Tesla Model Y 20 Vs. 19 Inch Wheels! (In-Depth Comparison)

Last updated on April 18th, 2023 at 11:17 pm

Tesla is one of the most important automakers in the world, with the highest sales of battery electric motors. Tesla Model Y is one of Tesla’s compact luxury crossover SUVs.

The fully electric 5-door SUV has a clean, simple interior with a range of 330 miles and an all-drive with two electric motors.

So, it is important to consider what wheels would be better for this superb vehicle; the 19 or 20-Inch induction wheels?

Both wheels are respected and have distinctive qualities; the 19-inch wheels appear to be better. The 19-inch’s less rational mass, commendable strength, and tire choice. While the 20-Inch cost around $2000, the 19-inch wheels offer a lower maintenance cost to Tesla owners.

This article will provide a detailed comparison between 19 and 20-inch wheels. In the end, you’ll learn more and pick the best for your Tesla. 

Which Wheel Size Is Better For the Tesla Model Y, 19 or 20 Inches?

Tesla Model Y 19 Vs. 20 Inch Wheels

Both 19-inch or 20-inch wheels are great for the Tesla Model Y. However, between the two, the 19-inch will do better.

Tesla Model Y has slightly better traction with the 20-inch tires than the 19s. Nevertheless, the 19-inch wheels are more efficient due to the weight difference.

Tesla’s Model Y never runs out of innovations; there are always modifications every few weeks to keep its users updated.

In the configuration world, Tesla Model Y is fast pacing, which leaves us with the question of what wheels and tires are better to go with. 

There are big implications that have to do with the wheel size, between the looks, safety, range, traction, and overall comfort while driving.

However, there might be no justification if you choose attractive wheels at the expense of losing your vehicle’s safety, traction, and range.

In this light, it is important to consider every benefit you’ll acquire or any loss you may incur. Therefore, it would be best if you weigh both sides.

Don’t get it twisted; it is only logical that the 19-inch wheels will be better if you must choose between both. 

You might sacrifice more than you can imagine if you choose to go with the larger 20-inch wheels.

We will dive into the comparison of the smaller-19-inch and larger-20-inch wheels.

The 19-inch wheel is better off than the 20-inch wheels for Tesla because of the following:

#1. The Weight Factor

19-inch wheels are better than the 20-inch wheel due to their lesser weight. The 20-inch wheel is heavier than the 19 inches.

And it is still a difference even though it is not significant. So the 20-inch has less performance and is inefficient. 

However, even if the overall weight of the 19-inch and 20-inch wheels were the same, there would still be no match because 20-inch has a higher weight away from the rotation center.

A heavy tire will have a heavy rational mass; therefore, the lesser the weight of the wheel, the better the performance.

The heavier the wheel, the more energy is needed to rotate it. While racing, one always requires less weight to handle better. 

The decreased acceleration of the heavy 20-inch wheel causes inefficiency. 

The 20-inch wheels also cost more due to the added alloys to increase the wheels’ thickness, strength, and weight.

Try to know the workable tire pressure that fits the wheel before buying any wheels.

However, lower pressure on both wheels results from tires’ shortened trade life and others.

#3. Flexibility

Some people strongly believe that the stiffness of the 20-inch is an advantage over the 19-inch because it goes well in twisties. 

However, they seem to neglect greatly the damage it poses; the 20-inch wheels, despite their high cost, will damage faster than the 19-inch due to the stiffness.

Unlike the stiff 20 inches, the 19-inch wheel is flexible, making it better and more durable.

#4. Shorter Side Walls

For ride quality, the sidewall height matters greatly. On straight roads, a taller sidewall will feel smoother. 

The 19-inch tires have a taller sidewall than a 20-inch wheel because the 20 inches have a short sidewall; it’s harsh and less compliant. 

The low profile of the 20-inch is because of its larger size. A tire’s sidewall is the smooth vertical area between the edge of the tread and the tire’s bead

It would be best If a tire’s side wall fits very well to the wheel. Regardless, there are always trade-offs. In muddy or snowy conditions, a wider tire will hurt your traction.

The Tesla Model Y standard 19-inch wheels have a long range of 330 miles on a charge, achieving 124 MPGe in the EPA’s combined cycle.

#5. Comfort

Apart from efficiency, the 19-inch wheels offer comfort and safety. Comfort matters a lot, even as efficiency matters. The 20-inch wheels are reported to be rough with a short sidewall.

It would help if you considered a smooth ride as you would consider a quick ride when purchasing your wheels.

Bumps might be smaller than the 20-in wheels, but you won’t have bumps throughout the road, so it’s better to sacrifice short-term comfort for a long-term one. 

In fact, following the features of the 20-inch wheels, the wheel should be better than the 19-inch, but in reality, it is not so. The 19-inch seems to be the holy grail.

Below are the pros and cons of the 20-inch wheels.

Standard filling in wheel wellsHeavy
StiffnessLess durable
Impressive handlingExpensive replacement
StrongLess cushion

Does Tesla Model Y Come Standard With 19 or 20-Inch Rims?

The Tesla Model Y comes standard; Long Range comes standard with 19-inch rims.

Notwithstanding, you can order 20-inch rims to substitute. However, the option will cost you an additional $2000.

People never stop to debate over which of them is better. Like the wheels, heavy rims reduce acceleration, while lighter rims accelerate more quickly.

 The 19-inch rim is the standard, and opting for a 20-inch rim might compromise the standard.

Does Tesla Wheel Size Affect Ride Quality?

Yes, Tesla’s wheel size affects ride quality greatly. Many argue that the wheel size doesn’t matter based on the tiny difference in the size of the 19-inch wheels and 20s. 

Regardless, there’s a direct relationship between the size and weight of the wheel. The wheel size shows that the larger wheel has a greater composition.

Unlike the size or other factors, the wheel’s weight contributes to a car’s performance, and the Tesla Model Y is no exception.

The larger the wheel, the heavier the wheel, and since the 20-inch wheel appears to have a little more weight than the 19s, the logic is that the 19-inch will perform better.

For performance in terms of efficiency, larger-size wheels are less efficient, and when it has to be with an EV like Tesla, you wouldn’t want to leave out efficiency.

The size affects traction for acceleration, braking, and sharp bends. The larger wheels decrease efficiency, so the Tesla Model Y fits better with the 19-inch wheels.

The 19-inch is a mid-tier between 18 and 20 inches. While the 19-inch range is 330 miles per charge, the maximum EPA- range of the 20-inch wheels drops to 299 miles.


The 19-inch is better than the 20-inch Wheels due to its efficiency and comfort. And there’s little left of wheels to consider apart from efficiency and comfort.

The 20-inch wheels also have specific advantages over the 19 inches, but the overall test reveals the 19-inch wheels are the best.

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