Broken Tesla Window (Replacement Cost & Process)

Last updated on September 12th, 2023 at 03:04 am

A miskicked ball from playful kids or a bad swing of the stone can find its way to your Tesla window, causing the tempered glass to shatter to pieces. 

After minutes of pointing fingers and lasing out, the next step is to look for a solution to the problem. The only solution, of course, is a replacement. 

However, what do you need to know about broken Tesla windows? Do you need expert services to replace a window?

You can learn to replace the window with a few simple steps. The steps involved are clear and straightforward. You only need the proper tools and new glass from the manufacturers. Understandably, the window purchase cost varies based on model and type. But the installation process is the same for every Tesla model.

I will show you the steps to replace your broken Tesla window in this article. I will also explain the differences between windshield glass and window glass.

You will be able to do the task successfully at the end of this article. 

Can Anyone Replace a Broken Tesla Window?

Broken Tesla Window

Anyone can replace a broken Tesla window. It is a replacement that requires little expertise. It is understandable if you opt to employ an expert for this work. 

Nonetheless, you can replace your broken Tesla window with the right tool. The only cost here will be the window glass and a few tools. 

However, if you opt for expert services, it is good to seek an experienced dealer. Alternatively, you can drive to the manufacturer’s repair service location for repair. 

If you choose this replacement yourself, you only need a guide to the steps needed. It is doable. 

How Can I Replace a Broken Tesla Window?

There are two major types of windows in a Tesla vehicle. The door window or the glass at the rear quarter. You can learn to replace these glasses with little expertise. 

It would help if you got the right tool and new window glass from the manufacturer. You can use the Tesla VIN service to learn more about the details of your car. 

After getting the OEM glass window, you need simple tools for your replacement work. 

Here are the tools you need:

ToolsGet It Here
Latex glovesCheck Price
eyeglassesCheck Price
ScrewdriversCheck Price
Vacuum CleanerCheck Price
Single Step PrimerCheck Price
Window-Weld UrethaneCheck Price
Caulk GunCheck Price

Once you have the tools, here are the steps for your broken Tesla window replacement. 

#1. Remove loose window glass.

The first step is to clean up the window. Before proper installation, preparing the frame for the new glass is essential. 

If you are doing this replacement work yourself, being careful to get a satisfying job is essential. 

Remove the large chunk of broken glasses in your Tesla with thick gloves and protective eyewear. Remove and dispose of them properly. 

You can tape the side of the window to help reduce glass pieces. The smaller pieces stick to the tape, it makes it easier to remove. 

#2. Remove the Pieces

A vacuum cleaner comes in handy for this next step. This step removes tiny pieces that are difficult to pick up. Some of them hide in the window glue section. 

It is proper to reduce the overall mess and prevent pieces from finding their way underneath the fingers and other body parts. 

A vacuum cleaner will do the job in a few minutes. Minimizing the mess allows you to take the subsequent steps with ease. 

#3. Cut off the Glue

The glue that holds the glass to the window panel is another part of the setup you want to remove. The glue is useless now that you have glasses on them. 

Removing the glue takes a bit of skill. However, if the glass is broken, you can remove the glue. It is easier this way. This step is crucial for quarter glass removal

An auto glass blade can chisel or cut away the glue along the window panel. A sharp surgical knife is also helpful for this step. Any blade that is sharp and very thin will do the job.

However, these blades are thin; hence, you must be careful to avoid tip breakage. Use the blade at an angle of 45 degrees to the glue to reduce the stress on this blade. 

Trace the glue on the same line multiple lines for a clear result. 

#4. Remove the Panel

Now that the glue is out of the way, the next step is to remove the panel. Once the glue is off, you can use a sharp object to remove the panel. 

Once you pry off some panel parts from the window wall, you can remove the rest from the frame. Use gloves to remove the panel to avoid injury due to pieces of glass still on the panel. 

#5. Anchor Removal

This next step is vital if you are working on the rear window. The anchor that holds down the panel has glue on them. It is proper to remove this anchor by turning it clockwise. 

If it proves difficult to remove, you can try scraping off the glue on the anchor. After that, you should have a better grip to turn the anchors. 

Be careful to protect the paint of the car during this process. It is best if you try to remove the anchor without leaving scratches on the car. 

#6. Scrape off Residual Glue

After removing the anchor, it is good to have a clean surface before installing the glass. This step involves the rest of the glue. 

A scraping blade with a firm grip works better for this process. Remember, though, that the glue base is the vehicle surface itself. Hence, scrape gently to remove the glue and not the paint. 

If you can pull off a part of the glue, you can hold the strip and use that to remove the rest. Some opt to leave this part of the glue to avoid messing with the paint job. 

#7. Properly Apply New Glue

Use a primer to add your glue to ensure the new glue sticks to the car. Be sure to use latex gloves or similar gloves for this step. You would want to protect your hands and fingers. 

Next, apply the glue the proper way. Be sure to apply the glue generously to have a proper result. 

#8. Install the New Glass

The last step is to install the glass. This step requires patience and care. It is often difficult to align the glasses to snap into the right frame. 

If you are replacing the rear window, it is essential to put some pressure immediately to aid adhesion. In less than 30 mins after this last step, the glue should be dry and firm.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Broken Tesla Window?

The cost of replacing a broken Tesla window varies depending on the model of the car. The prices tend to vary based on location and dealer. 

In some cases, the total cost depends on whether you want to replace the glass yourself or use an expert. Due to the many variables involved, it is difficult to give the exact cost. 

However, looking at recent price quotes from a few users helps you with the possible range. 

Here are a few quotes for window glass purchases. This does not include the service cost.

ModelPartQuote Range
2019 Tesla 3 4-Door SedanWindow$459 to $530 
2021 Tesla Y 4-Door UtilityBackWindow$550 to $670
2021 Tesla 3Rear heated window$ 640

Does Tesla Warranty Cover Broken Windows?

Tesla’s warranty does cover broken windows and many other parts of the car. However, the warranty is not automatic. There are clauses involved. 

The Tesla warranty indicates that you only have a warranty when the glass breakage is due to faults from the manufacturing section. 

However, cases of glass breakage due to external factors such as stoning or accident are different. These types of situations are not under the Tesla warranty services. 

If this should happen, you can contact the manufacturers for OEM replacements at the actual cost. 

Is Tesla Glass Shatterproof?

Tesla glass is not shatterproof. Over the years, Tesla has improved the quality of window glasses in its different models. 

One primary reason for this is to keep the vehicle noise out and allow you to enjoy smooth rides. 

However, more muscular models of glass windows and windshields have also been a part of the improvement. But the simple truth is that Tesla still uses tempered glass for the window. 

This window shatters into pieces while making a loud noise. However, one type of glass that has enjoyed improvement over the years is the windshield. 

It is pretty different from tempered window glass. This laminated glass doesn’t break into pieces when hit. The laminated windshield glass is difficult to shatter but not shatterproof. 

After multiple attempts, it shatters. Hence, if you are getting a Tesla, the glass is only as strong as other car models.

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