Tesla Yoke Replacement (Cost, Process & More)

While it’s well known that most cars have a 360 standard steering wheel feature, Teslas can come with either traditional or Yoke wheels. 

Unfortunately, not everyone seems to fan the Tesla Yoke wheel and often prefers to replace it after purchase. 

You may wonder if it’s possible to replace a Tesla Yoke wheel, and the answer is Yes I’ll give you a detailed guide on how to do that. So read on. 

You can replace your Tesla Yoke steering wheel for at least $250. You can do this within a few minutes by following DIY steps, such as detaching the Airbag and removing the Yoke wheel. After this, you will have to install the new wheel and then follow the beginning process reversely to finish your installment. 

In this article, I will give you a detailed exposition of replacing a Tesla Yoke wheel and the best way. 

As a bonus, I’ll also explain the financial commitment involved in the entire process and go further to list the necessary tools you can use for the replacement. 

Does Tesla Sell Yoke Steering Wheels?

Tesla Yoke Replacement

Of course, all Tesla owners can now choose if they want a traditional steering wheel on their car or maintain operation with the Yoke steering wheel their car came with. 

However, if your car is one of those models with a traditional wheel, you can replace it with a Yoke wheel anytime. Purchasing one is relatively easy. 

Fortunately, the Tesla Yoke wheel is an inexpensive option compared to a traditional wheel. It could cost at least $250. 

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Yoke On My Tesla? 

The Tesla Yoke wheel is one of the most replaced parts of the Tesla car. When it got introduced a few years ago, there were a lot of complaints from consumers about how difficult it was to use. 

In one swing, Tesla decided to change and modify models like S and X that had the steering into round wheels. 

You can replace your Tesla for at least $250. However, this depends to a large extent on the type of steering wheel you are replacing the Yoke for or with. 

The table below shows the cost of replacing any steering wheel on a Tesla. 

Type Of  Steering Wheel Cost Of Replacement 
Traditional or Standard Wheel $700
Round Steering Wheel $700 
Yoke  Steering Wheel $250

How To Replace Your Tesla Yoke (The Entire Process)?

For an average Tesla owner, the Yoke steering wheel is an unnecessary concept and difficult to master. Performing functions such as reverse and making U-turns always seems complicated.

While most owners do not like the Yoke wheel because of its difficult usage, others have long discovered that they do not fan the Yoke steering. 

If you are looking for information on the entire process of replacing your Tesla Yoke wheel, you are in the right place. This article has all the information you need. 

However, before you begin the installation, here are some of the necessary tools you must have.

  • A breaker bar 
  • Screwdriver (flat-headed) 
  • A torque wrench (precisely adjusted to 80 Nm /59ft – 1ilbs ) 
  • Allen sockets (10 millimeter max) 

After setting up your tools, here’s the entire process of replacing your Tesla Yoke wheel. 

#1. Detach The Airbag 

Here’s the first step you should always begin with. Place your flat-headed screwdriver straight over the access points on the back of your steering. 

Always ensure that the screwdriver gets placed straight across the access points. Paying attention to the position of the screw makes it possible for you to avoid forming an angle with it. 

After this, push the screwdriver on the metal release bar. The screwdrivers should start releasing the Airbag located at the steering center. 

It is worth noting that the Airbag on the Yoke steering is located at the center of the Yoke wheel, unlike a standard steering wheel. 

Ensure you repeat these steps for other access points when you want to release the airbags. 

However, in some cases, after running through this process, the Airbag may refuse to be removed or be released completely, making it difficult to uninstall the airbags. 

For such a case as this, go over the steps again, but start and finish one access point before you go to another. 

As you push the metal release bar, pull out the Airbag simultaneously when you remove the Airbag, a yellow and brown clip gets exposed. 

Stretch out and pinch on the yellow clip on the top and bottom, then release after a few seconds. 

Do that for the brown clip, too, and you should have removed the Airbag at this point correctly. 

Also note that, to make it easy to remove the Airbag, wiggle it continuously to make it loosen up where it’s placed. 

#2. Removing The Yoke Wheel

For this step, you will need the breaker bar and Allen socket to detach the center bolt from its place in the middle of the Yoke.

You may need another person’s help to help you hold down the breaker bar as you brace, twist the steering, and try to pop it out of place. 

For this, you will need to be extra precise. Ensure that you are placing your hand on the center of the wheel. 

If you have help from someone else, ensure they push down firmly on the breaker bar. Once you do this the right way, the Yoke will pop out. 

Once the Yoke is out, you can remove the rest of the breaker bar while you screw the Allen sockets so that the center bolt can fall out. 

You can detach the Yoke compartment after removing the Breaker bar and center bolt. If done correctly, you will have no stress while working on the remaining process efficiently. 

Nevertheless, you could still experience difficulty removing the Yoke compartment if stuck. 

When this happens, wiggle the entire Yoke up and down to make it loosen up so you can easily remove it. 

#3. Attaching The 360 Steering Wheel 

When you detach the Yoke compartment, you will notice splines in the form of ridges in the hole, which means the steering component can only attach the wheel straight across. 

After detaching the Yoke wheel, slide the replacement wheel across the hole straight away, then place it in the brown clip back to where you removed it. 

You will then go further to place your 360 replacement wheel in the hole where you removed the Yoke wheel. 

After that, put the center bolt you removed and screw it in tightly until you’re sure it’s completely fixed. For this, you can use your hand to do the screwing. 

Generally, this process is similar to that of removing the Yoke wheel. The only difference is that this gets done reversely. 

Just like when removing a Yoke wheel, you should use a Breaker bar and wrench to tighten the wheel in place. 

#4. Replace The Airbag

The final step to replacing a Yoke wheel is to replace the Airbag you removed. After installing the 360 replacement wheel, put the yellow clip in place. 

Fix the new wheel and tighten the prongs behind them. Push the prongs in place and screw it till you hear a click sound that indicates it’s well fitted. 

Do a thorough cross-checking from the center and by the sides to be sure everything is well-fitted. 

Is Tesla Yoke Steering Optional? 

Of course, since its introduction into the Tesla world of vehicles, all the customers have done is complain about how uncomfortable the Yoke wheel is. 

For most Tesla owners, the position of the horn on the Yoke wheel has made them more displeased with the design. 

As a smart company, Tesla quickly swung into action and modified the Model S and X, the primary models with the Yoke wheel, within a few months, by removing them and introducing a round wheel. 

With the Yoke wheel as an optional feature, Tesla owners can decide if they want to stick to or keep the traditional wheels they were already accustomed to. 

On the other hand, they can also choose to install the newest wheel feature, the round steering wheel, in their Tesla car.

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