3 Orange Wavy Lines Tesla App: All You Need To Know

Last updated on April 18th, 2023 at 11:17 pm

Understanding how most modern technological mobile applications work can be challenging, and one among them is the Tesla app.

If you’re worried about what the three orange curvy lines on your Tesla app mean, then worry no more, you’re in the right place. 

The three orange wavy lines on your Tesla app beside the battery level indicator before or whenever you’re charging the car is nothing to worry about. The lines are a sign that indicates that your car is warming up the car’s battery. In addition, the lines indicate that your car system is setting the battery up for optimum charging and performance. 

In this article, I will explain in detail the three orange lines on a Tesla app.

I will further enlighten you on how to read the Tesla app charging screen, and by the end, you will be able to understand to a large extent, how the Tesla app works.

What Do the Three Orange Wavy Lines in the Tesla App Mean?

3 Orange Wavy Lines Tesla App

The three orange wavy lines in your Tesla app before or whenever you’re charging your Tesla car indicate that your vehicle is warming up the battery for optimum performance.

You see, Tesla has made their cars’ operation so much easier, and one of the things they did is include the three orange wavy lines feature in their Tesla App.

Your Tesla car system can now easily detect outside situations, such as temperature and other climate conditions. 

Therefore, once Tesla’s software discovers any climate conditions, such as a high or low temperature, the car system prepares to adapt the car battery to the outside situations.

In such a situation, the warming up happens by either heating or cooling the car battery. The preconditioning of the car battery ensures fast charging of the battery.

The preconditioning process is highly critical to the effectiveness of the battery and the car, and it happens before or whenever you are charging.

Meanwhile, the car battery’s warming has always happened in the older Tesla cars without you knowing. 

However, there’s now an indication of the warming up in the modern Tesla cars, and that’s the three orange wavy lines that appear beside the battery level indicator on the Tesla app.

The three orange wavy lines disappear whenever the car battery charges well and reaches the standard temperature.

So, the three orange wavy lines are nothing to be concerned about as their appearance indicates that your car system and Tesla app are working normally.

There are different names for the three orange wavy lines: orange squiggly lines, bacon rings, bacon strips, and bacon icons. 

Hence, if you see any of these names anywhere, it’s referring to the three orange curvy lines next to the battery level indicator on the main screen of the Tesla app.

What Are the Red and Orange Lines on a Tesla?

The red lines on the Tesla touchscreen whenever you’re driving or ready to drive indicate that an object is close to your vehicle and requires immediate attention.

When you’re about to start driving or while driving, your vehicle’s autopilot helps you visualize your environment and the situations surrounding you to ensure you have a good time.

The visualization feature helps the Tesla vehicle detect what’s happening around it and helps it proactively prepare against outside situations.

Then, if the autopilot discovers anything that requires immediate attention, it gives you signs by displaying some colored lines. 

Therefore, if your Tesla vehicle displays red lines whenever you’re driving or set to drive, it simply means that your vehicle’s autopilot has discovered an object close to you.

Such objects could be other motorists or other objects such as poles, guard rails, stop lights, etc.

In such a situation, you must inspect the environment and adjust appropriately. 

The autopilot can only help you to detect situations, and it can’t help you respond to them.

Hence, you must also pay utmost attention to your environment while driving.

In other words, the autopilot helps you to determine the driveable areas whenever you’re driving or set to drive.

In addition, the orange lines, on the other hand, appear on your Tesla whenever you’re charging the vehicle. 

The orange lines are indications that your vehicle’s battery is warming up for fast charging.

Like while driving, the visualization also works whenever you want to charge or charge your Tesla vehicle. 

The autopilot helps your vehicle visualize the outside temperature; therefore, the car system tries to precondition the car battery for fast charging.

So, whenever the preconditioning happens, your Tesla displays the orange lines, and once the car battery reaches the ideal temperature, the orange lines disappear.

Check the table below to learn more about the differences between your Tesla vehicle’s red and orange lines.

Red LinesOrange Lines
Red lines appear while driving or set to drive.Orange lines appear before or during the charging session.
They indicate that an object is close to the vehicle.They indicate that the vehicle system is preconditioning the battery.
Their appearance requires immediate attention.Their appearance is an indication that your vehicle is working as it should.
The lines disappear whenever you attend to the detected situation.The lines disappear immediately after the car battery reaches the ideal temperature.

So, the main difference between the red and orange lines is when they appear on your Tesla. 

The orange lines appear before or during the charging session, while the red lines appear when you’re ready to drive or while driving.

How Do You Read the Tesla App Charging Screen?

Tesla included some fantastic features in their app, and one among them is that it allows owners to view and read the app’s charging screen. 

This feature enables you to discover the battery levels of your Tesla vehicles, the distance the battery has left before it shuts down, and the level you set the battery to charge to.

Before the company added the charging screen to their app, Tesla owners used to guess their vehicle’s battery levels, the level to which they set the battery to charge, etc. 

However, the inclusion of the charging screen update has made things easier.

Meanwhile, for the Tesla app to work effectively, you must ensure that you update the app to the latest version.

Therefore, at the bottom left corner of the Tesla app charging screen, you will see the following:

  • The percentage level you set your vehicle’s battery to charge to, i.e., the charge limit.
  •  The estimated kilometers you will achieve with the percentage level your vehicle’s battery is set to charge to.

Some other things you will also see on the charging screen are the time remaining till the battery reaches the charge limit you set and “stop charging.”

Apart from the Tesla app, the Tesla vehicle touchscreen also displays the charging status during the session.

Below are the meanings of the display you see at the top of the Tesla vehicle’s screen:

  • The time remaining is the approximate time before your vehicle reaches the level your battery is set to charge to.
  • Charging: This means the current power of your vehicle’s charger.
  • Charging rate: the charging rate denotes the total current available on the charging cable you inserted into your vehicle’s charging port.
  • Range gained: The range gained is the total driving distance achieved during the charging session.
  • Charge status: you can access the supercharging, scheduled charging, and scheduled departure options by clicking on the charge status.

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