8 Best Tesla Windshield Washer Fluid!

The environment and everything around, from bird droppings to debris or weather elements, exposes your car to dirt.

Whether you drive or park your Tesla, the windshield gets to contain most of these stains. Thankfully, an adequate windshield washer fluid can help solve this problem.

But how can you know your vehicle’s most effective windshield washers from countless brands? You shouldn’t worry, though. 

Keep reading, and you’ll get answers soon enough.

The best Tesla windshield washer fluid doesn’t make your windshield squeak or streak. You can use outstanding products from brands like Preston, Quix Mix, Cyclo, Rain-X, etc. These brand’s washer fluids penetrate tough stains and remove dirt easily. Some are efficient in repelling bugs and enhancing screen visibility in snowy or wet weather conditions.

In this article, I’ll tell you the best windshield washer fluid for always keeping your Tesla windshield clean.

I’ll also explain the appropriate weather conditions and compatible Tesla models for using each product. By the end of this article, you’ll know how to protect your car’s windshield.

What Are the Eight Best Tesla Windshield Washer Fluids?

Eight Best Tesla Windshield Washer Fluid

Your Tesla windshield is just as important as other parts of the car. Cleaning with the appropriate washer fluid helps to protect it and extend its lifespan.

Whichever washer fluid you use shouldn’t make your windshield make squeaking noises or smear and streak it.

You won’t be comfortable driving a lovely car brand with a streaked or smeared windshield. Trust me, knowing your washer fluid is of high-quality boosts your confidence.

So, when you need to clean your Tesla windshield, you’ll need certain products that can do this effectively and protect it at the same time.

Below are some of the best windshield washer fluids you can use to maintain your Tesla vehicle, irrespective of the model.

#1. Prestone AS658P All Season 3-in-1 Year Round Windshield Washer Fluid

Prestone AS658P All Season 3-in-1 Year Round Windshield Washer Fluid

The first product on this list is a specially designed solution to keep your windshield clear and clean throughout the year.

Its powerful composition helps to protect your windshield against freezing in extremely low temperatures down to -27 degrees Fahrenheit.

It also acts as a de-icer to melt ice quickly. The solution has an effective cleaning power to penetrate even the toughest stain. It breaks down and removes dirt.

At the same time, it leaves your windshield streak-free by repelling water. Fortunately, this solution is perfect for every weather condition.

Also, it comes in a pre-mixed state, so you only have to pour it into your reservoir. This solution makes windshield cleaning stress-free and effective.

#1. What do We like?

  • It contains less than 23.5% Volatile Organic Compounds, making it environment-friendly.
  • Its ability to de-ice, penetrate tough stains, and repel water.
  • This product’s 3-in-1 function makes it perfect for every season throughout the year.

#2. What We Don’t Like?

  • It is a little expensive compared to the volume obtained from other concentrated solutions.

#2. Qwix Mix Windshield Washer Fluid Concentrate

Qwix Mix Windshield Washer Fluid Concentrate, 1 Bottle Makes 32 Gallons, 1/4 oz. Makes 1 Gallon 100% BiodegradableThis product is an effective windshield washer solution suitable for almost all seasons. It has an anti-freeze function for low temperatures down to -25 degrees Fahrenheit.

It also works effectively in high temperatures up to +32 degrees Fahrenheit. However, you must mix in methanol to make the solvent based on specific weather conditions.

There are different measurements for adding methanol or water for each weather. The methanol concentration determines its effectiveness against the weather.

The mixing process is straightforward; the manufacturer provided an easy-to-follow chart to guide you through the measurements.

To mix the Quix Mix washer fluid, pour the exact amount of the concentrate into the reservoir. Then, add water and mix accordingly.

Rest assured that this product keeps your windshield clean for a long time once you use it accurately.

#1. What do We like?

  • It is entirely biodegradable and effective.
  • Keeping a small bottle of the mixture in your car is easy.
  • You can make use of it during winter and summer.
  • It contains anti-rust and corrosion inhibitors to protect the windshield.
  • It is easy to mix to your desired strength.
  • It has a streak-free quality to penetrate tough stains and dirt and remove bugs.

#2. What We Don’t Like?

