Tesla Enhanced Autopilot (EAP): Worth Every Penny?

Tesla introduced the Enhanced Autopilot feature in Tesla cars in 2016 for an extra cost of $5000 (now $6000), and since then, people have questioned its worth.

Before its introduction, Tesla owners enjoyed the auto-driving benefits of the basic autopilot feature.

Owing to the similarities the Enhanced Autopilot feature shares with the Basic Autopilot feature, many people wonder if it’s worth spending an additional $6000. 

If you’re also wondering if the EAP is worth purchasing, you’re in the right place.

According to several Tesla owners and their experiences, the Tesla Enhanced Autopilot is not worth the extra charge of $6000. Most Tesla drivers have reported that the EAP offers almost the same features as the Basic Autopilot, which is free. The only different feature that stands out for the EAP is the ability to change lanes automatically while on Autopilot.

In this article, I’ll explain what the Tesla Enhanced Autopilot offers, how much it costs, and if it is worth the purchase.

By the end, you’ll know the differences between Tesla Autopilot and Enhanced Autopilot and if Full Self-Driving is better than Tesla Enhanced Autopilot.

What Does The Tesla Enhanced Autopilot Offer?

Is Tesla Enhanced Autopilot Worth It

The Tesla Enhanced Autopilot (EAP) is curated to serve as an updated version of the basic Autopilot with more features that make driving less burdensome.

The EAP allows you to enjoy all the features of the basic Autopilot while adding others, such as; auto lane-changing, navigating automatically, and several others.

Below are detailed explanations of all the additional features you stand to gain while using the Enhanced Autopilot; 

#1. The Ability to Navigate on Autopilot

This feature takes the burden of navigating while driving off your shoulders, ensuring you’re always taking the right turns and exits.

It guides your car from the highway’s on-ramp to the off-ramp to help you find the most suitable exit without colliding with other cars.

This feature also suggests the best lane changes for you, and you can decide whether you agree with the suggestions being made or not.

The navigation feature equally engages the turn signals automatically before it initiates a turn or drives you through the correct highway exit.

Whenever you’re at an interchange, this feature also serves as a guide to keep you from getting stuck in traffic or behind a slow driver.

#2. An Impressive Auto-Lane Changing Feature

The auto-lane changing feature is arguably the most impressive feature of the Tesla Enhanced Autopilot Package.

It allows the car to move into the best lanes without the driver’s help; however, the driver can decide against it before it happens.

Additionally, you can only use this lane-changing feature smoothly when paired with the auto-steer feature.

However, you must activate it first by enabling auto lane changes in the enhanced auto-pilot controls menu.

This feature is an amazing way to get assistance on which lane is best for you while driving on the highway.

#3. The Ability to Park Your Tesla Automatically 

The auto-park feature is one of the most enjoyable features of the Enhanced Autopilot package.

This feature makes parking easier, swift, and less stressful, even in spaces that seem tight or harder to maneuver.

It allows your Tesla to automatically park your car in a parallel or perpendicular angle with the touch of a button.

You can activate the auto-park feature by releasing your wheel, setting the car in reverse, and tapping “Start Auto Park.” 

#4. The Summon and Smart Summon Control Features 

The summon feature is the long-awaited solution to moving out of tight parking spaces without scratching your Tesla.

You can activate the summon feature using the Tesla mobile app or pressing the applicable button on your car key.

On the other hand, the smart summon feature is an upgrade that allows your car to navigate out of a parking space when you’re not close by.

This feature allows your car to maneuver expertly around obstacles in complex environments and other cars to find your exact location in a parking spot.

You can activate the smart summon feature by opening your Tesla mobile app and clicking the “Smart Summon” button.

What Are the Differences Between Tesla Autopilot and Enhanced Autopilot?

Tesla Autopilot and Enhanced Autopilot have a few similarities and more differences because the latter is the updated version of the former.

Tesla Autopilot was the earliest version of Tesla’s vision to make driving easier and safer for drivers, but its features are limited.

On the other hand, Enhanced Autopilot has all the earlier features alongside more advanced ones, making the driving experience much easier than basic Autopilot.

Below are the differences between Tesla Autopilot and Enhanced Autopilot to aid further understanding; 

#1. Tesla Autopilot is Free, While EAP Costs a Fee

Tesla Autopilot is free for all Tesla owners because it has the fewest features and is meant to be a bonus.

However, Enhanced Autopilot costs an additional $6000 because it is an advanced option, a one-time payment you can’t pay in installments.

#2. Tesla Autopilot Supports Lane Centering, while EAP Supports Auto-lane Changing

Tesla Autopilot is made to support lane centering while the auto-steering feature is activated.

