grip of your license plate.

#2. NEASY Tesla License Plate Screw

This screw comes highly recommended for your Tesla license plates. This screw has a combined installation of stable and firm anti-theft features.

The NEASY Tesla license screw has an anti-corrosion agent that can withstand wetness and other harsh weather conditions.

It comes in an 8mm and 6mm shank length for your framed and unframed license plate.

The NEASY license plate screw comes in black with a whole kit to make your work easier and more precise. 

The table below briefly compares the BGGTMO and NEASY license plate screws.

FeatureBGGTMO ScrewsNEASY Screws
Shank length8mm and 6mm8mm and 6mm
Anti-theft featureHexagonal-shaped head for articulation with screwdriversEmbedded head and cap
Anti-rust featureBlack and coatedBlack and coated
Specific tool kitavailableavailable

Do You Need Screws to Fix a Front Tesla License Plate?

You need a screw to fix the front Tesla license plate. These screws fasten the license plates firmly and keep them in place when the vehicle moves.

Without a screw, your license plate may fall off from the impact, or the wind may take them away when you are in motion.

It would be best if you had your license plate tightly fastened to the body of your vehicle because the license plate will last your whole ride time.

You do not want your license plate falling off the body of your car; you do not also want to keep placing new license plates on your vehicle.

When screwing your license plate at the front of your Tesla, ensure you have a precise alignment of the edges. 

This precision is necessary because once you fasten the license plate, you might be unable to change its alignment.

The screws driven into the car make permanent holes that may not be changed. 

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can mount your front Tesla license plate:

  • Clean the area where the license plate should sit
  • Remove the leather coating
  • Screw the license plate to the bracket
  • Screw the bracket to the body of the vehicle

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