This is Why Your Tesla is Making Noise When Off!

Teslas are generally quiet cars compared to other common types of vehicles. They produce minimal sounds when driving, and these sounds are normal. 

However, you often realize that Tesla also makes a soft noise when off. 

Based on conditioning from most vehicles, the simple assumption is that all system functions should halt when the car is off. 

But why does Tesla make noise when off? What does this sound indicate about the car? Is there a need to worry?

Tesla makes noise because the vehicle coolant system continues to work even when the car is off. This coolant system maintains the temperature of the car’s battery. This operation is a normal part of the car’s function. In fact, it is crucial that you hear that soft noise when you park your car to know it is functioning properly.

In this article, I will explain the reasons for the noise you hear in Tesla when you park your car.

I will also give tips on how you can diagnose and decide if there is a need to fix the noise.

This article will highlight a critical difference between Tesla and common-engine cars.

Why Does My Tesla Make Sounds When It is Off?

Why Is My Tesla Making Noise When Off

The sounds Tesla makes when it is off are due to the cooling system in the car. This sound is usually a soft hum that continues for several minutes, depending on the situation.

However, it is advisable to understand the reason for the sounds. 

For that, you must understand the main difference between an electric vehicle (EV) like Tesla and the typical internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. 

A noticeable difference is that EVs use batteries, whereas ICEs use engines. Now let’s talk about the batteries in EVs such as Tesla. 

Electric vehicles use lithium-ion batteries as a source of power. 

When functioning, due to the system, the power-initiated activities in the car, the environment, and some other functions, the temperature of this battery rises. 

To maintain its power range for a long time, the battery has to operate at a specific temperature, the ambient temperature.

This temperature varies depending on the electric vehicle type. For Tesla, it is about 72⁰F(22⁰C). 

This temperature allows the battery to perform at the best range for a long time.

The primary coolant pump and other cooling system parts initiate maintaining this temperature. 

This function produces a humming sound audible to anyone close to the car. This coolant system does not make this sound only when the car is off but also when driving. 

However, unlike the ICE cars, some systems in an electric vehicle continue to function even when it is off. The coolant system is one of them. 

Hence, the noise you hear when your car is off. After a while, you get used to hearing the humming noise, and it doesn’t bother you anymore. 

Here are some significant differences between EVs and ICEs

ParametersElectric Vehicle Gas Vehicle (ICE)
Source of Power The battery is a source of powerBattery is a source of power
Efficiency It is about 80% efficient It is about 30% efficient 
Noise Level It has a low noise levelIt’s noise level is high 
Environmental effects The system is environmental friendly Gas emissions has effects on the environment 

How Can You Stop Your Tesla From Making Sounds When It is Off?

You can not stop your Tesla from making sounds when it is off. It is part of the normal functioning of the vehicle. 

One of the main reasons we often find this “noise” disturbing is that most car owners are new to the working model of an EV. 

We are used to the total silence of switching off our cars. So we find any noise disturbing. However, we can learn to live with the humming sound. 

But here are a few tips to keep in mind as a way to stop the noise.

#1. Humming Sounds Only Last a Few Minutes

One key observation that could put our mind to rest is to learn that the humming sound only lasts for minutes. 

As explained, the sound is from the coolant system trying to achieve a predetermined temperature to keep the battery power and range at optimal levels. 

That is why you hear the sound. But once the system achieves its aim, it stops. 

When you park the car, and the battery does not increase or decrease from the ambient range, there is no need for the coolant system to function. 

Hence, there is no noise. When you park your car, and it makes a humming sound, you can check back in a few minutes. Most times, you find that the humming is over. 

#2. External Environment Affects the Car

The type of environment you park your car determines the condition of the car.

It is necessary to park your car in areas where the coolant system can quickly achieve ambient temperature. 

For example, when cars are outside in the snow, the cold temperature is bad for battery life. 

Hence, the system kicks in to increase the temperature of the battery. Due to the external environment, this might take longer than usual. 

But if you want the noise to stop, park your car in a more stable and regulated environment. Your indoor garage is a good example. 

Can You Turn Off Tesla Noise?

You can’t turn off Tesla noise if the noise is a normal part of the vehicle function. However, you find out sometimes that the noise you hear is due to an error in the system. 

While it is clear that the humming sound your car makes is normal, it is also essential to be careful. Sometimes, there might be issues with the coolant system. 

The sound might continue for a period longer than usual. In other cases, the coolant system is not working to regulate the battery’s temperature. 

The coolant system is running. Yes, we can hear the humming sound, but the battery does not achieve ambient temperature for some reason. 

These scenarios can lead to noise not being part of the vehicle’s functionality. Tesla is generally a quiet one. 

Hence, it would help to be careful and observant when you hear disturbing sounds. 

Here are some tips to help you decide if there is a need to turn off Tesla noise: 

#1. Observe the Tesla Performance

One way to analyze your Tesla coolant system’s function is to observe the car’s performance.

If the battery is not working at its optimum capacity, then you can sense a problem. 

Some diagnostic questions can help with this observation. Check to hear if the humming sound is different from what you know it to be. Is there any aspect of the car’s performance that concerns you? 

For example, is the regenerative braking at full performance? Are the other functions, such as Autopilot and Accelerator mechanism, working correctly? 

These questions help you to determine if your battery or other related systems are working properly.

The result from your observation will help you decide if you need to go for a vehicle check-up. 

#2. Observe the Change in Sound

Changes in your Tesla sound while driving can help indicate a need for a diagnostic check. The change can come in two forms. 

One, the sound somehow remains the same but becomes erratic and consistent. You will observe as it goes on and off. 

Another form is when the sound becomes louder and louder; it’s almost the only thing you can hear. 

These situations are indications that something is wrong. Tesla is generally a quiet car. Hence, the sound should be quiet, consistent, and balanced. 

Suppose the various checks conclude that your Tesla is okay. Then you don’t have to worry. 

However, if there are still doubts despite the self-check, it is safer not to dismiss but to act on such doubts. 

Contact a service expert and check the functions and systems of the vehicle comprehensively. 

Why is My Tesla Fan on When Parked?

Your Tesla fan is on when parked because it’s part of the normal functions of the car. A series of systemic processes are going on even while you park your car. 

For example, in a much colder environment, the motor and copper rotor of your Tesla generates heat. 

The heating circuit of the coolant system transfers this heat to keep up the battery temperature. 

The rotor fan is on for the entire time of this temperature regulation. The best part is that the Tesla cooling system is more effective than the cooling system in many other electric vehicles. 

This effectual output reflects how your Tesla battery can maintain its range for a long. The fan being on is a good thing. It means all systems are in good condition.

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