5 Most Common Problems With Tesla Model X!

Tesla has had several recalls, even though the EV manufacturer thrills the world with innovative ideas, building unique sets of vehicles. One product of Tesla’s unique art is the Model X— a wonderful all-wheel-drive.

Tesla Model X is very popular and unique for their super gullwing falcon doors when utilizing them. However, like most Tesla vehicles, the luxury electric SUV also has a lot of shortcomings.

Before buying, You should know about some common problems with the Tesla Model X.

The Tesla Model X problems comprise poor body build quality and likely issues with the electric system. Many owners complain about suspension issues. The unique gullwing falcon’s doors can quickly develop a fault and begin to malfunction.

This article contains reliable information from diverse sources, including the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, Car complaints, and more. 

By the end of the article, you’ll have had a deep knowledge of the Tesla car issues, especially the Tesla Model X.

5 Most Common Problems With Tesla Model X

5 Problems With Tesla Model X

The Tesla Model X has many problems despite the unique looks it bears. Repeatedly, different owners complain about their challenges after buying the SUV.

Tesla vehicles are generally expensive yet full of mechanical errors. The Tesla Model X faces many safety-related convenience-rafted recalls.

The most common problems with the Tesla Model X are as follows;

#1. Malfunctioning Gullwing Falcons Doors 

The gullwing falcon’s door is the fascinating feature of the Tesla Model X. The doors turn Tesla Model X into a show, distinguishing it from other Tesla models.

Many owners go for the vehicle because of the door design. However, this inviting part of the Tesla Model X tends to become a primary source of disappointment for the owners.

Even though they are eye-catching and luxurious, the Tesla Model X tends to malfunction.

Many Model X owners can’t contain their feelings about the Model X doors; they expressly spew them out.

Shortly after purchase, the doors stop opening and close appropriately. And sometimes, it frustratingly sticks halfway.

With the stable door malfunctioning, it’s no surprise that the sensors in the door also develop faults.

The sensors are for preventing the doors from hitting objects because of the weird structure of the doors.

Therefore, doors without sensors can cause accidents, damage, and costly repairs.

#2. Poor Build Quality

Most Tesla vehicles have inferior build quality, and the Tesla Model X is no exception. Tesla has faced a series of recalls for the poor build quality of its vehicles.

While this may be true, the EV vehicle brand has an inconsistent build quality, their number one flaw. It is frustrating that Tesla still needs to improve its build quality.

The Model X needs a better build quality that forces customers to return their vehicles for repairs or replacement. 

The vehicle has a low paint quality, problematic panel gaps, and misaligned parts. 

That Tesla receives honors for innovation and futuristic technology yet manufactures vehicles with the poor build quality is quite disappointing. 

The manufacturer probably hurriedly assembles the Tesla Models to present them for sale.

The poor build quality of the Tesla Model X makes it unreliable by all standards. More so, the manufacturer keeps releasing new software features without adequate examination.

Instead of successfully carrying out the purpose of their invention, these features could have done better with the vehicle’s automation. Hence, making the vehicle more unreliable.

#3. Expansive Windshield

The Tesla Model X windshield is not durable, even though it provides a fantastic view for drivers and passengers. The magnificent windshield can easily crack. 

A minor stone hit can give rise to a severe crack in the glass. A typical car windshield is reliable, but the Tesla Model X is the opposite.

Many owners complain that even during everyday driving, when a tiny stone hits on the windshield, there’s a mega crack.

While Tesla insists that cracks on the windshield are not a safety problem, these cracks are pretty costly to repair. They also alter the driver’s view, which can be very disturbing.

#4. Poor Suspension System

The unfriendly sounds from their suspension system irritate many Tesla Model X owners. Sadly, those strange sounds indicate a potential problem.

As if that’s not enough, the suspension is prone to wear easily. Moreover, the faulty suspension can be expensive to repair or replace.

