Tesla Windshield Replacement And Cost! (Explained)

A broken or cracked windshield is a killjoy, especially when owning a Tesla. You might immediately develop a headache from thinking about the cost.

It could even be more daunting if it is your first time experiencing such. However, it shouldn’t be a cause for alarm as it is affordable, as long as you can afford a Tesla.

These pricey automobiles are still capable of having accidents that may lead to a broken windshield.

Replacing a Tesla windshield will differ slightly in cost depending on the damage it suffered. Averagely, it will cost around $600 to $2,500. Some damages will require repairs, while others require complete replacement. Whichever one that suits the problem is the best option for you. As long as you can get your windshield back in place, that’s most important.

In this article, you will find the total cost of replacing a Tesla windshield. In addition, you will be able to know the cost of minor windshield repairs and the bonuses that come with a warranty.

Who Can Replace a Tesla Windshield?

Cost of Replacement

Only some people can replace a Tesla windshield. Of course, they have to have experience and expertise with Tesla models.

Also, it would interest you that Tesla has only approved technicians to fix these electric vehicles.

This way, you cannot just drive into any body shop for a fix. First, they must be a Tesla-approved body shop with a current license.

If you cannot reach Tesla support, you should at least be able to locate a Tesla-approved body shop around.

This step is relatively easy with the help of technological advancement. Go to your search engine and type “Tesla-approved body shop near me.”

A plethora of options will be available to you based on your location. Finally, ensure that your location is on throughout the process.

But if you are trying to reach Tesla support, you can follow these steps:

  • If you have the Tesla application software, log in to your app by locating it on your device and clicking it open.
  • If you have yet to register, you can do so easily.
  • Ensure you input the correct information, like your vehicle ID and model.
  • On the interface, you will see Tesla support and can click on it.

You will get wet when it rains, which wouldn’t be so lovely. So, if you ever have a broken windshield, you should contact Tesla support immediately.

Aside from a broken windshield, you should still contact them if you have been in an accident and need any repairs.

To this effect, Tesla has sufficient information on how to go about the windshield replacement task.

You will find helpful information to help you on your journey with the electric vehicle.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace a Broken Tesla Windshield?

Replacing a broken Tesla windshield is not so cheap; it will cost you a few thousand dollars. 

For instance, if you need to replace the windshield completely, it could cost you $2000. The cost involves the glass and the service fee.

It will only sometimes be this expensive. You could fill it with a little dent of less than 10mm.

Of course, the filling will cost less than the complete replacement.

However, if you get squeamish at the sight of the slightest imperfection on your automobile, the first option is for you.

Feel free to replace the windshield at your convenience or at least before it begins to rain. The cost may come from your insurance, but it might differ from the standard case.

Many Tesla users have confessed to the disadvantage of not having insurance coverage.

This issue might shock you, but you don’t have any alternative except you decide to pay for services from your pocket.

But, of course, the windshield will hardly ever cave in on you; there has to be an accident or deliberate damage.

Although glass is quite fragile, windshields such as Tesla’s are of high quality because of the brand.

Every day, Tesla seeks ways to improve their technology. Unfortunately, this action may lead to more costs for their products and services.

However, it is a good guess to say that if you can afford a Tesla, you must face the pricey services.

Tesla parts come from the Tesla company, and they prefer to use only their products.

Nevertheless, it stands to be a good decision because nobody knows a product more than the manufacturer. Also, the cost of replacing the windshield of Tesla models differs slightly.

Here is a table that shows a few models and their replacement costs.

Tesla ModelCost of Replacement
Model X$1600
Model Y$1400
Model 3$1500

In addition, it would be best to know that these prices are not fixed but are a close replacement estimate.

The damage or the repair technician primarily determines the certainty of the cost of repairing or replacing a Tesla windshield.

Does Tesla Warranty Cover Windshield Replacement?

Technically, the Tesla warranty covers windshield replacement. However, it is only applicable where the windshield develops a fault by itself or from the manufacturer.

This problem is rare but possible. Sometimes, products are faulty by the company but end up falling apart in the customer’s possession.

Consequently, if you have been in an accident that shattered your windshield on impact, Tesla will not be held responsible for the replacement.

Luckily, Tesla provides a warranty for their users for as long as 4 years or 80,000 km.

So if you’re sure you’ve got nothing to do with the crack on your windshield, call Tesla and change it.

Also, if it gets terrible within the warranty period, you’re eligible for a change, all costs on Tesla.

In addition, it is best to promptly repair any faults you might experience with your vehicle. The reason is that prolonged problems lead to an accumulation of faults and may cost more.

Aside from the cost, it may lead to further damage. Ultimately, you may have to spend more time at the mechanics.

This action will improve your user experience and help you enjoy the brand.

Does Tesla Need To Be Recalibrated After Windshield Replacement?

Yes, Tesla needs recalibration after a windshield replacement. It sounds like a lot of work, but it’s the opposite.

You should finish recalibrating your Tesla within a few minutes and in a few steps. Recalibration is crucial to the Tesla because your rear cameras must work correctly.

About three cameras are behind the windshield. Most definitely, you will disrupt the function through windshield replacement.

Finally, its function will become normal after recalibration. You can do this by using the service menu button. The recalibration option is easy.

On the other hand, recalibrating will be unnecessary if you only repair the windshield.

This way, you are sure the cameras were not affected and are still connected. Hence, you can continue driving as usual after a simple repair like windshield filling.

However, contacting Tesla support to check the calibration after an impact would be good. Sureness is critical, even if it is a spiderweb crack or a tiny dent.

Also, it is easy to spot if your Tesla needs recalibration. For instance, the cameras will not turn on when you turn on the automobile.

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