This feature allows Autopilot to place the Tesla in the center of the lane by steering the wheel without the driver’s input.

Enhanced Autopilot, on the other hand, not only centers the car in its lane but also automatically allows it to switch to the best lanes.

#3. Tesla Autopilot Has Two features, While EAP Has Six

The features of the Tesla Autopilot are limited to traffic-aware cruise control and automatic steering (lane centering). 

However, Enhanced Autopilot has all the features above alongside others, such as; navigating on auto-pilot, auto-lane changing, summon, smart summon, and auto-park.

How Much Does Tesla’s Enhanced Autopilot Cost? 

Tesla’s Enhanced Autopilot comes at an additional cost of $6000, unlike the standard Autopilot, which comes with every Tesla for free.

Tesla’s Enhanced Autopilot also requires a full one-time payment, unlike Full Self-driving, which provides you the option of a monthly subscription and no cancellation fee.

However, Tesla’s Enhanced Autopilot used to cost $5000 between 2016 to 2018, so it’s best to purchase it before the price skyrockets again.

You can also purchase the EAP package seamlessly on the Tesla mobile app by clicking on “Upgrades,” then “Software Upgrades,” and “Enhanced Autopilot.”

Is Tesla’s Enhanced Autopilot Worth It? 

Tesla’s Enhanced Autopilot stands at a hefty price of $6000, so it’s important to know whether it’s worth that price.

Advanced features are included in Tesla’s Enhanced Autopilot package, but most have downsides that make you question its worth.

First of all, the auto-lane change, its most impressive feature, is better for long trips than day-to-day trips within the City because of some inaccuracies.

The auto-lane change feature also tends to switch lanes aggressively if the driver isn’t controlling the steering, which could be dangerous and uncomfortable for drivers.

Next, drivers can’t use the “Navigate on Autopilot” feature on City streets because it doesn’t recognize stop signs or traffic lights, which makes it accident-prone.

Additionally, the auto-park and smart summon features are slow, and if there are no yellow lines, it’s hard for your Tesla to detect a parking spot.

Auto-park also doesn’t detect all the obstacles in the way, so your car could bump into them without the driver’s supervision.

In conclusion, Tesla’s Enhanced Autopilot is not worth the price because most of its features are not 100% reliable.

Tesla Enhanced Autopilot Vs. Full Self-driving: Which Is Best? 

Several Tesla owners have had a tough time deciding between purchasing the Tesla Enhanced Autopilot and Full Self-driving.

In 2019, Enhanced Autopilot was unavailable, and one could only choose between Basic Autopilot and Full Self-driving, so it was an easier choice.

However, since the reintroduction of Enhanced Autopilot, which has almost the same features as Full Self-driving at a cheaper cost, it’s become a tougher choice.

For better context, only two features differentiate the Full Self-driving upgrade from Enhanced Autopilot.

One of those features is the “Traffic and Stop Sign Control,” which allows your Tesla to identify stop signs and traffic lights and slow down or stop.

However, this feature is still in beta testing, so Tesla advises that the driver remain alert and in control while using it.

The second feature is the “Auto-steer on City Streets,” which would allow drivers to drive through any street without any reasonable input.

Unfortunately, this feature has not been released to the public, so it is only available to drivers that Tesla chooses for the FSD beta testing.

The Full Self-driving package is also outrageously expensive, and the cost has risen from $8,000 to $10,000 to $12,000, and it now rests at $15,000.

There’s an option for a monthly subscription of $199, but it’s subject to change at any time that Tesla sees fit.

This leads to the conclusion that Tesla’s Enhanced Autopilot is a better option than Full Self-driving.

Full Self-driving is the same as Enhanced Autopilot, with the burden of being hyper-attentive while using the beta features and paying a heftier price.

Instead of opting for FSD, you can enjoy the features of Enhanced Autopilot that have been certified as safe and fully tested and save $9,000.

However, if you need further information to decide which is best for you, below is a table that shows the differences between EAP and Full Self-driving; 

Tesla’s Enhanced Autopilot Full Self-driving 
It costs two and a half times less than FSD ($6000).It is more expensive than EAP at $15000.
It has been officially released.It is still in the beta-testing stage.
Its most impressive feature is the automatic lane changing.Its most impressive feature is the traffic and stop sign control.
It may require the driver to steer the wheel often.It requires a thoroughly alert driver at the wheel.
It’s available in the United States and China. It’s available in Australia, Germany, Belgium, Norway, Italy, Hungary, and Sweden.

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