Tesla Model X Glass Roof Replacement Cost! (Read This First)

Last updated on September 12th, 2023 at 03:02 am

It’s almost impossible to overstate just how excited people were for the reveal of the Tesla Model X, But even the most hyped-up super fan of this electric vehicle company was blown away when Tesla revealed that the Model X would come with a panoramic windshield roof.

As game-changing a feature as there is on the Tesla Model X, this unique and distinct feature is beloved by those who own this vehicle (and envied by those that don’t yet have a Model X) – but it also introduces some pretty expensive repair costs should something go sideways with the roof glass itself.

One quick search on Google shows several nightmare Tesla Model X Glass roof replacement cost stories, with some folks spending a few thousand dollars (out-of-pocket) to repair this unique windshield.

Below we dig a little bit deeper into the ins and outs of what you can expect as far as Tesla Model X Glass roof replacement costs are concerned and answer a couple of other questions you might have about this kind of repair as well.

Let’s get right into it!

Tesla Model X Glass Roof Replacement Cost Details

Tesla Model X Glass Roof Replacement Cost

Depending on how you have your Tesla Model X glass roof replaced, you can expect to spend anywhere between about $1300 and $2300 (give or take) to have this problem completely taken care of for you.

As we mentioned a moment ago, there are a lot of first-hand accounts of Tesla Model X owners having to have their roofs replaced – many of them by Tesla directly – and the prices bounce around a little bit.

Some people report going directly to Tesla themselves and having the roof replaced by the folks who built the car, with many stating that it cost anywhere between $1300 and $1600 or so.

Other folks, though, look like they have taken their Tesla Model X to third-party glass repair organizations (like Safelite, for example). These Model X owners – unsurprisingly – report that it costs a little bit more to have this roof completely replaced.

At the end of the day, the overwhelming majority of people who have had this work done already report the prices to be between $1300 and $2300.

Some say they’ve been able to save a little more money, and others report paying a premium, but this is the general ballpark you’ll want to expect if your glass roof cracks or is otherwise broken.

Are Tesla Model X Glass Roofs Covered with Insurance?

People driving Tesla Model X vehicles with fully comprehensive insurance packages are (generally) going to be able to have their roof repair taken care of for them without having to go too deep out-of-pocket – if they have to pay any money out of pocket whatsoever.

Tesla offers glass coverage as part of the comprehensive insurance package that covers glass completely – not just your roof on the Model X, but your windshields, your side windows, and your rear window.

You’ll want to double-check the fine print on your insurance agreement with your insurance company to double-verify that glass is protected under your comprehensive plan.

Folks with only collision protection on their insurance will not enjoy glass protection in most cases.

Get out your documents or contact your insurance company to confirm that glass is protected under your current plan.

It can mean paying just a few dollars (if that) out-of-pocket to have your Tesla Model X glass roof replaced or spending between $1300 and $2300 to have the work done.

Will My Tesla Model X Warranty Cover Broken Roof Glass?

Tesla is known throughout the automotive industry for having one of the better warranties in the business, not just for new vehicles purchased directly from Tesla but also for used vehicles purchased from this company (and even third parties).

Unfortunately, if you pay attention to the limited warranty for new and used vehicles, you’ll find that glass is not covered.

The only way you might be able to get Tesla to pony up the money for your glass roof repair is if you can prove to them that the reason the glass roof broke was because of a manufacturer defect.

In that case, Tesla will likely handle the repairs for you – but expect a bit of a battle to try and prove that’s for sure.

No automotive company wants to be forking out money for broken glass roofs left and right, not even Tesla!

Who Handles My Tesla Model X Roof Glass Replacement Project?

As we mentioned earlier, you have a couple of options to replace your Tesla Model X roof glass for you.

One solution is to simply have the folks at Tesla handle the heavy lifting for you completely.

You’ll be able to contact Tesla directly, communicate to them the problem, pay (or have your insurance pay) for the work, and then they’ll usually send someone out to either handle the repair for you on your property – if it can be done there – or they’ll bring their car to one of their Tesla satellite locations and knock that fix out for you there.

If your car has to leave your property, it’ll be returned to you (generally at no extra cost).

Another solution, though, is to contact a third-party glass repair company that specializes in automotive fixes. Companies like Safelite have built huge businesses offering these types of solutions.

They’ve recently started carrying the material necessary to fix Tesla Model X Glass roofs and have also trained their technicians to do the work.

That’s something that you’ll have to decide for yourself.

Closing Thoughts

Few things are as cool to look at or as frustrating to fix when broken as a Tesla Model X glass roof.

This project will generally set you back between $1300 and $2300, though your insurance may cover your costs. If you go that route, expect your premiums to increase slightly.

Hopefully, you never have to figure out exactly how much this repair costs and your Model X glass roof never needs repairs!

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