Here is How To Use Tesla Uber Voucher! (Complete Guide)

Last updated on April 18th, 2023 at 11:17 pm

Tesla Uber has made life easier for its customers by providing different payment methods.

Some platforms use coins, but a voucher is all you need in the case of Tesla Uber. 

With this voucher, you can easily pay for the services you receive from Tesla Uber. But how can you use the Tesla Uber voucher? Let’s find out below. 

You can use the Tesla Uber voucher by adding it to your account. To add the voucher, open the Uber app on your phone and tap on the payment section. Select “Add Payment Method,  Gift Cards, and Voucher,” and enter your voucher’s code. Once you complete this procedure, you can use your voucher as a means of payment. 

In this article, I’ll walk you through the ways you can get a voucher and how to know when it expires. In the end, you’ll learn more about the Tesla Uber voucher and how to use it effectively. 

How Do You Use the Tesla Uber Voucher? 

How To Use Tesla Uber Voucher

You can use the Tesla Uber voucher by adding it to your account. Tesla Uber is undoubtedly a reliable platform that offers services to its customers. 

You don’t have to worry about using cash to pay for Tesla Uber with vouchers. However, not all customers know the availability of vouchers for payment. 

Fortunately, you can get more details about the vouchers by checking out the Tesla Uber website. Now, how exactly can you use the Tesla Uber voucher? 

Below is a step-by-step procedure for using the Tesla Uber voucher. 

  • First, visit your Google Play Store or Apple Play Store and type Tesla Uber. 
  • Once the app appears, tap on it and tap on install to download. 
  • Once the download and installation are complete, go to the app on your phone. 
  • Create your Tesla Uber account. 
  • Enter the correct email and receive the voucher and voucher code. 
  • Tap on the settings icon, which you’ll find on the upper left-hand side of the app. 
  • Afterward, tap on the payment section in the app. 
  • Select “Add Payment Method” and tap on “Gift Cards and Voucher.” 
  • Ensure to type in your 19-digit voucher code and tap on ” Add.” 
  • Once the process is complete, you’ve successfully added the voucher to your Tesla Uber account. 
  • Afterward, you can use it whenever you run out of cash and want to receive Tesla Uber services. 

Note that you can’t use the Tesla Uber voucher without installing the app on your phone. 

Furthermore, you must ensure to add it to your account. Otherwise, it’ll be invalid, and you’ll be unable to use it as a means of payment for Tesla Uber services. 

Can You Tip an Uber With a Tesla Voucher? 

You can’t tip an Uber driver with a Tesla voucher. If you want to tip an Uber driver, you must use your payment method. 

In other words, you must tip the driver with cash. Vouchers are only eligible for Uber services and not for tips. However, you can tip an Uber driver three dollars. 

Tips usually show appreciation and satisfaction with the services the customers receive daily. 

However, not all Uber drivers accept cash as a tip. In this case, you can settle for an alternative that’ll work. 

You can use Uber cash or gift cards as a tip for an Uber driver. The Uber cash and gift cards work the same way as the Uber voucher. 

You can also redeem the gift cards and pay for Uber services. It’s important to note that gift cards are only effective in Uber. 

You can use them to pay for rides and order meals at Uber eats. To redeem the gift card, you must download and install the latest version of Tesla Uber. 

Once you set up your account, you can add the gift cards and use them whenever possible.

If you fail to redeem the gift cards, you can purchase them from the Tesla Uber app. Alternatively, you can purchase gift cards for $15 in participating retail stores. 

You can redeem your Uber gift card by following the steps below. 

  • Ensure that your Uber app is up to date. 
  • Open the app and tap on Menu. 
  • Tap on Wallet. 
  • Select “Add Payment Method or Redeem Gift Card.” 
  • Tap on the Gift Card and enter the gift code or pin. 
  • Tap on Add to complete the process. 

Once you add the gift card to your Uber account, you can’t transfer it to another account. 

In this scenario, you can only tip an Uber driver with the gift card you purchase from stores.

Notwithstanding, you can purchase and add many gift cards to your Uber account. 

Interestingly, your Uber account can contain a maximum of $500 as a total value of gift cards. The more you use the cards, the more you can add. 

In the table below, let’s look at some pros and cons of gift cards. 

Pros Cons
You can use the gift cards for rides. You can only use the cards in countries that receive payment in the same currency. 
You can use them to order meals from Uber eats. You can’t use them for scheduled rides, family profiles, and university campus card rides. 

Can a Tesla Uber Voucher Expire? 

The Tesla Uber voucher expires over time. But this depends on the particular voucher you have.

