The 7 Best Tesla Tire Repair Kits!

Last updated on September 12th, 2023 at 03:04 am

Tire Repair kits are a must-have for all drivers, especially if you drive your Tesla daily. 

There are scores of repair kits you can find online, but choosing the right one is a hassle due to the numerous options available.

If you’re curious about which repair kit to choose, don’t worry. You’re at the right place because I’ve compiled a list of 7 Best Tire Repair kits for you. 

The 7 Best Tire Repair Kits available on Amazon are; Autotown Tire Repair Kit, Boulder Heavy Duty Repair Kit, CK Auto Tire Repair Kit, TECCPO Tire Repair Kit, ORCISH Tire Repair Kit, BETOOLL Tire Repair Kit, and Slime 50107 Tire Repair Kit. 

In this article, I will list and review the best-rated Tire repair kits you can purchase online from stores like Amazon.

All the products mentioned in this article are compatible with all Tesla vehicles, whether a model S,3, X, or Y.

What are the 7 Best Tesla Repair Kits?

7 Best Tesla Tire Repair Kits

The US has over 160,000 miles of highways, federal roads, and over a hundred million acres of wilderness. 

If you are planning a journey of more than 30 miles from the city, you should prepare adequately and have a contingency plan by purchasing a Tire Repair Kit.

Traveling without a tire repair kit or a spare tire is asking for a lot of trouble, considering that Tesla vehicles do not ship with a spare tire.

Tesla has an official tire repair kit you can purchase from their website, but it is out of stock, and scalpers sell it for outrageous prices on places like eBay.

If you are still waiting for an official Tesla Tire Repair Kit, your next move should be to purchase suitable repair kits from Amazon so you don’t get ripped on other sites.

The ranking I used for products in this article focuses on customer satisfaction, positive reviews, and feedback on the repair kits. 

All the products listed have over 1500 reviews and still have high ratings, indicating outstanding quality.

Below are the 7 Best Tire Repair Kits you can buy for your Tesla before you go on a trip or for long-term emergency storage.

#1. Autotown Tire Repair Kit

AUTOWN Tire Repair Kit - 68pcs Heavy Duty Tire Plug Kit, Universal Tire Repair Tools to Fix Punctures and Plug Flats Patch Kit for car Motorcycle, Truck, ARB,ATV, Tractor, RV, SUV, Trailer

Autotown is a big automotive tools seller that sells premium tire repair kits for a steal.

Their 68-piece tire repair kit is especially remarkable as it contains all the tools you need for a successful tire repair.

Since the Autotown Tire Repair Kit doesn’t ship with an electric pump, buying a 12V Tire Air pump would be best.

Contents in the repair kit include:

  • 1x T-handle Spiral Probe Tool
  • 1x T-handle Insert Tool
  • Tire Pressure Gauge
  • 40x Self-Vulcanizing Repair Plugs
  • 4x Extension Valves
  • 4x Chrome Hex Valve Caps
  • 4x Plastic Valve Caps
  • 4-in-1 Valve Core Tool
  • 4x Valve Cores
  • 1x Folding Knife
  • 2x L-type Hex Tools
  • Container of lubricant
  • 1x Pliers
  •  User Manual

The Autotown repair kit has 4.8  stars out of over 2500 reviews making it the highest-ranked repair tool on this list.

#1. Pros

  • Premium quality at a freemium price
  • Extensive catalog of repair tools
  • Reputable manufacturer
  • Suitable for Tesla Model S,3, X, and Y

#2. Cons

  • Lacks a dedicated air pump
  • No tire sealant 

#2. Boulder Heavy Duty Repair Kit 

Boulder Tools - Heavy Duty Tire Repair Kit for Car, Truck, RV, SUV, ATV, Motorcycle, Tractor, Trailer. Flat Tire Puncture Repair Kit

Boulder heavy-duty repair kit is a very high-quality repair kit that contains about 56 tools that will help you fix punctures in your Tesla tires.

Aside from Tesla vehicles, the boulder repair kit works well on heavy-duty vehicles (trucks, tractors, and trailers). You can also use it to repair small cars and bikes.

Rather than paying hundreds of dollars to scalpers for an overpriced Tesla repair kit, you can purchase the Boulder Tire Repair Kit at a way lower price.

The Boulder heavy-duty Repair Kit paired with a 12v electric air pump performs better than the official Tesla tire repair kit.

Below are some of the contents of Boulder’s repair kit:

  • 1x Toolknife
  • 1x T-drilling Tool
  • 2x “L” Hex tool
  • 1x utility knife
  • Pressure gauge
  • Lubricant
  • Repair cord

The Boulder heavy-duty repair kit has more than 5.5k reviews on Amazon and an average of 4.7/5 stars, making it one of the highest-rated Tire repair kits.

