Does Tesla Come With Run Flat Tires? (Explained)

Run flat tires are becoming popular these days. And for a brand like Tesla that doesn’t include spare tires in its vehicles, do they come with run-flat tires?

Tesla tires are designed to last longer while providing the best possible performance and safety. However, this doesn’t eliminate the possibility of getting a flat tire with your vehicle.

And if you’re wondering if your Tesla comes with a run-flat tire, here is what you should know.

No, Tesla doesn’t come with run-flat tires. This brand doesn’t use these tires to maximize the efficiency of each vehicle’s model. However, you can replace your tire with a run flat. But you should know the pros and cons of using these tires. Also, you should check with your dealer if it affects your warranty.

In this blog post, I’ll explain all you should know about Tesla and running flat tires. Ultimately, you’d know what tires Tesla comes with and how long they last.

Do Teslas Come With Run Flat Tires?

Does Tesla Come With Run Flat Tires

No, Teslas don’t come with run-flat tires. Although these zero-pressure tires provide more convenience and save time in the case of a flat tire, Tesla believes their tires are more efficient.

Run flat tire design allows you to continue driving for a short distance even after the tire loses pressure.

The build of the sidewall supports your car’s weight and prevents the tire from collapsing. 

On the other hand, Tesla uses special tires for their electric vehicles.

Its tires are more durable and can withstand the car’s weight, confusing many new users about the type.

Their high-efficiency tires compensate for their lack of spare tires, as most can last their lifespan without getting flat.

In addition, it provides roadside assistance that can take care of reduced-pressure tires.

Although Tesla hasn’t stated why they don’t use these zero-pressure tires, the common belief is due to performance.

Below I’ll explain some of the possible reasons Tesla doesn’t use a run-flat tire:

#1. Performance

Since the run-flat tire mechanism allows them to keep moving even in the event of a loss of air, it’ll affect the ride quality of your vehicle.

These wheel coverings have reinforced sidewalls, making them stiffer and harder to control, affecting the vehicle’s range. 

In addition, they produce more noise than regular tires, particularly Tesla tires, designed to minimize noise.

#2. Weight

One of the reasons Tesla doesn’t come with spare tires is to reduce the weight of their vehicles. Electric vehicles are heavy. 

So, Tesla avoids additional weight by excluding spare tires in their vehicle. And a run-flat tire, too, would only help the weight if they’re lighter than regular tires. Sadly, they’re not.

#3. Good-quality Tires

Tesla tires are good quality. The manufacturers choose premium quality materials and provide durable sidewalls to compensate for the car’s weight. 

Also, their special tires help with the range of electric vehicles; they’re larger with a firmer grip.

#4. Road Assistance

As I’ve mentioned earlier, Tesla offers road assistance in cases of flat tires and other incidents as long as their warranty covers you.

This service can compensate for their lack of a spare or use of a run flat.

What Tires Do Teslas Come with?

Tesla doesn’t manufacture their tires. But they use manufacturers that produce special tires for their high-performance vehicles.

These tires are optimized for electric vehicles to provide the best grip, safety, longevity, and performance.

Moreover, electric vehicles, unlike gas-powered vehicles, have lower rolling resistance. So, Tesla features tires with excellent rolling resistance and traction. 

In addition, T0, T1, and T2 markings on the sidewalls identify Tesla-approved (OEM) tires.

Some of the popular brands that make tires for Tesla’s motors include:

#1. Michelin 

Michelin tires are mostly found on Tesla cars because they fit the vehicle’s technology perfectly, conforming with the performance and speed.

One unique feature is the acoustic technology that makes the tires quieter; it reduces the sound vibrations and noise by 20%.

As a result, they provide a comfortable ride with an excellent electrical vehicle experience.

Another excellent feature of the Michelin tires is the great tread depth and large wheels.

This depth pattern helps increase traction and rolling resistance, and the large wheels provide an excellent range.

Furthermore, they’ve excellent load capacity, handling the vehicle’s weight excellently.

