5 Reasons Your Tesla FM Radio Not Working! (Solved)

Last updated on September 12th, 2023 at 03:05 am

Tesla electric cars are one of the most advanced vehicles in circulation today. Teslas come jam-packed with advanced features like Autopilot, FSD beta, and many more.

Self-entertainment is also one of Tesla’s strategies, as drivers can access services like Netflix, Spotify, apple music, and FM radio stations. 

Users have reported that this car’s FM Radio may halt. Now, why does this happen?

Your Tesla FM Radio might not work due to hardware or software issues. Faulty software issues can stem from a bugged update, glitches, and wrong system settings. Hardware problems like a defective radio tuner, bad speakers, and electronic glitches will also be problematic.

Even though radio listenership is declining, it is still an integral part of driving culture and a source of road entertainment. This article will help you fix problems with your Tesla radio.

Why is My Tesla FM Radio Not Working?

Tesla FM Radio Not Working

Your Tesla FM Radio will not work if you are experiencing a hardware or software-related problem. 

Radio problems can stem from faults such as muted speaker problems as serious as a faulty radio tuner or crippling software issues.

You should note that Tesla does not have AM(amplitude modulation) radio, so if you don’t see an AM option, your Radio isn’t faulty; it just lacks this feature.

Some troubleshooting and diagnosis can help you fix your Tesla radio or give you an idea of what is wrong with your car.

Some of these problems can cause your Tesla radio to stop working.

#1. Software Bugs

One of the significant causes of radio failures is software bugs can disrupt or outright disable the Radio in Teslas.

Bugs like this were common in the Tesla Model 3, and bugged system updates were the culprit.

If your Radio stopped working after a recent system update, it is probably the cause; sadly, you cannot roll back/uninstall a recent Tesla update, so you have to wait for a new patch.

#2. No Radio Station

Although rare, traveling across the US will make you encounter dark spots(places without an internet connection and radio signal).

These areas are dangerous for drivers because there is no way to call for help or receive weather warnings over the air.

If your Radio worked at the start and stopped working later, don’t worry, it should start working again after a few miles of travel, although you might have to change stations.

#3. Interference

Interference is one of the reasons very few electric vehicles come equipped with AM radio.

It isn’t a design flaw per se but a side effect of electric car motors generating enough electromagnetic interference to overpower AM signal reception.

So if you installed or carried an external AM radio pack, you will be unable to receive AM transmissions because of the electric motor interference.

#4. Hardware Faults

Hardware Faults are the biggest culprit that causes Tesla’s radios to stop working. The radio tuner is a small physical hardware that allows you to select/tune stations in your Tesla.

The tuner is at the back of the vehicle, and any problems like faulty wiring, loose cables, or even a faulty tuner will prevent your Radio from working correctly.

To avoid voiding your warranty, you should take your Tesla to a certified Tesla repair service to fix any hardware-related problem.

#5. Speaker Failure

Although unlikely, if your Tesla speakers are faulty, your Radio might be on max volume, but there won’t be a single sound.

If your Telsa speakers suddenly or gradually stop producing sounds, it means there is a problem, and it won’t allow your Radio to work.

It is difficult to self-diagnose and fix electrical faults in Telsas because their hardware has an electronic signature that needs authentication from their repair shops before it can work.

So you should take your Tesla to a repair shop for correct diagnosing and repair of electrical problems.

How to Fix a Tesla Radio That Isn’t Working?

There are three methods you can try if you want to fix a faulty Tesla radio, you can reboot the car, install system updates or take it to a certified Tesla shop if none of the above works.

Here are some ways to fix a Tesla radio that isn’t Working.

#1. Reboot/Reset the Car

You can reboot or reset your Tesla if your Radio stops working. A Reboot is an excellent way to clear and fix Tesla glitches affecting your Radio.

If a reboot doesn’t work, you can try resetting your Tesla by doing the following.

  • Depress and hold the brake pedal.
  • Press the scroll wheel and the button above it while holding the brake pedal.
  • Wait for the car screen to flash off and on
  • Your Tesla has been successfully Reset.

If Rebooting and Resetting don’t fix your car Radio, the problem might be hardware related.

#2. Wait for a Software Update

Some Telsas firmware updates have bugs that can cause unwanted problems and disable your car’s Radio.

If it was a computer or mobile device, you could roll back to a previous version, but Tesla doesn’t support system update rollback.

However, Tesla quickly pushes out new updates to fix bugs, so you don’t have to wait long. Just ensure you download and install the next OTA update as soon as it is released.

#3. Go to a Certified Tesla Repair 

If you have tried all of the above and your Tesla radio still doesn’t work, it means you have a hardware issue.

Hardware problems are difficult to diagnose and fix, so you need professional advice and help.

A faulty radio is not life-threatening, so you can drive your car to a certified Tesla shop, where they will diagnose the issue and change whatever component has gone wrong (tuner or wiring).

How Do You Reset the Radio on a Tesla?

You can fix Bugs and glitches disturbing your Telsa Audio/Radio by performing a power reset, software reset, or both.

Power resets are the most common type of method to clear electronic glitches. It involves turning the car off and on.

Software resets are more hardcore because that clear the Tesla memory and reset it to factory settings.

To perform a Tesla power reset:

#1. Power Reset/ Reboot

Your Tesla might encounter a power/software glitch while running, which could temporarily stop your Radio from working.

You can perform a power reset by doing the following.

  1. Get into the car and close all the doors.
  2. Use the touchscreen head to settings>controls>safety and security>power off.
  3. Press the power off icon and wait for the car to shut down
  4. Wait for up to 5 minutes before starting the car again

#2. Software Reset

A software reset is like a power reset but involves clearing and resetting the Tesla operating system.

To software reset a Tesla:

  • Depress and hold the brake pedal
  • Press the scroll wheel and the button above it while holding the brake pedal.
  • Wait for the car screen to flash off and on
  • Your Tesla has been successfully Reset.

Please note that a factory reset will wipe all your saved profiles and temporarily log you out of your Tesla account, and you will need to log in again.

How Do You Troubleshoot a Tesla FM Radio?

You can troubleshoot your Tesla or take it to a Tesla service center.

Troubleshooting modern cars is easy because of the addition of the OBD(onboard diagnostics) standard.

You troubleshoot your Tesla radio by doing the following.

  • Check for mute speakers
  • Restart the car
  • Perform a software reset
  • Check for system updates
  • Go to a service center 

It would be best to take your Tesla to a certified Tesla shop for repairs because Tesla, like Apple, uses many property technologies in their cars.

Note that you can only diagnose and fix small-level problems. A certified Tesla repair shop can fix any hardware or software-related issues.

How Do I Turn on the Radio in My Tesla?

You can turn on the Radio in your Tesla by clicking the music icon> swiping up the music bar>Radio> choosing the radio station.

Viable Alternatives

Telsa doesn’t just have FM radio; you can stream media and music from multiple streaming sites and WebApps.

Tesla offers music and video streaming options from the following providers.

Music services Streaming services
Apple Music Netflix 
Tidal Hulu
Spotify YouTube 
DeezerDisney plus 

You can use these services to listen to radio stations from anywhere worldwide if you have a working internet connection.

Tesla electric vehicles use 2 to 4 electric motors that are a huge source of interference for AM-based Radio services.

To listen to your favorite AM radio stations, you must stream it over the internet with sites like Tunein Radio.

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