#1. Pros

  • Durable build material
  • Good quality pliers
  • The perfect number of tools, no unnecessary extras
  • Enough plugs to last for multiple uses.

#2. Cons

  • It needs a separate tire pump
  • Installation requires some skill and experience

#3. CK Auto Tire Repair Kit

CKAuto Universal Tire Repair Kit, Heavy Duty Car Emergency Tool Kit for Flat Tire Puncture Repair, 36 Pcs Value Pack, Tire Plug Kit fit for Autos, Cars, Motorcycles, Trucks, RVs, etc.

The CK Auto Tire repair kit is an ultra-lightweight, portable tire repair kit suitable for on-the-go tire repairs when cargo space is limited.

It’s perfect for Tesla users who prefer to carry less luggage. Bikers and motorcyclists will also benefit from this repair kit because of its small size and weight.

Its T spirals and insertion Tool consist of rust-resistant zinc alloy that is sure to last, and there are replacement needles you can change with the help of the L-Hex key.

Contents of the box include: 

  • 1x T-insertion Tool
  • 1x insertion Tool replacement
  • 1x T-spiral Tool
  • 1x spiral tool replacement
  • 20x repair plugs
  • 4x stem caps
  • Lubricant 
  • 1x knife
  • “L” Hex key

The CK Auto Tire repair kit is an Amazon buyer’s choice with over 1.3k reviews and a solid 4.7/5 star rating. 

#1. Pros

  • Excellent value for money 
  • Rust resistant T-handle
  • No unnecessary repair tools
  • Very lightweight 

#2. Cons

  • It doesn’t have a pressure gauge
  • No pliers to remove foreign objects 
  • You still need to buy a 12V tire pump to inflate your tires.

#4. TECCPO Tire Repair Kit

TECCPO Tire Repair Kit, 100Pcs Heavy Duty Tire Plug Kit for Car, Truck, RV, ATV, Tractor, Trailer, Motorcycle-Universal Tire Repair Tools to Fix Punctures and Plug Flats - THTC04H

The TECCPO Tire kit is the most detailed repair kit on this list because it has up to 100 repair tools, which is enough for easy and tricky repair jobs.

This repair kit is perfect for Tesla Model Y or large trucks and sedans.

Just so you know what you’ll be getting, below are some contents of the box:

  • 1x Storage Case
  • 1x Utility Knife
  • 1x Jar Lubricant
  • 1x Pliers
  • Gloves
  • 2x Hex Wrench
  • 50x Repair Strings
  • 1x Instruction Manual
  • 6x Black Tire Valve
  • 1x Tire Pressure Gauge
  • 14-way Valve Stem Tool
  • 6x Standard Valve Cores
  • 5x Quick Tire Repair Nails
  • 6x Black Plastic Valve Caps
  • 6x Black Copper Valve Caps
  • 1x Small Accessory Storage Case
  • 2x Insert Tool Needle Replacement
  • 1xHeavy Duty T-Handle Insert Tool
  • 6x Black Plastic Extension Valve
  • 1x Heavy-Duty T-Handle Spiral Probe

The TECCPO Tire Repair Kit is heavier than other repair kits, but this is due to the sheer amount of tools crammed into a small briefcase-sized box.

It has a tire air gauge you can use while reinflating the Tire, good quality hand gloves, and an insert tool replacement needle in case the first one breaks.

If you run a tire repair shop, you can purchase this repair kit as a lovely addition to your toolset and perform simple tire repairs on the go.

The repair kit has over 2400+ reviews and 4.7/5 stars, with more than 85% positive reviews.

#1. Pros

  • Extremely Large tools inventory
  • Good and easily understood instruction manual
  • Wear resistant gloves
  • Extra replacement needle

#2. Cons

  • Some tools might be overkill for simple tire repairs
  • The case is heavier than the others
  • No inclusion of an Air pump

#5. ORCISH Tire Repair Kit

As the name suggests, the ORCISH Tire repair kit is a sturdy, 70-piece tire kit to repair punctures on Teslas and heavy-duty vehicles.

At 1.21 lbs, it is more than 60% lighter than the TECCPO Tire Repair Kit, but it still has up to 70 repair tools, albeit missing a few.

Beneath are some of the tools you’ll find in this kit:

  • 10x Fast Tire Repair Plugs
  • 1×4-In-1 Valve Core Tool
  • 4x Plastic Tire Valve Caps
  • 4x Valve Cores
  • 2x Replaceable probe
  • 1x Small white box
  • 1x Box
  • 1x Utility Knife
  • 1x Needle-Nose Pliers
  • 1xT-Handle Spiral Probe
  • 1x T-Handle insert Tool
  • 40x Repair Strings
  • 2x Hex Keys

Looking at the box’s contents, you will notice that some components like Heavy Duty gloves and an air pump are not present, but this isn’t a drawback considering its price.

