Tesla Touch-Up Paint: All You Need To Know

Since the initial launch of the Tesla line of cars, the company has continually made upgrades and changes. Tesla has also created innovative tools for the vehicle’s overall maintenance.

One of these innovations is the Tesla touch-up paint. This paint is useful for touching up minor scratches and chips on the exterior of Tesla vehicles.

In this article, I will discuss the varying types of touch-up paints available, how to apply them, and tips to get the best results.

Tesla Touch-up Paint is a solution for fixing minor scratches and paint chips on your Tesla vehicle. It is incredibly convenient for restoring your vehicle and maintaining its look and value. However, apply it properly and at the right temperature for a smooth finish.

In this article, you will discover the benefits of using Tesla Touch-up paint and how to select the right color for your car.

I will also cover some tips to assist you in achieving a seamless and flawless touch-up process.

How Do You Fix Scratches on a Tesla Paint?

Tesla Touch Up Paint

To fix the scratches on your Tesla paint, clean the area properly, and determine the severity of the scratch. 

Once you have determined its severity, apply a scratch removal product or use a touch-up paint. Then use a microfiber cloth to buff up the area.

Scratches on your Tesla car paint can be quite unsightly and affect the aesthetic of your Tesla. Though prevention is key, you can easily fix scratches on your Tesla paint. 

However, the method you will use to fix the scratches depends on the intensity of the scratch.

Though scratches on your Tesla paint can be frustrating, there are ways to eliminate the chips in your car paint.

Depending on the type of repair you plan to use, here’s what you’ll need for the scratch fix:

  • Tesla Paint Repair Kit (Touch-up paint method)
  • Painters Tape
  • Polisher Compound 
  • Two Microfiber towels 
  • Clay bar 
  • Degreaser
  • A light source
  • Latex gloves

Here are detailed steps to fix scratches on your Tesla paint:

#1. Clean the Area

Check the area with scratches for any sign of dirt or debris to ensure it is clean before fixing it. 

If the area is not clean, use a mild car wash soap with water to remove any grime or dirt. Removing dirt in the area is essential to avoid more scratches.

#2. Check the Severity of the Scratch

The intensity of the scratch will help you determine the method of repair you will require for the affected area.

Use your fingers to feel the scratch area to decipher whether it’s deep or shallow.

If the cut is deep, you’ll need to use touch-up paint; if not, you can use a scratch-removal product. 

However, here are the steps to fix a minor scratch:

  • Wash your car with the clay bar to remove any lingering contaminants. Lubricate the area with a degreaser to ensure it is smooth, clean, and ready for repairs.
  • Dry the area with a microfiber towel and tape up the surrounding area with painter’s tape to ensure you don’t paint elsewhere.
  • Press a pea-sized drop of the polishing compound on the microfiber towel. Rub the cloth lightly in a circular motion to buff up the scratch.
  • Remove the tape and repeat the step for other minor scratches.

#3. Apply the Tesla Touch-up Paint

If the nick on your Tesla paint is deeper, you will require touch-up paint. Tesla offers a variety of colors of Touch-up paint. 

This variety means you must identify and purchase the exact hue of your car paint color. To do this, compare the color code on the Tesla touch-up paint kit with the one in your car.

Once you purchase the Touch-up paint kit, you will get all the necessary tools for the repair, including a guide and latex gloves.

However, before applying the paint, wear the latex hand gloves in the kit and set aside a cloth mat to place all the necessary tools for the repairs.

The cloth mat will help you control spills from the paintbrush and also prevent spills on your vehicle.

However, if the scratches on your Tesla are more severe, you should take your Tesla car to an expert auto body shop.

What Temperature Should I Touch Up My Tesla Paint?

The ideal temperature range to touch up your Tesla paint is between 60°F to 90°F. This temperature range is ideal for perfecting a dry and strong paint job. 

However, if the temperature is colder, it will slow down the drying process and lead to an imperfect paint finish.

In addition, if the temperature is hotter, the touch-up paint will dry more quickly, resulting in cracks and peels on the paint finish.