Let me explain extensively! Some vouchers don’t expire and serve you in the long run. 

On the other hand, some vouchers expire and become invalid after their expiration. Some vouchers last for 30 days, while others last for one year. 

Nonetheless, always consult Uber to know the duration of your voucher. However, most vouchers issued by Uber often expire. 

Even if you don’t use the vouchers, it becomes ineffective when it expires.

Vouchers are usually valid from the point of activation and stay in your account without any problems. Once the voucher expires, it will reflect in your account.

You can also check your Uber app to know the expiration date. If your voucher expires, you can always redeem new ones. 

You can use the Uber voucher to pay for rides. But how can you do this? Read more details below to make the most out of your vouchers. 

  • Take out your phone and tap on the updated version of the Uber app. 
  • Type in your destination in the section available. 
  • Your voucher will appear if it’s eligible. In other words, it’ll come up as a means of payment if it hasn’t expired. 
  • Tap on the request for a trip, and you’ll receive your services immediately. 

However, if your voucher expires, it’ll not appear. The app will display other means of payment, such as your credit card. 

If you’re a customer that often uses vouchers for payment, it’s advisable to check their eligibility regularly.

Avoid any problems, especially when you don’t have enough cash to make payments. 

Why Can’t I Use the Tesla Uber Voucher? 

If you can’t use your Tesla Uber voucher effectively, there’s a problem. Below are the possible reasons for this dilemma. 

#1. Outdated Uber App 

To use an Uber app without any difficulty, the first thing to do is to ensure that your Uber app is updated.

If your Uber app is outdated, you might be unable to use/access your voucher. 

To evade this, you must always check for updates on your Google Play Store or Apple Play Store. 

Fortunately, the Uber app often displays new updates, so you might not have to check your Play Store for updates. 

Once the update is available, download and install it. These updates often come with new features that enhance the app’s capability. 

#2. Expired Vouchers

Your vouchers form an important method of payment. Hence, you can accumulate them in the wallet of your Uber app. 

When your vouchers expire, they become ineligible for use. So you’ll be unable to use them for rides or to order meals. 

When you add vouchers to your account, it displays their duration and expiration date. Hence, your voucher will not roll over even if it’s unused. 

You’ll lose any amount you have in your account if you don’t use the voucher before its expiration. 

#3. Errors

This usually happens when the ride you request fails to meet the original requirements of the voucher.

Therefore, you’ll be unable to use the voucher to pay for rides or meals. The best way out of this dilemma is to consult Uber to help you out.

Alternatively, you visit the vouchers Uber website to make significant changes to the voucher program. 

Does Uber Eats Accept Tesla Uber Vouchers? 

Uber Eats accepts Tesla Uber vouchers as a means of payment when you order a meal. However, there’s a catch! You can’t use the vouchers to pay for the delivery fees

Uber doesn’t deliver meals to their customers for free. Therefore, you must pay the delivery person with cash. The vouchers only cover expenses. 

You can get Uber Eats vouchers by adding them to your account. Below is another way you can redeem Uber Eats vouchers. 

The Referral Program 

This program is one of the easiest ways to earn and redeem Uber Eats vouchers. With this method, you can receive a $5 voucher for anyone you refer. 

In other words, the more you refer people, the more vouchers you earn.

However, the person must install the Uber app and create an account before you receive the vouchers. 

Plus, the person must enter your name as the referrer. Otherwise, you’ll not get any vouchers. 

With the vouchers, you can order delicious meals from Uber Eats. The only drawback is that you can only use the vouchers with the Uber Eats app.

You can’t use the vouchers to pay for food at other restaurants. So, you can order anything you want to eat as long as it’s within the Uber Eats app. 


I’ll highlight some questions related to the article that frequently pique the interest of many customers. 

#1. Can I Use an Uber Eats Gift Card For Uber Rides? 

Yes. You can use an Uber Eats gift card for Uber rides when you add the cards to your Uber account. 

#2. How Do I Redeem My Uber Eats Voucher? 

You can redeem your Uber Eats voucher by accepting and adding the voucher directly to your Uber Eats account. 

#3. How Long Do Uber Vouchers Last? 

The duration depends on the type of voucher you have. But most Uber vouchers last for 30 days. 

#4. Can I Use Unused Vouchers After Expiration? 

No. Unused vouchers are not eligible after expiration. 

Final Thoughts 

Using a Tesla Uber voucher is pretty simple as it requires little effort, but you must have the Uber app before taking any step. 

Furthermore, it’s advisable always to check the expiration date of your voucher if you’re a regular user of Uber vouchers.

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