5 Reasons Your Tesla Map is Black! (Do This To Fix It)

Last updated on September 12th, 2023 at 03:04 am

Tesla automobiles always have maps on the display screen to easily navigate routes. This feature is a delight as it provides Tesla users with a constant guide. 

However, your Tesla map may suddenly turn black, leaving you somewhat stuck on the way to your destination. You may wonder why this happens. 

Thankfully, you’re at the right place where you will find the right answers and even solutions.

A segment of your Tesla map turns black when you drive into native American lands or places devoid of superchargers. This change in background color can also occur when internet connectivity is poor, cache memory is full, or a particular software version is bug-ridden. Additionally, a server error may be the cause, but you can rectify all these easily.

In this article, I’ll explain why your Tesla map turns black. After reading through it, you can detect the reasons and promptly apply appropriate solutions.

Not only this, but I’ll also guide you through identifying Tesla map icons so you can understand them properly. 

Why does the Tesla Map Appear Black?

Tesla Map Black (5 Reasons and Solutions)

There have been tons of complaints from tesla users regarding black map issues. 

Initially, some assumed that the issue was screen-related, but after intent observation, it is evident that this notion is false.

And, of course, you have to identify an issue before resolving it. Luckily, after deep research, I present the factors that make your Tesla map appear black.

#1. Territory and Location

The most prominent reason for the change in color of the Tesla map is your location.

The dark territories on Tesla maps signify native American lands belonging to the Indians. 

Sometimes, it also designates certain military reservations. Therefore, this explains why only specific areas are black, and you can see them while approaching.

#2. Cache

If you experience this dark occurrence outside the native Indian or military lands, it may be a sign that your Tesla’s cache is full. 

Due to this, the map can no longer save new addresses or load them easily. 

If this black background is recurring, it’s also possible that your Tesla map is displaying locations from the cache rather than reloading.

#3. Internet Speed

Another option is that your internet connection may be slow, preventing your Tesla map from loading properly and displaying in a light background. 

This issue is especially true when the system downloads route rather than displaying them from memory.

#4. Supercharger Desert

The black map background sometimes indicates areas where there are no Tesla superchargers. 

In this case, this phenomenon is helpful as it informs you that you can recharge before entering the supercharger desert if you’re low on battery.

#5. Bugs

There are unscrupulous bugs that can cause map glitches and draw colored map tiles. Your map turning black may be one of the bug effects.

As you can see, there are various reasons for your Tesla map turning black. You should be able to find a good reason that applies to your car’s map.

But now is a good time to contact Tesla customer support service if you don’t. Additionally, you should book a service appointment if this issue recurs.

Solutions to Apply When Tesla Map Turns Black

It becomes difficult to read your Tesla map when it turns black hence the need for appropriate solutions.

In that regard, here are a couple of things you can try to restore your map’s original color.

#1. Turn on Satellite View

You can rectify the black map issue by turning on the satellite view. However, note that this requires a premium data subscription. 

The steps for turning on the satellite view are as follows:

  • Tap on the map.
  • A menu will appear on the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Find a globe icon among the menu options and tap it for satellite view.

#2. Clear Cache

Clear your automobile’s cache so routes can reload properly. You can also turn the earth view off and then back on.

#3. Zoom in  and Out or Change the Display to Half size

You can connect to stable, steady internet if your map fails to load. After this, pinch the screen to zoom in, and then draw your fingers apart to zoom out. 

This act should reload your map. Similarly, try reducing the screen display to half size.

#4. Enable a Steady Internet Connection

Poor connectivity hinders Tesla map’s efficiency. So, get a strong Wifi or 4G cellular signal and reconnect. It would be better if you’re the only one using your internet.

#5. Update Your Tesla

If the cause is a bug or glitch, you must upgrade your firmware or software to the latest version, as each release contains new fixes. Though Tesla updates are over-the-air, you can check for new updates.

Here are the steps to search for new Tesla software updates.

  • Connect to Wifi.
  • Select the software tab on your display screen.
  • A notification will appear on the display if there is any new update.
  • You can choose to update it at the moment or reschedule.

#6. Reboot Your Tesla

Rebooting restarts and refreshes the OS, which takes only a few minutes. You can check your owner’s manual or click here to see how to reboot.

If your map remains black after implementing all the possible solutions, it may simply be a server error. If it is, you’ll have to wait it out for some hours or a day at most. 

However, assuming the problem persists after a day, you should set up a service appointment with Tesla.

It’d be great to use this opportunity to report any other issues you may face.

12 Main Map Icons and Their Meanings

Tesla map has certain icons that represent various functions. Understanding these icons is the key to properly utilizing your map. 

So, in the table below, I’ll explain icons and their meanings/ functions.

Tesla Map IconMeaning/ Function
North icon.It re-enables location tracking.
Heading up icon.It serves as a compass that points your driving route.
Route overview icon.It displays the route overview when you swipe down the turn-by-turn direction list.
Globe iconIt shows and hides satellite views.
Traffic light icon.Shows and hides the display of traffic.
Location pin icon.Displays and hides map details, e.g., interest points.
Lightning bolt icon.Displays the location of all chargers you have used (superchargers, third-party chargers, etc.)
Navigation settings icon.Displays all the navigation icons so you can adjust or customize them.
Navigate to the autopilot icon.It enables auto-drive mode.
Location pin plus icon.Allows you to add stops to routes.
Pencil icon.It’s for editing stops.
Favorite icon.It lets you add addresses of locations you visit frequently.

The Tesla map has other icons apart from the main ones. Click here to see them all.


As much as you love Tesla for its navigable properties, it’s a pain in the neck when the map turns black, preventing clear viewing.

At such times, remember to try one of the following:

  • Enable satellite view.
  • Clear cache
  • Connect your car to Wifi and reboot/ update.
  • Zoom out and zoom in / change the display size.

This slight map mishap doesn’t change the fact that Tesla vehicles are amazing. Simply implement the appropriate fixes and get cruising again.

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