Tesla Roof Tint (Cost, Is It Worth? & More)

Last updated on September 12th, 2023 at 03:02 am

The exterior design of some Tesla models is so premium and luxurious that you may have a full glass roof. But as captivating as such a design is, there are a few setbacks. 

One of the major setbacks is that a full glass roof isn’t ideal for every weather condition, especially during summer. With that in mind, the next question is, “is it worth the cost”?

Tinting the glass roof of Tesla vehicles is worth the cost, whatever it may be. Even though Tesla’s open-design glass roofs have a tinted layer, an additional tint is still important. With only the pre-tinted panel, your car interior will still suffer fading. 

The above question is the call for this article. Tinting a Tesla glass roof that comes standard pre-tinted doesn’t seem ideal; why is the additional tint needed? Keep reading to know more.

How Much Is a Tesla Glass Roof Tint?

Tesla Roof Tint (Is It Worth It)

It will cost you around $200-$300 at the higher end to get the glass roof of Tesla vehicles tinted. It will amaze you that tinting a Tesla vehicle’s windows will cost even more. 

Tesla is among the list of premium and luxurious new-age car brands. Therefore, it is only normal that things relating to it will be a little more expensive.

However, there is no call for alarm as the tint is usually hugely worth the price. In most cases, the tint guarantee equals the vehicle’s lifespan.

It is worth noting that a few factors can influence the cost of tinting a Tesla glass roof.

These factors make for the disparities in the cost of tinting Tesla vehicles. The cost of tinting your Tesla glass roof will vary per the mechanic.

The labor and expertise of one mechanic differ from another, as does the cost of tinting the roof. 

For instance, while you can pay around $100-$150 for the tinting, it may not be the same price for another mechanic.

Secondly, just as how cost varies per mechanic, it also varies per region and weather conditions.

Usually, the cost of adding a tint to your vehicle is higher during the summer period as the need increases. 

Also, tinting the roof in hot climates is more expensive than in other regions. E.g., the cost of tinting a Tesla glass roof in Arizona is more expensive than in other states. 

Finally, the type of tint cover you opt for also determines how much it will cost you to do the tinting. Tint layers come in various qualities and size hence the difference in cost.

Is a Glass Roof Tint Worth It?

More than worth it isn’t an exaggeration when tinting your Tesla’s glass roof.

Even though the tinting of the Tesla roof is a little on the high side, it is still worth it. 

Haven’t you wondered when such a practice is common? Tinting your Tesla vehicle’s glass roof has many benefits, hence the common practice among Tesla users.

The fact that most of Tesla’s open-design models are pre-tinted alone speaks of some importance. It is not merely for an aesthetic view or a luxurious convenience. 

Glass roof tinting is worth it because tinting the glass roof of Tesla vehicles protects you from UV rays on sunny days.

Yes, Tesla vehicles’ glass sunroof may come standard with a UV-tinted feature in the glass panel.

But, I want to assure you that the factory-fitted layer alone most times isn’t enough. 

Long-term exposure to UV rays can cause more damage than you can imagine. So, you risk absorbing radiation with only the pre-tinted layer.

Therefore, additional tint shading is necessary for additional protection against UV rays. You can never have too much protection from sunlight. 

Aside from the additional protection from UV rays, an additional tint reduces the greenhouse effect.

Additional tinting goes a long way to minimize the heat from sunlight greatly.    

In turn, you get to enjoy the comfort of your car, unlike the scenario with an unshaded Tesla model. 

Even though all Tesla models have ACs to ease the heat, you should always remember that it is an electric car.

So, whether you have already installed it in your car or you are thinking of having it in the car, it is completely worth the cost.

Should You Tint Your Tesla Glass Roof?

Of course, it is of utmost importance to have the Tesla glass roof tinted. Tinting the glass rooftop of your Tesla comes with a lot of benefits. 

There are a plethora of reasons to have the Tesla glass roof tinted. One of the various reasons is for your safety. 

For these reasons, every Tesla model open roof design comes standard with a pre-tinted panel.

Getting an additional tint to the Tesla glass roof protects you from certain health hazards. As mentioned earlier, an additional tint helps to reduce UV rays.

Besides protecting your body, tinting your Tesla car roof goes a long way in protecting your car. The same UV rays can damage the interior decor of your car. 

The excess heat from sunlight can fade off your seats and your car dashboard’s decor.

In like manner, that excess heat can cause certain components to dry off and crack.  Certainly, such damage is something you can easily prevent with a tinted glass roof.

You can elude some of this damage with just an additional layer of tint to the glass roof.

Below are the benefits of having an additional tint as compared to the pre-tinted model that comes from the factory.

Tinted Tesla Glass RoofPre-Tinted Model 
Grossly minimizes the greenhouse effect.The car still absorbs excess heat.
It helps in reflecting the UV rays.It can only prevent UV penetration.
Prevents fading of the interior upholstery.Interior damage occurs in the long run.
Often more durable (depending on the quality, though).It doesn’t stand the test of time as aftermarket tints.

How Much Can Tint Go On a Glass Roof?

Tesla factory install tint goes 20 percent VLT. It pretty much has a transparent tint, you would say. However, although transparent, it is still effective in preventing UV.

Moreover, the 20 percent VLT makes room for additional tinting as an option. It is worth noting that every state has regulations on tinting vehicles. 

The regulation of how much tint can go on a glass roof has little to do with its effectiveness.

How much tint goes only relates to the amount of allowable light entering the vehicle.

Professionally, I recommend you don’t go too dark when tinting the glass roof. A light transparent yet reflective tint is okay.

According to the American Skin Cancer Foundation, a glass roof tint should be as thick as a window film. It means the same layer for the windows can do for the roofs.

How much tint can go on a glass roof depends on the state regulation on tints.

Usually, for every state, there is a certain amount of allowable lights through the rooftops.

Ordinarily, you may wonder why the regulation on how much tint should go on a Tesla glass roof.

There are a few reasons you must be cautious of how much tint is on the glass roof.

For starters, too much of a tint or too dark a tint makes the interior dark.

A dark environment impedes vision and promotes the risk of common accidents, especially while driving at night.

Plus, too much of a tint is illegal in some states, even for the glass rooftop. The simple reason is that law enforcement finds it difficult to see inside the vehicle.

Do Tinted Tesla Glass Roofs Come Standard?

Every open-design Tesla model comes standard with a factory-installed tint for UV rays protection. It is necessary for glass rooftops; hence, you’ll always have tint on the roof.

The reasons for having a tint on every open-design Tesla glass roof are beyond emphasis.

For some models, the tint is available for every glass panel, although that is not always the case.

One common tint type for Tesla roofs is the 3M crystalline tint. The features of the 3M crystalline tint make for its use by Tesla Support for its sunroofs.

Below are some features that make for its common use for Tesla glass sunroofs.

  • Quite effective in preventing UV rays
  • Nearly invisible, which makes it transparent for light to pass through.
  • Finally, it sparks like crystals which make for its reflective ability.


The Tesla open-design glass roof comes standard with a tint that protects you from the sun’s rays.

However, experience has shown that the factory-fitted tint on the roof doesn’t always do the job.

Therefore, you can put on an additional tint for better protection, even with factory-fitted tints. And I assure you, it is completely worth it

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