How To Wash Tesla Car Cover? (Step By Step)

Last updated on April 18th, 2023 at 11:17 pm

A tesla cover is an essential part of a tesla car. The tesla car cover helps to shade the car from harsh elements such as rain, heat from the sun, and other weather conditions.

To ensure that the tesla car cover does its job correctly, you must maintain it, which involves washing the car cover whenever it gets dirty.

You can wash your Tesla car and cover yourself if you know the proper methods.

There are two methods for washing your tesla car cover, the manual and machine methods. You can use the manual method for all tesla car covers. But, to use the machine method, you must ensure the car cover is machine washable.

In this article, I’ll provide detailed steps for washing your tesla car cover using manual and machine methods. 

You’ll also learn valuable tips for maintaining your tesla car cover, so keep reading.

How Do You Wash a Tesla Car Cover?

How to Wash Tesla Car Cover

The car covers are essential to a tesla vehicle to protect it from elements that can cause deterioration, such as scratching, fading, cracking, etcetera.

Maintaining and taking care of the car covers is essential to ensure their durability. Of course, you can wash your car covers yourself but to do that; you have to follow specific steps.

Here are the materials you’ll need if you want to clean your car covers:

  • A space to carry out the cleaning
  • A bucker
  • Mild soap
  • Vacuum
  • A hose
  • A towel
  • A towel rack (optional)
  • A washing machine (for machine method)
Cleaning MaterialUse of the Material
An uncluttered spaceTo dust out the cover
A bucketTo carry water
Mild soap For efficient cleaning
VacuumTo remove stubborn dirt
A hoseTo shower the car cover with water
A towelTo scrub the car cover
A washing machineTo clean the car cover through the machine method 

There are two methods to wash a tesla car cover. The methods include the manual method and the machine method.

How to Wash Tesla Car Cover Manually?

Here are steps for cleaning a tesla car cover using the manual method:

Step One

The first step when cleaning your tesla car cover through the manual method is eliminating all the loose dust and dirt.

You can get rid of the dirt by holding the cover and forcefully shaking it. It would be best if you did this somewhere spacious so it would be easy to clean up.

Once you shake the cover, use your hand to beat out the rest of the dust.

Step Two

After shaking off the loose dirt on the cover to your satisfaction, strap the cover firmly to your car. Tightly strapping the cover to your car will help to prevent wrinkles and folds.

Step Three

The next step is to eliminate the excess sand using a vacuum. Removing the remaining sand is essential for preventing abrasion while scrubbing.

Step Four

The fourth step is making a soapy solution by mixing lukewarm water with mild soap in a bucket. 

Then, use a hose to pour the mixture on the cover or a bucket to pour clean water over the cover.

Step Five

The fifth step involves the scrubbing process. Use the towel or microfiber cloth soaked in the soapy solution to scrub the cover.

Make sure to get every portion of the cover clean by scrubbing in sections. Scrub the covers in a single direction using up and down or back and forth motion.

For any particular stains on the cover, you should carefully and thoroughly scrub them using more force. 

If the stains refuse to go aware, squeeze the soapy solution on them and allow it to sit for about five minutes before you scrub them again. 

Step Six

The next step is to rinse off the cover using a hose. Please do this in sections and repeat it three times to ensure that you carried out the process thoroughly.

If you can’t access a hose, you can use several buckets of clean water to rinse off the covers.

Once you’re done rinsing, turn the cover inside out and repeat all the steps from step one down to step six.

Step Seven

When cleaning your car cover manually, the last step is to air dry it. You can clip the cover to a clothesline or spread it under a cool shade.

Preferably, you should put your car cover on your tesla to dry out under mild sunlight. However, spreading your car cover under shade helps prevent stains on the cover.

If your car cover gets stained by elements such as bird dropping, clean it immediately before it hardens and becomes a hassle to remove.

How to Wash Tesla Car Cover Using a Washing Machine?

Here are steps to follow when cleaning a tesla car cover through the machine method:

Step One

The first and most important step to cleaning a car cover through the machine method is to check its compatibility.

If you check the cover and see a “machine-washable” tag, you can proceed with the washing process. 

If the cover is not machine washable and you use a machine to wash it, the material might end up falling apart or losing its quality once you’re done washing.

Step Two

Put the car cover into the washer, cold water, and fragrance-free mild laundry soap. Set the washer to a suitable washing cycle, preferably the lowest.

Step Three

After the washing cycle, rinse the car and cover it with water. After rinsing your car cover, allow it to air dry.  It is best to avoid machine drying to prevent complications.

Are Tesla Car Covers Machine Washable?

Tesla car covers may or may not be machine washable. The machine washability feature depends on the car cover you have. 

If you plan on using a machine to wash your tesla car cover, you must ensure it is machine washable. Check the body of the car cover for a tag that says “machine washable.”

If the car cover is not machine washable and you use a machine to wash it, you’ll regret doing that. The quality of the material will reduce, or the material might fall apart.

Wash your tesla car cover through the manual method if it is not machine washable.

Can You Wash a Tesla Car Cover with Detergent?

Yes, you can use detergent, preferably a mild one with a fragrance-free formula. 

You should mix a mild detergent and warm/cold water to wash a tesla car cover properly and eliminate the dirt and stains on the cover.

Here are some tips you should be aware of when cleaning your tesla car cover:

  • Avoid using hot water to wash your car cover
  • Always use a mild, fragrance-free, and bleach-free detergent for your car cover
  • Avoid dry cleaning your tesla car cover. Instead, you should air dry it after rinsing
  • Do not use fabric softeners on your car cover so it can retain its water-resistant property
  • Even if your car cover is machine washable, do not use a machine with a central agitator to wash your car cover
  • To remove stains from bird droppings, use a commercial stain remover on the car cover before washing it. 
  • You can also add vinegar to the detergent to remove the stains from bird droppings
  • To remove sap from the car cover, use ethanol or mineral spirits to rub the area.
  • You can use a paper knife to scrape off the sap from the car cover. 
  • Ensure your car cover is properly dried before attempting to fold it up. Allowing it to dry completely helps to rid the cover of fungus.

How Often Should You Wash Your Tesla Car Cover?

You should wash your tesla cover anytime it gets dirty. Washing your tesla car cover helps to maintain it and improve its durability.

When washing your tesla car cover, you must take proper steps to clean it thoroughly. Generally, you can wash all Tesla car covers using the manual method.

To use the machine method to wash your tesla car cover, you must ensure that it is machine washable by checking the tag on the cover.

The best method to get all the moisture out of your cover is to air dry it. If you want to use a machine to dry the cover, check the tag to ensure it is machine dryable.

Are Tesla Car Covers Machine Dryable?

Just like machine washable tesla car covers vary, machine dryable tesla car covers also vary. Check the tag on the tesla car cover to be sure it is machine dryable.

Overall, I recommend allowing the car cover to get rid of moisture through air drying. If you use a machine to dry your car cover, the cover is at risk of acquiring defects.

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