Tesla Model Y Glass Roof Replacement Cost! (Beginners Guide)

Last updated on April 18th, 2023 at 11:18 pm

The Tesla Model Y is a vehicle that knows no borders. It is designed to take you on a unique adventure.

Of course, as in any adventure, it is quite possible that you will encounter misfortunes, and you will need to tend to your Tesla.

The new Tesla Model Y has a glass roof, unlike the Model Y SUV. In case of a crack or break, the replacement will cost around $980 with fitting included. Without fitting, the replacement will cost only $500. The cost to replace the Model Y car’s roof depends on if you need fitting services and who delivers that service.

It’s not very likely that you’ll have any other similar problems with your Model Y glass windows or windshield if brand new or after replacement.

Does Telsa Glass Break Easily?

Tesla Model Y Glass Roof Replacement Cost

Although it is not a very common problem, in some cases you may experience breaks and scratches on the glass of your car, but this is not a problem that is unique to Tesla. 

Glass weakens with age, so it depends on how your car is, there are of course minor scratches and chips that can grow and cause your glass to weaken and shatter if not tended to early. 

Overall, Tesla glass is one of the strongest and will last a long time if well-treated. Tesla analyzes everything to the smallest detail before selling a vehicle. Most come with options for an extended warranty to cover any malfunctions early.

What Properties are In Tesla Glass?

Most glass is made of silica, a very hard mineral; therefore, it is made of a very robust material designed to protect against hazards that may cause minor damage. Tesla drivers generally do not encounter problems with their glasses very often. 

Also, glass strength varies depending on the type of glass, and each model is different. Float glass is tempered or toughened to be more resistant to breakage.

All tesla comes with doubled-paned laminated glass for extra strength and protection against the elements. 

This is why Tesla is such a popular brand, every inch of every car they make is covered in quality.

However, you should not forget that no matter what brand it is, there is always the possibility that something will go wrong because life happens! 

But don’t worry, Tesla continues to provide benefits and assurances to their customers, and a good insurance company will make sure you are covered in any event. 

Do Insurance Companies Cover The Cost?

Insurance companies cover repair costs for broken glass. Tesla electric cars’ insurance is more expensive than other cars due to several factors; however, insurance is a must on any car you own. 

Due to their bespoke nature, repair costs on Teslas are usually more than the average car. Insurance prices are also high for this reason.

Tesla offers you the opportunity to insure your vehicle under its own brand name, which will ensure a smoother service than an external insurer, as they can get the parts faster and complete your repair quicker. 

What is Tesla Insurance?

Tesla insurance company is a Tesla subsidiary that aims to minimize the vehicle maintenance and repair costs of Tesla vehicle owners. 

This company not only serves Tesla vehicle owners but also drivers of other vehicle makes and models.

Claiming that its drivers can save about 20%, the company stated that they support its customers by minimizing its profit margin from maintenance and repair. 

The company initially only served in California and now operates across many states in America. 

Is Tesla Roof Glass Covered Under Warranty?

Telsa Insurance is primarily based on whether all mechanical parts, body, and part problems occur in normal use, including the glass.

If the driver causes the problem, they may incur a small charge known as ‘excess.’ This amount is much lower than the repair, saving around 95% of the costs.

However, if the problem is found to be a fault of the manufacturer and not the driver, they will repair the vehicle under warranty without any charge. 

How Strong is Tesla’s Glass Roof?

Tesla vehicles are resistant to possible accidents and situations. All parts of Tesla vehicles are produced with excellent care and workmanship before reaching the sales floor. 

Tesla’s glass roofs are incredibly strong. This glass is of a quality that can easily resist a heavy object that may fall on it, protects the passengers in the vehicle at the highest level, and is repeatedly tested under extreme conditions. 

According to a news report, a tree fell on a Tesla vehicle in China, and the driver survived without any injuries. 

As many people know, Tesla’s obsession with security comes to the fore again regarding roof glass durability.

Tesla vehicles excel where excellent design combines with aesthetics and durability. It offers an incredible experience and peace of mind for drivers. 

How Long Does Tesla Take To Repair Your Roof Glass?

Tesla is all about customer satisfaction, and the feedback received so far shows that they are doing this job well. 

The average technical service time for your damaged roof glass is 7-10 days. Depending on the situation, your vehicle may stay at the Tesla service for up to one business day after it is received, or it may be returned to you, depending on the extent of the damage. 

As mentioned before, the company, which was only in California initially, had some difficulties with Tesla’s after-sales support.

However, the company started to operate in many states of America over time and provides a fast response service to any query. 

If the vehicle is covered by Tesla’s warranty and has minor damage, getting a repair is even easier. 

In addition, Tesla’s insurance company provides additional satisfaction to its customers by applying discounts to new and returning customers.

Tesla’s improvements in customer satisfaction are improving daily, providing excellent service that other car companies can aspire to. 

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