  • It requires methanol to activate and utilize its anti-freeze.

#3. Cyclo – 100% Concentrate Windshield Washer Cleaner And Anti-freeze

Cyclo - 100% Concentrate Windshield Washer Cleaner & Antifreeze

The product has a higher solvent concentration to protect your Tesla. It is an all-season product effective for keeping your windshield clean in almost every weather condition.

Its anti-freeze property helps to keep it effective down to -12 degrees Fahrenheit. At the same time, you can use it in high temperatures up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, you must mix the solvent with the right amount of water for more effectiveness. 

The accurate percentage of concentrated solvent, alcohol, and detergent in this product mixture will ensure its efficiency against debris, dirt, and insect.

This product will indeed protect your Tesla windshield from any stain.

#1. What do We like?

  • It’s suitable for summer and winter.
  • Its anti-freeze property is highly effective.
  • It protects your car windshield from insects.
  • The solvent is mixable with a pre-mix washer liquid for the best results.

#2. What We Don’t Like?

  • This product instruction manual might be unclear unless the user sought the opinions of previous users.

#4. Rain-X White RX11806D Washer Fluid Additive

Rain-X White RX11806D Washer Fluid Additive-16.9 fl. oz, 500. ml, Pack of 4The Rain-X washer fluid additive is the best option for people who prefer ordinary water in their washer fluid reservoir.

This additive has adequate potency for optimal cleaning and gives your windshield visibility in all weather conditions.

Additionally, it is useable with pre-mixed washer fluid to increase its protection against snow, rainwater, and extreme wet weather conditions.

This product has a superior water beading technology that repels water effectively.

Therefore, there is assurance that rain or snow will not affect your visibility while driving. Purchasing this product will give you the perfect result.

#1. What do We like?

  • You can use this product with water and pre-mixed washer fluid.
  • It is cheaper compared to most other washer fluids.
  • It creates additional protection against insects.
  • It has a balanced chemical composition to protect your windshield.

#2. What We Don’t Like?

  • Some users may need help mixing the right additive proportion for the best result.

#5. Prestone Bug Wash Windshield Washer Fluid

Prestone Bug Wash Windshield Washer Fluid, 1 Gallon

This summer washer fluid stands out for its effectiveness during the season. It effectively cleans bird droppings, bugs, dirt, residue, and debris.

Its unique design helps to clean such things and protect your Tesla windshield. There are four different ways this product protects your windshield.

Firstly, it contains a power-cleanse technology to weaken any residue and dirt so that the washer can effortlessly clean your

Secondly, it features a water beading technology to ensure the windshield remains water-free. 

Another of this product’s characteristics is its streak and glare-free property to ensure visibility.

Finally, it features rain-sensing technology to ensure visibility when driving in the rain. This product also comes in handy at high temperatures up to +32 degrees Fahrenheit.

#1. What do We like?

  • This product is perfect for the summer and rainy season.
  • It penetrates blemishes like bird droppings and bugs.
  • It works fast, and the application is straightforward.
  • It is compatible with every type of wiper blade.
  • It doesn’t damage wiper blades.

#2. What We Don’t Like?

  • The smell may be a little strong for some users.
  • It doesn’t remove sap from trees in addition to other hard stains.
  • It may not work in extremely cold temperatures like winter.

#6. SH HS 29.606 Bug Wash Windshield Washer Fluid

SH HS 29.606 Bug Wash Windshield Washer Fluid, 1 Gal (3.78 L) Pack 2

Another product you need to try is the effective summer windshield washer fluid. The SH HS 29.606 works perfectly on summer dirt.

It has a two-in-one cleaning feature to give the best streak-free result. This feature ensures you get better visibility and bug protection together.

This product contains a high-quality detergent and solvent to ensure your Tesla windshield is always debris-free and bug-free.

In addition, this product gives your windshield an oily finish, improving your screen’s visibility and car appearance.

Another outstanding quality of this washer fluid is its ability to work effectively in high temperatures up to +32 degrees Fahrenheit.

This fluid is odorless, so you don’t have to worry about its smell whenever you use it.

#1. What do We like?

  • It is perfect for summer.
  • It has a high cleaning efficiency.
  • You can pour it directly into the reservoir without adding water.

