This is Why Your Tesla Won’t Forget Bluetooth Device! (Fixed)

Last updated on September 12th, 2023 at 03:05 am

When you connect your Bluetooth device to your Tesla, the car will automatically remember the connection and connect to the device once you are in range. 

Nonetheless, there are instances where you need to disconnect your device from your car’s Bluetooth list, especially when you want to sell your car or when you want to reset Bluetooth. 

However, even after many trials, your electric vehicle may fail to forget a Bluetooth device. So what will you do in this case? 

You don’t need to panic when your Tesla model doesn’t forget Bluetooth devices. There could be a few reasons for this issue: your device is still connected to your car, too many paired devices, or even a technical fault. However, whatever the fault may be, there are various steps to carry out that will help you resolve the problem. 

In this article, I’ll highlight why your Tesla car may remember your Bluetooth device and the best ways to fix the issue. 

By the end of this article, you will understand the perfect way to make your tesla bluetooth forget a device. 

How Do I Forget a Device on My Tesla Bluetooth?

Tesla Won't Forget Bluetooth Device

Whether you no longer want to use your device with your Tesla Bluetooth or your Bluetooth is malfunctioning, it’s easy to forget a device in your Tesla Bluetooth. 

It’s a straightforward process you can carry out yourself. All you need to do is follow the steps highlighted below; 

Step 1

Before forgetting a device on your Tesla Bluetooth, the first thing you need to do is disconnect your device. 

All you need to do is to click on your device name in the Bluetooth menu and choose the Disconnect button. 

Step 2

After opening the Bluetooth menu, a list of various devices will appear on the screen. You can then make your choice on the device you want to forget. 

Step 3

After selecting the device name, click on the Forget button beside it. Doing so will erase the device from the list of devices paired with your Tesla. 

Step 4

You will get a confirmation message once you press the forget button asking if you want to forget the device.

 Then click on Yes to confirm you want to remove the device from your Tesla Bluetooth. 

Why Won’t My Tesla Forget a Bluetooth Device? 

Although electric vehicles hardly have technical issues, it experiences them once in a while.

Technical issues can prevent your Tesla from forgetting a Bluetooth device. In what way? 

One of the technical issues that can prevent your Tesla from forgetting Bluetooth is a software glitch.

Suppose your electric vehicle operating system encounters a bug or an error.

In that case, it will fail to carry out any command you input, which includes deleting a paired Bluetooth device from its memory. 

Therefore the device will be on the car’s list no matter how many times you try to delete it. 

Various issues could also prevent your Tesla from forgetting a Bluetooth device. 

It will be hard to forget when your Bluetooth device is still connected to your Tesla.

Therefore before you forget Bluetooth on your Tesla main screen, it’s best to disconnect your device. 

If your Bluetooth is experiencing connection issues, it will be difficult for your electric vehicle to forget your device. 

That’s why it is always best to check your Bluetooth connection before fixing any Bluetooth-related problems. 

When your car’s firmware is not up to date, it can result in a Bluetooth connection problem. 

When you pair your electric vehicle to many devices,  you might need help remembering a specific device. In that case, removing some devices is best to fix the problem. 

Not all devices are compatible with the Tesla models. Therefore if your device Bluetooth is not compatible with your car. 

Tesla might find removing your Bluetooth from the paired device list hard. Thus it might be difficult to forget the device. 

Another issue that can stop your car from forgetting a Bluetooth device is a malfunctioning module.

A module is a device that is in charge of managing Bluetooth connection in a vehicle.

However, once the module is not functioning correctly, you will find it hard to delete a paired device from your Tesla memory. 

This malfunction might be due to hardware failure or module firmware problems.  

How Do I Force Tesla Bluetooth to Forget a Device? 

If you need help getting your car to forget a Bluetooth device, you have no choice but to force the device to forget it. 

All you need to do is go to the control menu of your Tesla screen and click on the Bluetooth option.

Then you select the name of the device and press the forget button. Then you must confirm by tapping the Yes button on the confirmation column.

However, if your auto fails to forget the Bluetooth, you can keep trying again to force the forgetting process. 

Still, if you are having trouble forgetting a device, try these processes. 

#1. Remove the Connection on Both Devices

Sometimes your Tesla might not forget a device if you don’t disconnect your car and device. So how do you do this? 

Well, what you need to do is simple;

  • Go to Control on your car’s screen, press Bluetooth, and click Settings. Then press the Forget Device button. 
  • On your mobile phone, click on Settings, then scroll to Bluetooth. You can then disconnect your Tesla. 

After carrying out these two steps, you should be able to fix the problems and successfully forget Bluetooth. 

#2. Turn Off Bluetooth on Your Phone

Another option to consider is switching off the phone you are trying to disconnect before deleting it on your Tesla memory. 

After turning off your Bluetooth, you can log into your Tesla app and remove the key while you are far from your car. Doing so might help you resolve your Bluetooth issues

#3. Try a Scroll Wheel or Brake Pedal Reboot

You can try this method on your Tesla when it fails to forget a device. 

Doing so will reboot the car’s computer system and can resolve any software glitch your car is experiencing, including Bluetooth connectivity problems.

All you need to do is; 

  • Put your car in Park Mode
  • Push the brake pedal and hold it down.  At the same time hold and tap on the two scroll wheels on both sides of the steering wheels. 
  • Hold these wheels for about 10 seconds before releasing them. 

#4. Check for Software Updates

Sometimes Bluetooth problems are primarily due to the Tesla software version.

For example, Tesla users complained about Bluetooth connectivity after an upgrade to the 2022.24.5 version. 

Thus, it’s always best to check your software version and ensure it’s the latest version.

Doing so can help you fix various problems and enhance the overall functionality of your car. 

Another step you want to carry out when your Tesla fails to forget a device is to reset your Tesla Bluetooth. Doing so can help you resolve your connectivity problem. 

However, if none of the methods above could resolve the issue of your electric car forgetting a Bluetooth device, then it’s best to contact Tesla Support for assistance. 

They can help you check your car for any underlying problem and offer additional guidance on how to use Bluetooth connectivity. 

How Do I reset My Tesla Bluetooth? 

Resetting your Tesla Bluetooth is straightforward. Here are some steps to follow

  • Switch on your car and ensure you put it in Park mode. 
  • On your car monitor, you will see the Bluetooth option; click on it. 
  • Then find your device on the monitor and click the Forget this device button. 
  • Restart your phone
  • Then wait five to ten minutes before you turn on your phone’s Bluetooth. 
  • Check the car’s screen, click Add a new device, and then press the Search icon. 
  • Press your Bluetooth device and then tap the Pair button on your phone to complete the connection. And you are good to go. 

While resetting your Tesla Bluetooth can solve your problem, it might also be at your disadvantage if you are not careful. 

The table below highlights the advantages and disadvantages of resetting Tesla Bluetooth. 

It can resolve most connectivity problems you face. It’s time-consuming to pair all devices again. 
Also, it can resolve your vehicle’s audio system problems. It might lead to data loss or settings changes. But it’s rare. 
You will start your car afresh and get rid of any glitches that might be causing problems. It might not solve your car problem. 

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