Below are some examples of Michelin Tesla tires:

  • Michelin Pilot Sport 3 T0
  • Michelin Pilot Sport 4 T0
  • Michelin Latitude Sport T0
  • Michelin Cross Climate 2

#2. Pirelli

Pirelli is another company that makes tires for Tesla. Their tires are also optimized to align with electric vehicles’ weight and ride quality.

Also, they offer a wide selection of tires with excellent tread patterns, providing maximum grip in any weather condition; winter, summer, and all seasons.

In addition to providing comfort and safety, Pirelli tires reduce fuel burning, braking lengths, and hydroplaning on wet roads.

Here are some Pirelli Tesla tires:

  • Pirelli PZero XL
  • Pirelli Scorpion™ Zero™ ASIMMETRICO 
  • Pirelli Scorpion™ Zero™ All-season

#3. Continental

Tesla also features Continental tires on their vehicles. The Continental brand also makes good tires that are great for electric vehicles.

These tires feature the best technology that offers smooth, energy-saving, low-impact rides.

Also, they’re made with premium rubber material that offers a quality grip for shorter braking lengths.

In addition, Continental tires use ContiSilent™, a noise-reducing technology that reduces interior noise up to 9 dB(A). 

Here are some examples of Continental Tesla tires:

  • Continental SportContact 5p
  • Continental ProContact RX T1
  • Continental ExtremeContact
  • Continental PureContact LS

Can You Put Run Flat Tires on a Tesla?

Yes, you can put run-flat tires on a Tesla. If the tires fit your vehicle’s model dimensions, you can remove the original tires and install a run flat.

Although Tesla uses quality tires from good brands to maximize their vehicles’ efficiency, you can always fit in any tire you choose.

However, you should bear in mind your vehicle’s weight and size.

Below are the factors to consider if you want to put a run-flat tire on your Tesla:

#1. Weight

The heavy batteries of electric vehicles increase their weight. So, they’d need special tires that can withstand the weight without compromising range and comfort.

Therefore, if you want to put run-flat tires on your Tesla, you should check for models that’d withstand the weight of your automobile.

#2. Size 

It would help if you also chose run-flat tires that fit your vehicle’s size. You wouldn’t want relatively larger or smaller tires than your car.

Therefore, check your car’s dimensions and choose run-flat tires that fit the size.

#3. Brand

The brand of tires you’d be buying is also important. You should note that you can’t repair the majority of run-flat tires.

Once these tires get damaged, replacing them with another tire is the best option. 

It’d be best to go for a premium quality brand so your tire can last longer.

These are essential factors to consider if you want to put a run-flat tire on your Tesla. Ignoring any may leave you with tires you can’t drive with.

Although Tesla uses quality tires from good brands, there are pros to using a run flat for your Tesla. And, of course, they also have their cons.

Below is a table comparing your regular Tesla-approved tire and a run-flat tire.

Run Flat TiresYou’d have to wait for road assistance or perform an emergency repair.
It saves time, as you can keep driving for a short distance after a flat tire.You’d have to wait for road assistance or carry out an emergency repair.
They’re safer, as the tires won’t sag when suddenly deflated.If your tires get deflated at high speed, the vehicle can skid off the road.
The majority are impossible to repair after damage.You can repair your Tesla tires after damage.
They’ve more weight, which makes your vehicle heavy.They’ve less weight.
They produce more noise.The majority of Tesla-approved tires reduce interior noise.
These tires cost about $150-$500 or more per tire.Prices range from $100-$450 per tire.

How Long Do Tesla Tires Last?

How long your Tesla tires would last would depend on driving habits and the care of the tires.

Generally, the average lifespan for Tesla tires is between 25,000-30,000 miles.

Your tires can last longer if you handle them with care and have good driving habits. Also, it can wear out faster if you don’t properly care for your tires.

Driving habits that can wear out your tire quickly include: 

  • Quick acceleration,
  • Braking hard
  • Over speeding
  • Driving heavy loads
  • Taking turns quickly
  • Driving roughly on bad roads

Furthermore, if you don’t monitor your tires’ air pressure, rotate, and align them accordingly, they’ll wear out quickly.

In addition, overinflation and underinflation will wear out your wheel covering quickly.

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