#2. What We Don’t Like?

  • This fluid freezes at extremely low temperatures.
  • It is only effective during summer.

#7. Rain-X  2 in 1 All Season Washer Fluid

Rain-x 2 Pack 2 in 1 All Season (-25) Washer Fluid Net Wt 255.63 Fl Oz, 255.63 Fluid Ounce

As its name implies, this washer fluid is effective all year round. You can make use of it in any weather condition.

The unique composition repels rain, snow, bugs, and sleet from your windshield, maintaining clear visibility while driving in any weather condition.

It features a unique formula to prevent freezing at temperatures down to -25 degrees Fahrenheit to work effectively in extremely cold climates.

In addition, this washer fluid contains a unique blend of cleaning agents and surfactants to effectively remove dirt, bugs, and debris.

It also contains a unique blend of rust inhibitors to protect your windshield against frost, ice, and snow.

This product is compatible with all windshield types. You can get it at an affordable price.

#1. What do We like?

  • It gives the windshield an anti-corrosion effect.
  • It cleans fast and reduces the cleaning duration of windshield wipers.
  • It is conveniently packaged in a two-pack, so you can always refill the extra bottle.
  • It prevents streaks and water spots on the screen.

#2. What We Don’t Like?

  • It doesn’t work well with hard water.
  • It may make the windshield extra slippery.

#8. MWC 446948 Windshield Washer

MWC 446948 Windshield Washer Fluid All Season Provides Increased Visibility Orange 1 GalThe last on this list of top-quality Tesla windshield washers are the MWC 446948 washer fluid. This product has a unique design that gives you a streak-free result.

It works effectively in extremely low temperatures by reducing freezing temperatures up to -27 degrees Fahrenheit.

It also keeps your windshield sparkly and clear during summer. This product features rain beading technology to repel water.

It helps to maintain visibility in wet weather conditions. All these qualities make this washer fluid effective all year round.

In addition, this washer fluid contains anti-corrosion additives to prevent rust and corrosion on your windshield.

The bottle has a spray nozzle you can toggle and flow rate to customize the content to your desired needs.

The design also features an easy-to-use and straightforward on/off control. The instruction manual is easily understandable for anyone.

The washer design also ensures it is leak-proof to prevent water waste.

#1. What do We like?

  • The container has an expansive spray pattern that helps apply an evenly spread fluid coat on your windshield.
  • It effectively cleans dirt, grime, and grease.
  • It is compatible with every type of windshield washer system.
  • You can control the usage and application.
  • It is safe for rain-sensing windshield wipers.

#2. What We Don’t Like?

  • It is more expensive compared to some other windshield washer fluids.

All the windshield washer fluids outlined above can effectively clean and give the best results. However, some are only compatible with some Tesla models.

It is best to identify which model is compatible with which windshield washer fluid so you use the right one and protect your windshield.

The table below contains the Tesla model compatible with each type of windshield washer fluid.

Windshield Washer FluidCompatible Tesla Models
Prestone all season 3-in-1 year-round windshield washer fluidEvery model
Cyclo – 100% concentrated windshield washer cleaner and anti-freezeAll models
Qwix Mix windshield washer fluid concentrateAll models
Rain-X White RX11806D washer fluid additiveAll models
Prestone bug wash windshield washer fluidModel S, Model X, Model 3, and Model Y
SH HS 29.606 bug wash windshield washer fluidAll models
Rain-X  2-in-1 all-season washer fluidIt may cause a Model 3 windshield to squeak
MWC 446948 windshield washerIt may not give the best results in a Model 3.


Does Tesla Have Windshield Wiper Fluid?

Yes, Tesla has a uniquely formulated windshield washer fluid designed to meet their electric vehicle requirements and give optimal results.

What Kind of Washer Fluid Does a Tesla Use?

Tesla uses a uniquely manufactured electric vehicle windshield washer fluid. This fluid features a lowered freezing point to optimize performance in extremely low temperatures.

Can Someone Use Any Washer Fluids on a Tesla Model 3?

You can use all windshield washers in your Tesla Model 3, which may reduce the quality. Tesla recommends using their uniquely manufactured washer fluid for the best results.

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