7 Reasons Your Tesla App Last Seen is Not Working! (With Solutions)

The Tesla mobile application has revolutionized Tesla car owners’ interactions with their vehicles. It offers a range of features, including updates on a particular vehicle’s location.

The “last seen” feature on the app shows the car’s last known location. However, recent reports show that some Tesla owners have problems with this feature.

This issue can be frustrating, especially when you don’t know the cause. However, it’s not a problem you can’t handle; you only need proper guidance.

Tesla app’s last-seen issues can occur due to technical glitches or server-related issues. The problem can also result from the app’s privacy and security settings. The first step towards solving this issue is identifying the particular cause. Then, you either fix the glitches or undo the app’s settings. 

In this article, we’ll examine the possible reasons why your Tesla app’s last-seen future is not working. We’ll also proffer potential solutions to this issue.

Why Is My Tesla App Last Seen Not Working?

Tesla App Last Seen Not Working

There are many reasons why your Tesla app’s last-seen feature is not working. 

The following are the most probable causes of this issue:

#1. Internet Connectivity Issues

Network or connectivity issues commonly cause the Tesla app’s last seen not to work. The software needs stable internet or Wi-Fi connectivity to function optimally. 

Sometimes you may experience weak or unstable internet connections, server downtime, or issues with the app’s cloud services.

When these problems occur, you may be unable to access some features, including the last-seen feature. You may also experience delays or other errors while handling the app.

#2. Technical Glitches or Bugs

Another common reason your Tesla app is not working is technical glitches or bugs. These issues may result from memory problems, compatibility issues, or software updates.

They may also be due to vehicle batteries or other hardware problems. Bugs cause apps to crash or be unable to load features such as the last seen feature.

#3. App Issues

The last seen issue can also occur due to faults with the Tesla app. App issues arise when you update it to improve functionality or provide new features.

The latest update may be incompatible with the app and affect its functioning. These problems, in turn, affect the last-seen feature causing it to stop functioning correctly.

#4. Privacy and Security Settings 

The Tesla app’s last-seen feature provides location-based, sensitive information. Hence, privacy and security settings can also cause it to malfunction or stop working altogether. 

Your Tesla app’s last-seen feature will not work if you restrict the app’s access to location services. It will also malfunction if the app has outdated location data.

These are the most common causes of the Tesla app’s last-seen feature issues. 

You can fix these problems with the following troubleshooting methods:

#5. Restart the App

Restarting the app is the simplest fix for app-related issues. If you have last-seen issues, close and reopen the app to see if the problem persists. 

#6. Check Network Connections

Check your network connections if you have issues with your Tesla app’s last-seen feature. This fix ensures that you have a stable network connection. 

You should switch to another network if there is a problem with the current one. You should also try resetting or restarting your router or modem.

#7. Update or Reinstall the App

You should try updating the app if you suspect the issue is related to the app version. Alternatively, you can uninstall and reinstall the software.

This method is helpful, but it has some downsides too. 

The table below contains the pros and cons of reinstalling the Tesla app:

Reinstalling the Tesla app helps to resolve software glitches or bugsReinstalling the app can lead to data loss
It improves its performanceIt is time-consuming as it involves downloading and installing it again
Reinstalling the app ensures that you have updated featureIt can cause inconvenience as you temporarily lose access to some features
It is beneficial in troubleshooting some persistent issuesReinstalling the Tesla app can introduce new compatibility problems

#8. Check Privacy Settings

Check your phone’s privacy and location settings to ensure you have given the Tesla app access to location-based data.

If you try these fixes and the issue persists, contact Tesla customer care support for further assistance. The representatives will provide additional information to help you resolve the issue.

How Do I Turn On My Tesla App’s Last Seen Options

Turning on your Tesla app last seen is a simple task you can perform in a jiffy. 

You can follow the steps below to activate the feature:

  • Open the Tesla mobile app on your Smartphone.
  • Log in to your Tesla account if you haven’t done so.
  • On your screen, you will see some features. Click on “Controls.”
  • Scroll down until you get to the “Location” section.
  • Click on “Last Known Location” and toggle the switch next to it to the “on” position. 

Turning on the last seen feature on your Tesla app will enable you to see your vehicle’s last known location.

However, you may be unable to turn the last-seen feature on for some reason. 

Below are common reasons for this issue and fixes for them:

#1. Network Connectivity Issues

You cannot turn the last-seen feature on without a stable network connection. Your Smartphone may not have a connection or be out of range.

To resolve this issue, ensure you connect to the internet or Wi-Fi and keep it within the network range.

#2. No Tesla App Set Up 

Since the last seen is an app feature, you can’t access or activate it without the Tesla app. Therefore, you must set up the app before turning it on.

Setting up the Tesla app requires downloading it from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Once you have downloaded it, enable mobile app access from your vehicle touchscreen by:

  • Tapping on “Controls”
  • Selecting “Safety” and then “Mobile Access
  • Then follow the steps above to log in to your Tesla account and turn on the last seen feature.

Note, however, that the last-seen feature does not track your vehicle in real-time. It will only show you the last known location of your car.

Additionally, the feature may be inaccurate if you’ve moved your car since the last time you connect to the internet. It may also be unavailable after an extended period of inactivity.

Why Does the Tesla App Last Seen Keep Spinning?

This frustrating experience has many causes, ranging from network to software mishaps.

Below are common reasons why the Tesla app last seen keeps spinning:

#1. Poor or No Network Connection

The Tesla app requires a stable network connection to communicate with the vehicle. A weak or unstable network will result in the feature not loading correctly.

Also, the app cannot display the vehicle’s last known location in areas without network coverage. In such cases, the app will display a spinning icon close to the feature.

#2. Software Problems

Sometimes, bugs and glitches can cause issues in the Tesla app. When these problems occur, the app may display a spinning icon instead of the vehicle’s last known location.

Fixes for this issue include restarting the app, clearing its cache, or even reinstalling it.

#3. Server Issues 

The last-seen feature uses Tesla servers to update location data. In the instance where these servers are down, it may not be able to provide this information.

In such cases, the spinning icon will appear until the servers return.

#4. Disabled Location Services

The Tesla app last seen feature works with access to the mobile device’s location services.

If you disable or restrict the app’s permission to these services, it may be unable to display the last seen.

Hence, the feature will be spinning until you resolve the issue. You should enable location services for the Tesla app if you need the last-seen feature to work. 

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