But to be safe, you should purchase a pair of heavy-duty hand gloves and a good-quality tire pump.

The ORCISH Tire Repair Kit has over 3.2k verified customer purchases and a 4.7/5 star customer rating, most of which are positive.

#1. Pros

  • The toolbox is very light for its class at just 1.21 lbs
  • The case has replacement probe needles
  • It is relatively cheap 

#2. Cons 

  • It has no air gauge
  • It Lacks heavy-duty hand gloves 
  • The case contains some unnecessary repair tools.

#6. BETOOLL Tire Repair Kit

BETOOLL Tire Repair Kit 24 Pcs for Car, Motorcycle, ATV, Jeep, Truck, Tractor Flat Tire Puncture Repair

The BETOOLL repair kit should be the highest-ranking product on this list because it has over 8k reviews and more than 80% are positive.

The BETOOLL repair kit comes with the standard tools for emergency tire repairs.

The following are some of its tools.

  • 1x handle insert tool
  • 1x T-handle insert probe
  • 1x four-way Stem valve tool
  • 2x plastic valve caps
  • 15x self-vulcanizing plugs
  • Jar of lubricant
  • 1x L hex key

BETOOLL repair kit includes self-vulcanizing repair plugs and lubricant, which is a big plus, especially considering that the BETOOLL repair kit is the Lowest priced Tire kit on this list.

It has a 4.6/5 star rating which is an excellent score.

#1. Pros 

  • It is quite Inexpensive
  • Built with durable stainless steel 
  • Lubricant included
  • Lightweight 

#2. Cons

  • It Lacks detailed instructions 
  • No tire sealant 
  • It doesn’t have pliers

#7. Slime 50107 Tire Repair Kit

Slime 50107 Flat Tire Puncture Repair, Smart Spair, Emergency Kit for Car Tires, Includes Sealant and Tire Inflator Pump, Suitable for Cars and Other Highway Vehicles, 15 Min Fix,black

The Slime 50107 tire repair kit is a unique case among repair kits because it requires fewer tools and actions to seal a leak.

Compared to standard tire kits, you don’t need to remove what caused the puncture. You should leave it inside the tire thread and inject the Sealant to form a seal.

Slime sealant is easy to use and highly recommended for unskilled people due to its straightforwardness and easy installation. 

The contents of the Slime 50107 repair kit are:

  • Tire sealant
  • 12v Tire  air pump 
  • Pump adaptors

The Slime repair kit has majorly positive reviews mainly because of its sealing abilities and the very convenient air pump with an inbuilt air gauge for tire pressure measurement.

The Slime kit air pump can gauge your tires in under 15 minutes after sealant application.

Just ensure you don’t remove the sharp object and rotate the Tire until the puncture faces down.

It has a 4.5-star rating and over 1.5k reviews which is a good rating.

#1. Pros

  • You don’t need much skill to use it.
  • It has a quick 12V pump that connects to your car’s 12V cigar outlet.
  • It has an Inbuilt pressure gauge.

#2. Cons

  • Its Sealant is single-use.
  • Its pressure gauge is sometimes inaccurate. 
  • It has a pdf instruction manual but no physical one.

There you have a list of handy tire repair kits you can buy. Though all the kits I’ve mentioned are top-notch, some may still prefer to buy a Tesla tire kit.

So, I’ll be giving a detailed comparison below.

The following table is a comparison of Tesla tire repair kits and kits from other brands.

Tesla tire Repair kitAftermarket Tire Repair Kits
The price of a Tesla kit is outrageous, as it costs up to 70 USD online.These are way more affordable.
It contains only five tools.Aftermarket kits contain a wider range of tools.
It has an air compressorNot all aftermarket tire kits have air compressors
It’s unsuitable for punctures greater than 0.24 inches.Aftermarket kits like slime can handle punctures greater than 0.24 inches.


What is the Difference Between Tire Repair Kit and Tire Repair Sealant?

See the table below for the differences between tire repair kits and sealants.

Tire Repair KitTire Repair Sealant 
It contains various tools to remove the foreign object and plug the leak.It is poured inside the tire walls to plug leaks.
It requires a bit of skill to use.It’s simple to use.
It uses vulcanized rubber as a plugIt uses a chemical sealant that solidifies with time.

Does Tesla Sell Tire Repair Kits?

Tesla used to sell sealant-based tire repair kits for $70 but discontinued its production. However, scalpers sell Tesla repair kits at outrageous prices on sites like eBay.

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