Tesla Battery Pack: Size, Weight, Voltage, Cost & More!

Last updated on September 12th, 2023 at 03:03 am

If you are like any Tesla user out there, you will have tons of questions about the battery capacity of the Tesla battery pack.

Besides this, most Tesla users have questions about the size, weight, voltage, dimensions, and even what it costs to get a Tesla battery. 

You are in the right place if you have all these questions because this article is a detailed guide to getting all the required information. So read on to find out.

Every Tesla model varies uniquely when it comes to battery performance. However, on average, a standard Tesla battery weighs at least 900 pounds and costs $10,000. When it comes to Tesla battery size, it is worth noting that the size of a Tesla battery is equivalent to its weight, depending on the model you own. 

In this article, I will explain everything you need to know about Tesla batteries, their size, dimension, weight, voltage, and cost. 

By the end, you’ll also understand the extent of your Tesla battery’s durability and efficiency. 

What is the Size and Dimensions of a Standard Tesla Battery Pack?

Tesla Battery Pack

Despite its high cost and maintenance, most people prefer a Tesla, especially due to its efficiency and durability track record. 

Purchasing a Tesla battery as a fairly used product is difficult. Nevertheless, you can always build a Tesla battery pack on your own if you are lucky enough to purchase a fairly used one. 

Regarding the standard dimension of a Tesla battery, two factors determine what the dimension of the battery will be, including the battery size and car model. 

While the Tesla  S and X model uses a small battery pack, the model Y uses the bigger one. 

The small battery packs have a dimension of 68.5 x 30 x 75 cm, and the big battery packs have a dimension of 185,4 x 29,2 x 9 cm (lxwxh). 

If you want to build a battery pack, the small packs are the best type due to their dimension and are easier to convert or modify. 

Besides this, it is important that you remember that every battery has its unique power, voltage, and capacity when building a battery pack. 

Consider a few things when building a standard battery pack. 

  • Remember, every individual battery pack has cooling coils inside them. However, installing cooling coils in the pack is necessary if you install more than two batteries.
  • The battery management system of every Tesla battery integrates into its modules. Although it is locked by Tesla, 
  • Fairly used Tesla batteries are cheaper than purchasing a new one. Nevertheless, keep an open mind to having issues with your vehicle when you do this hence its inevitability. 
  • Avoid using fast charging ports to charge your Tesla vehicle. 

How Much Does a Tesla Battery Pack Weigh?

The weight of an electric vehicle battery or device depends solely on the model, and the Tesla battery is no exception. 

Based on the thumb’s rule, the bigger and heavier the battery of your Tesla battery pack, the greater the energy and power it will supply.

It is due to increased storage carrying capacity and a proportional increase in your Tesla battery pack size.

Tesla batteries can go over 370 miles on a single charge, so it often comes off as no surprise when we estimate the weight of a battery pack to be as high as 1,836 Ibs.

By comparison, batteries of other electric vehicles far smaller than Teslas weigh as low as under 1,000 pounds, about half the weight of a normal Tesla battery pack. 

Also, The weight of the battery used in electric vehicles is more than what is used in gas-powered vehicles despite their different combustion engines. 

Here is a table showing the different Tesla battery packs and their weight.

Tesla ModelWeight (kg)
Tesla Model S544
Tesla Model X536
Tesla Model Y771
Tesla Model 3480

The weight of your Tesla battery pack could increase on full charge by gaining extra mass, but this is a small relative of the mass of your Tesla car, which ideally weighs above 2000 kg.

Although the weight does not decrease when it is not charged, Tesla batteries, whether charged or not charged, contain the same electron count.

How Much Do Tesla Battery Packs Cost?

The standard cost of a Tesla battery is $5000 to $20000, and just like the weight of your Tesla battery pack, the cost also varies depending on the model of your Tesla car.

If you are considering replacing your Tesla battery and what it would cost, one of the first things you should determine is your car model and the maximum range you can drive it in. 

Model S and Model X retain about 90% capacity even after covering 200,000 miles which is amazing since it suffices for the high cost of a Tesla battery. 

An average American only drives about 14,000 miles yearly. However, Teslas have a warranty for a maximum of 12 years. 

Therefore, owners have no reason to change their batteries or even upgrade them to newer models. 

Below is a table indicating the different prices of a Tesla battery pack:

Tesla Model Cost($)
Model S13,000 – 20,000
Model X13,000
Model Y10,000 – 12,000
Model 314,000

If you want to replace your Tesla battery, it is best you take it to your area’s best Tesla repair shop. Choosing the right repair shop saves you time, money, and even resources. 

Alternatively, you can change your battery pack as long as you have professional help to work with. Unfortunately, there are very few DIY guides for working on Teslas, and this is not it. 

Even though it may cost more to replace an out-of-warranty battery, you still save a lot of money compared to those using gasoline in an internal combustion engine.

When you use renewable and chargeable Tesla cars, it reduces the heavy carbon deposits in the environment, making it a threat to the environment. 

What is the Voltage of a Tesla Battery Pack?

Depending on the size and model of your Tesla, your battery voltage may either be higher than the size and weight or fall in the same range. 

The voltage of model x and model 3 is about 350 volts. Meanwhile, the model y has an outstanding voltage of 400v. 

Most small packs run on a voltage of 350v, while larger packs run on a voltage of 400v. However, you can always enhance your battery capacity for the best ride experience. 

To access more information on the Tesla battery pack voltage, it will help if you contact Tesla or alternatively, contact the services of a professional. 

Are Tesla Battery Packs Durable? 

Certainly, however, unlike other batteries, they are from lithium-ion cells, and One of the amazing features of the Tesla battery is its pre-cooling feature. 

When you drive too long, Tesla batteries create a cooling system for your car to protect you from heat or stop the battery from getting too hot. 

Contrarily, Tesla cars can only get charged in dedicated EV ports because they do not have an automated charging system and can only charge when they are stationed. 

Tesla batteries are power storage. Interestingly, these batteries also charge at a fast rate of about 90 minutes

Another amazing feature of the Tesla battery is its compatibility with other sources of energy, such as solar and wind power, to recharge. 

Regarding battery range and life span, Tesla vehicles rank top on the list with a dashing figure of 400 miles per charge. 

Factors like your driving speed, range, driving skills, and the type of road you drive on greatly affect the battery capacity. 

For instance, if you ride your car on a rough path, the friction between the tires and the road gets increased thereby exerting stress on your car and draining your battery by extension. 

Lastly, the warranty option for Tesla cars is flexible enough and spans at least 3 years with an outstanding speed range of 150, 000 miles.  

Purchasing a Tesla car is a decision you can never go wrong on.

Even though it is quite expensive and difficult to maintain, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Give me a Tesla any day.

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