Tesla Model Y 19 Vs. 20 Inch Wheels (In-Depth Comparison)

Last updated on April 18th, 2023 at 11:18 pm

The Tesla Model Y is one of the best offerings from Tesla. The sleek sedan has ample cargo space, a large cabin: enough to fit seven people, and a range of 330 miles.

And, if you want to order the Tesla Model Y, you can choose between 19- and 20-inch wheels. 

If you choose the Long Range Model Y, you can choose between the 19-inch Gemini and the 20-inch induction wheels. The 19″ Gemini wheels offer a smoother ride than the 20″ wheels because the wheel is smaller in diameter, so the tires are taller. The 19″ wheel’s aerodynamic performance is also better, which increases the range by 1%-5%. 

Differences Between Tesla Model Y 19 And 20 Inch Wheels

Tesla Model Y 19 Vs. 20 Inch Wheels

There are a few differences between the 19-inch wheels and the 20-inch wheels. The 19″ wheel has a smaller diameter than a 20″ wheel. 

Thus, the wheel allows for taller tires, making the ride smoother. With the Gemini wheels, you will get better performance and a smoother ride. 

Secondly, Tesla equips the Gemini wheels with plastic wheel covers that provide increased aerodynamic performance. 

And with improved aerodynamic performance, the driving range is also increased. 

Not everyone is concerned about the driving range, but some people find it extremely important. Some Tesla owners say that the increase is between 1%-5%.

Also, the plastic wheel covers are not permanent, so if you don’t care, you can remove them. To do that, remove the metal clips that hold them in place. 

The wheels underneath are sportier 7-spoke wheels. Also, you can put the plastic wheel covers back when you want increased wheel efficiency and range. 

Furthermore, the 20-inch induction wheels are more expensive than the 19-inch wheels. The induction wheels cost $2000 more than the Gemini wheels.

In addition, they are also an upgrade from the Gemini wheels in cost and appearance.

The 20-inch wheel is also larger in diameter, which makes the tires shorter than those of the Gemini wheel.

And since the tires are shorter, the ride is not as smooth as the 19-inch wheel. Instead, it is stiff and sporty. 

So, if you want to order, you can always choose the wheel according to your preference.

Of course, some owners don’t care for the performance, the range, or the height of the tires. In that case, you can go for the Gemini wheels since they cost less. 

Does A 20-Inch Wheel Affect Performance In Tesla Model Y?

Undoubtedly, the wheel size affects the performance and range of a vehicle. A larger wheel can affect the car’s performance in terms of acceleration and comfort. 

If your Tesla Model Y has a 20-inch wheel, acceleration will be harder on the car’s engine because of the larger diameter and the additional weight.

You may notice a difference during acceleration. Of course, the difference can be very minimal and barely noticeable.

Also, because the wheel is larger, the sidewall will be decreased. And with 20-inch tires, you will feel all the discomforts of the road, like potholes, gravel, and speed bumps.

You feel more discomfort because the tires on a 20-inch wheel are shorter, and the sidewall is thinner.

So, if you’re using your vehicle for off-roading, it’s better to stick with the 19-inch wheels.

The two wheels available for the Long Range version of the Tesla Model Y have only a few differences. 

But, the Gemini wheels are slightly more efficient in terms of performance than the 20” inch wheels. 

In a test of the two wheels on the same Model Y, the 19” inch wheels are about 7% more efficient than the 20-inch wheels. 

That means that the 20-inch wheels use less range than the 19-inch wheels. The Gemini wheels used a 3.6 km range, more than the 20-inch wheels.

What Tires Come On Tesla Model Y?

Before you finalize ordering your Tesla Model Y, you should also know that both the Long Range and the Performance versions of the Model Y have a square setup where all four tires on both variants have the same size. 

Tesla will fit the electric car with high-performance tires. The configuration will have smaller tires on the front wheel and wider tires on the back.

The standard tire that will come on the Tesla Model Y will be the Goodyear Eagle Touring tires. 

The tires are all-season tires that can withstand different climates and road conditions, even for off-roaders.

The Goodyear Eagle Touring tires are for the Long Range and the Performance version of the Model Y. But the Tesla Model Y with Performance upgrade will have Pirelli P-Zero tires. 

The Pirelli tires for the Tesla Model Y Performance are exquisite, and the thread they are made with is top-of-the-line. 

The tire’s tread pattern ensures a maximum grip and reduces fuel consumption. The tread can withstand any weather conditions, good or bad. 

Tesla does not purchase all its tires from the same manufacturer to prevent monopoly and price hikes. 

That’s why there are different manufacturers and suppliers for the different tire sizes and versions of the Model Y.

The luxury car giant also does not specify that the tires should come from a particular manufacturer. 

However, Tesla does recommend that the customers follow the size recommendations from the manufacturers. You should purchase the tire size according to the rims fitted on your Model Y.

The size dimensions are as follows:

Tesla ModelRim SizeTire Size
Tesla Model Y Long Range19 inches255/45R19 104W
Tesla Model Y Long Range20 inches255/40R20 101W
Tesla Model Y Performance21 inches255/35R21 98W

Tesla Model Y 19 Vs. 20 Inch Wheels; Price And Performance Comparison

Tesla Model Y 19-inch wheels have better range, longevity, and comfort than the Model Y 20-inch wheels.

The 20-inch wheels look better than the 19-inch wheels. And that’s why many people prefer the 20-inch wheels because of the aesthetic quality.

They are also bigger, which is why they look better on the Tesla and give it a more modern and sporty look. 

However, the 20″ wheels are not the best option in terms of comfort. The ride is not as comfortable as the Model Y with the 19″ wheel.

The large size of the wheel and, by extension, the tire significantly affect the ride. Because the tire is lower than the 19″ wheel, the ride is stiff and even harsh.

It’s also very uncomfortable climbing potholes or bumps along the road. The 19″, also called Gemini wheels, have a much better performance rating.

The rides are also smoother because the diameter of the wheel is small, and there is more room left inside the wheel well for taller tires.

And with taller tires, the ride is smoother. The 20-inch induction wheels are more expensive than the Gemini wheels.

The Induction wheels cost $2000 more than the Gemini wheels. So, the option you choose should be the one that works best for you. 

Before you order the vehicle, you’ll have to choose the wheel you want on it. You might not remember how wheels look when you’re in the car bouncing over bumps. 

However, the option is always yours. Always choose functionality over looks. 


You have three-wheel options if you want to order a Tesla Model Y. You can get 19″, 20”, and 21” inch wheels. 

The 19″ wheels are more comfortable, have taller tires, and are about $2000 less expensive than the 20-inch induction wheels. 

The induction wheels are better, making the vehicle look sportier and more exotic.

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