Touching up your Tesla vehicle is relatively straightforward. However, you must follow the manufacturer’s instructions to guarantee a smooth finish and great results.

The temperature you’ll require to touch up your Tesla paint also depends on the type of paint on your vehicle.

Tesla uses water-based paints for their vehicles, which dries much faster than oil-based paint. The temperature of the car’s surface is also an essential consideration.

The surface of the vehicle should be cool to the touch and not too hot so the paint does not dry too quickly or not adhere properly.

Here is a table showing the recommended touch-up paint temperature range for various Tesla models:

Tesla ModelRecommended Touch-up Paint Temperature Range (°F)
Model S70-80°F
Model 360-80°F
Model X70-80°F
Model Y60-80°F

Why Does Tesla Paint Chip So Easily?

Tesla paints chips quickly due to varying reasons, such as the car’s design, Tesla’s paint application process, road debris, and the quality of the paint.

Tesla cars are famous for their innovative features, design, and impressive performance. However, there are also concerns over the durability of Tesla paint as it chips easily.

One of the reasons for these concerns is its water-based paint system. Though the system is environmentally friendly, it is more susceptible to scratches.

Water-based paints are also less durable and thinner than oil-based paints, making them more prone to chipping.

Secondly, Tesla’s paint application process also has issues as it coats its car exterior thinly to achieve a sleek look. This issue can cause frequent scratches and paint chipping.

The Tesla car design also contributes to the paint chipping. This feature leads to more debris hitting and ruining the paint.

Most Tesla models have large grilles at the front with low-hanging front bumpers, which will expose the car to elements while on the road.

Another reason is road debris on the road, especially on rough terrains. Stones, pebbles, and other debris kicked up by other vehicles can hit the car’s paint, causing it to chip.

You can take several measures to avoid chipping off your Tesla paint, like applying a protective film and avoiding rough terrains. 

You should also fix chips or scratches to avoid further damage.

Can I Use Touch-Up Paint Pens for Tesla?

Yes, you can use touch-up paint pens for Tesla. It is quite a handy and affordable solution for fixing minor scratches on the Tesla’s exterior.

Tesla offers touch-up paint pens in various colors that match your car’s factory paint color. You can also purchase other third-party paint pens compatible with Tesla’s paint colors.

However, you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to achieve a smooth finish on your Tesla car.

In addition, it is advisable to apply the paint in a well-ventilated area. Also, ensure to clean the area of the scratch before using the touch-up paint pen.

Ensure you are focused, as a shaky hand can result in an unsightly finish. Therefore, gently apply the paint in layers, ensuring each layer dries up before another application.

Though touch-up paint pens are convenient for minor damages, they might not be suitable for large scratch areas or complex repairs. 

You should take your car to a Tesla service center in such cases.

What Are the Best Tesla Touch-Up Paint Pens?

Some of the best Tesla touch-up paint pens are the Tesla touch-up paint pen, the Dr. ColorChip, and the Dupli-Color Tesla paint pens.

Here are some of the best Tesla touch-up paint pens available:

#1. Tesla Touch-up Paint Pen

This paint pen is the official pen that Tesla offers to its users, and you can get it in different factory colors. 

The Touch-up paint pen comes with a paint pen and a clear coat pen with a paint system that matches your car’s paint.

#2. Dupli-Color Tesla Paint Pen

This pen is more affordable than the official Tesla paint pen and is available in different factory colors. 

It comes in a pen-style applicator which makes it easier to apply, and it also dries quickly for a smooth finish if you apply it correctly.

#3. Dr. ColorChip Tesla Paint Pen

This paint pen comes in a kit containing a clear coat pen and a blending solution that helps you achieve a seamless fix.

However, it’s a little more expensive than the other choices, though highly effective and convenient.

#4. ERA Paints Tesla Paint Pen

This paint pen is also a perfect match for Tesla car factory paint colors and has a clear coat pen. It’s also easy to use and gives you a durable repair.

Ultimately, the best Tesla touch-up paint pen you require depends on your budget and the intensity of the damage to your Tesla’s paint.

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