A faulty suspension system differs from what you expect from the high-tech electric all-wheel-drive. Taking your vehicle out for long trips in diverse conditions is a risk.

#5. Faulty Battery And Charging System

The battery and charging system in the Tesla Model X is another cause for alarm. Although the Tesla Model X prides itself on its 100kWh battery pack, it drains too fast.

If the battery was not draining too fast, it should be able to take the driver up to 371 miles (597)km. Therefore, the battery’s inability to last long disturbs many owners.

A battery that drains too quickly can be disturbing on long trips.

Aside from the battery draining too fast, sometimes, it is a problem trying to charge it. Many owners express dissatisfaction with the battery and charging issues with the Tesla Model X.

What is its advantage over ICE vehicles if an electric vehicle can’t charge fast or stay charged?

The less expensive price of the Tesla Model X as compared to other Models might be due to charging issues.

Is The Tesla Model X Plaid Reliable?

No, it’s not. A vehicle with a track record of multiple safety recalls seems unreliable to me or anyone.

If you seek a reliable Tesla, there are better bets than the Model X Plaid trim. The vehicle is particularly struggling with safety.

The 2022 model year alone has a record with eleven recalls for safety-related problems.

These include a malfunctioning seat belt chime, inappropriately deploying side airbags and automatic emergency braking.

Unless you don’t have issues with your car automatically braking unexpectedly in the middle of the road while you’re driving. 

The vehicle has driver assistance features that are more contentious than helpful.

For instance, the Autopilot feature in Tesla vehicles seems to be causing a lot of mayhem, even though it’s praiseworthy. 

We may depend too much on the feature, or Tesla has given us too much hope.

Of course, you can always remember safety when discussing the factors that should guide your choice of vehicle. Unless you want the type of 

Therefore, considering the numerous safety concerns of the Tesla Model X, the vehicle is unreliable.

What Is The Life Expectancy Of A Tesla Model X?

The Tesla Model X can last up to 300,000 miles with proper maintenance, including correct charging procedures.

Tesla aims for the Model X to stay last long and free of trouble. But certain factors defeat that aim.

Nonetheless, a Model X can last up to 10 – 15 years with good battery condition and the correct charging procedure.

Longevity is an important question before purchasing an EV. It is a measure of how long a vehicle can be helpful.

It’s necessary to check for longevity, especially for EVs like the Tesla Model X, which has battery drainage and charging issues. 

Therefore, always check the battery health and general maintenance of high-mileage EVs like the Tesla Model X.

Why Did Tesla Stop Making The Model X?

Many people argue that Tesla stopped the Tesla Model S and X production lines due to higher demand.

However, it’s more truthful to say that the manufacturer stopped making Tesla due to problems with the vehicle.

The Tesla Model X is a Tesla Model with a history of unreliability. Many owners share the frustration of owning it.

Stopping the production line required more time to concentrate on the flaws. And then come back to improve on the Model X.

It’s, therefore, surprising that Tesla still struggles with making a double-free Model X.

Tesla decided to cut the price of the 2022 Model X by $ 10 000. This reveals that the vehicle is unreliable.

What Model X Model Year Is Most Reliable?

Reports show that the most reliable model years of the Model X include 2022, 2021, 2020, and 2019. Tesla 2022 is, so far, the most reliable model year.

Tesla has always been unreliable, but this model year is the most reliable. Although there have been no significant changes for the models after 2018, Tesla has improved on them.

NHTSA statistics and feedback from consumers show that Model X is very unreliable.

Conversely, the most unreliable model years of the Model X include 2018, 2017, and 2016 respectively.

The 2021 model year is as good as the  2022 Tesla Model X. There are no notable differences between the 2021 and 2022 model years of the Tesla Model X. 

The table below outlines the major differences between the series of the most reliable model years

Model YearCharacteristics
2022No considerable difference
2021Renewed interior styling, 22-speaker stereo, & renamed performance trim (Plaid)
2020Standard adaptive suspension
2019Simplified trim lineup

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