540 Vehicle Server Error Tesla! (Causes, Fixes & More)

Last updated on April 18th, 2023 at 11:17 pm

The 540 vehicle server error message is a common error code many Tesla users struggle with. 

The code pops up for several reasons that border on various factors. However, resolving the issue is very easy. 

But first, you must be able to trace the fault responsible for triggering the error message to fix it. 

This article explains in detail what the 540 vehicle server error means and the various causes.

Tesla’s 540 server error code signifies a connection problem between your Tesla app and the internet. Sometimes the fault may be on Tesla’s end, as Tesla servers are known to crash when there is enormous website traffic. However, reset your WIFI connection to resolve the issue if it’s a glitch from your end. 

In this article, I will explain comprehensively what 540 server error code means in a Tesla, common causes and how to fix them. 

By the end, you will know if you can still drive your Tesla without resolving the 540 error code. 

What Is a 540 Vehicle Server Error In a Tesla?

540 Vehicle Server Error Tesla

The 540 vehicle server error is an error code that displays when there is a disturbance in the internet connection between the Tesla app and its server. 

The 540 error code is not a call for a software update, as no matter the version of the software you currently use, the error message can still pop up.

540 server error in Teslas is quite different from the 500 server error. Both error codes result from a poor internet connection between Tesla and its server. 

However, in the case of the 500 server error, the driver could get locked out of their vehicle completely. 

500 server codes are mainly due to the website’s server crashing as opposed to just a glitch in the internet connection. 

Usually, when your Tesla displays the 500 server error code, the problem is most likely from Tesla’s servers. 

Perhaps there was a crash, or the company temporarily shut the server down. 

The 500 server error code can be very annoying since it denies the Tesla user access to activate their car via the Tesla app. 

The situation worsens since Tesla vehicles do not use conventional car keys. 

Instead, they use a key card, a fob, or an authenticated mobile phone app that connects and activates the Tesla via Bluetooth. 

Therefore, if the 500 server error code displays on a Tesla and the user cannot connect his mobile device to the Tesla app to activate the car, the user will be unable to drive the vehicle. 

It will leave the user stranded and blocked out from their vehicle. 

Even though using a fob, key cards, and wireless starting is easy and quite impressive, these are some of the issues that may arise from using those technologies. 

Below is a table that lists a few Tesla error codes and their meanings.

Tesla Error CodesMeaning
100TCM: Hall sensors both on.
260Battery service is required.
261BSM: Smoke detector not working.
263Power train problem, PEM cable fault. 
401TPMS: Left front tire very soft.
403TPMS: Right front tire is very soft.
410TPMS: Tire over-pressure warning.
532Left side turns signal open/short circuit.
602Shutdown, imminent power limited.
285Isolation fault before closing contractors.
560Timed out of range mode (after charging).
529Check the right front low-beam bulb.
600APS: Cooling issue, power limiting effect. 
503Server cannot handle the request, server overload.

What Causes a 540 Vehicle Error In Tesla?

540 error message pops up when there is a server disconnection between your vehicle and the Tesla app. 

It can also be due to several reasons, like multiple data requests from a third-party app

It would mean that a third-party application is spamming your Tesla model either for status updates or to prevent communication with the Tesla app. 

Even if the Tesla owner uses the third-party app with the correct credentials, the vehicle will still highlight the 540 error code. 

It will do this because Tesla does not recognize third-party apps. Therefore, it is in the best interest of the Tesla owner. 

Even if the third-party app or the credentials used to log onto the vehicle with the third-party app are deleted, there is still a high-security risk. 

The risk is that the third-party app’s database will store the credentials, which poses a security threat. 

If you want confirmation on the cause of the 540 vehicle error, send a message to Tesla’s customer support service through this link

Before sending a message, ensure you have your Car ID and documents.

The customer support service may explain the issue is due to a server crash from their end and resolve it soon enough.

How to Fix a Tesla 540 Error?

Different solutions depend on the particular error and what caused it. Below are different solutions for fixing a Tesla 540 error based on their causes:

#1. Poor Internet Connection

Poor internet connection is a significant reason why the 540 error code pops up.

Before fixing an issue concerning a poor internet connection, you must first confirm if the issue is from your end. 

If it is from your end, below are a few solutions you can try out:

#1. Restart the Tesla

  • Locate the Tesla settings.
  • Switch off the vehicle.
  • Power the car back on.

You may also try pressing the power button until you see a “restart option,” then click on it to restart the vehicle.

#2. Toggle Mobile Access Point

  • Locate “Controls”
  • Select “Safety & Security.”
  • Disable and enable the mobile app option.

#3. Soft Reboot

  • Press and hold the two scroll wheels on the Tesla steering wheel simultaneously for 10 seconds.
  • Allow the touchscreen to turn dark completely before releasing your fingers from the scroll wheels. 
  • Within 10 seconds to 1 minute, the screen will refresh itself. (Sometimes the wait may take longer than 1 minute but no longer than 2)

#4. Hard Reboot

  • Ensure the vehicle is switched off before performing a hard reboot. Also, switch off the climate control system.
  • Open the trunk of the Tesla.
  • Remove the top panels and under-hood storage units to access the Tesla’s battery. (The location of the battery depends on the model of the Tesla).
  • Step out of the car and locate the 12V battery.
  • Disconnect the ground terminal and insulate it to avoid contact with the post.
  • Disconnect the first responder loop.
  • Wait for 3 minutes.
  • Reconnect the 12V battery ground.
  • Reconnect the first responder loop.
  • Put back the top panels and storage units.
  • Close the Trunk.

#2. Third-Party App Spamming

Using third-party apps to log onto your Tesla is not accepted by Tesla. Doing this can make the vehicle shut down and display the 540 error message. 

To avoid this problem entirely, do not use third-party apps to log onto your Tesla. 

Can You Drive Your Tesla Without Resolving a 540 Error Code?

Yes, you will still be able to drive. However, you cannot activate your car using your mobile phone. 

You could use options like your fob or Tesla ring to activate the car. When you get a 540 error code, it is essential to resolve it immediately. 

Even though you can still drive your vehicle, using your mobile phone to activate the car is more straightforward than using the fob or the Tesla ring. 

Suppose the 504 error code pops up while driving; you can fix it very quickly by pressing and holding on to the two scroll wheels on your steering wheel to give the car a soft reboot. 

This solution is the easiest and quickest way to resolve a 540 code error while en route.


#1. What is a 500 Server Error on Tesla?

500 server error is displayed when a Tesla user has an issue processing requests due to a server crash.

#2. How Do I reset a Tesla App?

Locate “Controls” on the app, click on “Safety & Security,” then select the “Power off” button. Wait for at least 2 minutes for the app to reset.

#3. Can I Delete and Reinstall the Tesla App?

Yes, you can delete and reinstall the Tesla app. 

#4. How Do You Clear a Tesla Alert? 

A. You can clear an individual Tesla alert by clicking the “X” button close to the alert you wish to remove. Or you could also click “Delete all” at the top of the notification window. 

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