3 Most Common Problems With Tesla Model Y!

The Tesla Model Y is probably the first car on your mind if you talk about electric cars. This vehicle has built a name for itself among top-quality cars.

Although the Tesla Model Y is a famous brand among electric vehicles, the car could have been a better one among customers and riders.

Since its launch in 2020, several customer reviews have shown that many customers find this problem in the model y they purchased.

The Tesla Y model has some problems that are common with its use. These problems include poor build quality, visibility, usability issues with this model, and issues with the autopilot. Other commonly encountered challenges include forward collision avoidance and vehicle speed control issues.

In this article, I will explain the top 3 most familiar problems users of the Model Y Tesla face.

Furthermore, I will also highlight the maintenance problems of Tesla and whether they have been recalled or not.

Top 3 Most Common Tesla Model Y Problems

3 Problems with Tesla Model Y

Based on consumer reports, there are some problems that Tesla owners commonly face. Some of these problems occur more commonly. 

Here are the top three most common problems:

  • Poor Build Quality
  • Visibility And Usability Issues 
  • Issues With the Autopilot.

#1. Poor Build Quality

Tesla Y model has an interior made of poor-quality materials that wear out quickly. This complaint is one of the most everyday complaints of model Y users.

Not just the interior design, many owners have reported that the actual build of the vehicle has some problems as well.

Some of these problems appear as follows:

#1. Poorly Fitted Panels

Many observers have labeled this problem disappointing for the brand and the cost of a tesla model Y. Many customers will have to battle with the sinister appearance of the tesla model Y.

Poorly fitted panels in Tesla Model Y appear both in the car’s interior and exterior. In the interior, you find gaps, cracks, or excess materials in some spaces.

This appearance has become familiar with the tesla model Y—most vehicle owners now experience panel gaps in the cushions and dashboard.

Sometimes, you have an uneven area where an upholstery meets the glass roof. These problems are easily noticed when you drive the Tesla Model Y.

Another problem you might need is a wheel gap. These wheel gaps allow the wheels some extra space in the wheel well.

In model Y, the wheel gaps are uneven in the front and back tires. In the back tires, the wheel gap is smaller than that of the front tires.

#2. Cosmetic Problems

There has been a widespread complaint about the paints on the Tesla Model Y. With the reputation of the Tesla Y model, many customers are disappointed when they discover these imperfections.

Some detailers have revealed that there are discolorations on the front bumper. This discoloration can be observed with a closer look.

Other imperfect paintings include excess adhesives on the hood, dust nibs on door knubs, and some light scratches around the car.

Other general cosmetic problems include cases where back seats and seatbelts were not attached to their bases. 

These problems may not pose any risk to the driver; they do not provide an aesthetic appeal.

#2. Visibility And Usability Issues 

There are visibility and usability issues with the Tesla Model Y. Drivers have complained that the touchscreen goes off entirely sometimes.

In model y, the touchscreen helps you navigate and control many features. In traditional cars, these features are controlled with a button.

When the touchscreen goes off, you may lose control of your Tesla Y. Most drivers have reported restarting their vehicle before gaining control.

Some of the features lost whenever the touch screen goes off include the air conditioning system, the media, and the general navigation of the vehicle.

Other basic features you need to improve include climate control and windshield wipers.

#3. Issues With the Autopilot

Many users have complained about the autopilot feature of the Tesla model. This common problem poses a significant challenge due to the fully self-driving nature of the Tesla car.

The autopilot begins to malfunction around intersections and does not keep to speed limits.

When traveling through an intersection, the autopilot keeps to the straight road when turning only lanes.

Many users have also noticed that their Tesla Model Y still needs to come to a complete stop at stop signs. Sometimes, the Tesla Y model slows down or keeps moving.

You may also find the system not responding to speed limit changes posted by the driver.

In many other instances, it may not account for the driver’s adjustment whenever he changes speed.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) considers these problems a significant challenge with a high impact on the safety of the driver and other passengers on the road.

Is Tesla Y Model Reliable?

The Tesla Y model is not a reliable vehicle. This report is based on many consumer reviews and predictability scores by many industries’ regulatory bodies.

Despite the great features of the tesla model y, it has a reasonably low-reliability rating among other cars with similar features.

The reduced rating can be due to the problems faced by car users. These users have continued complaining about specific cosmetic and technical malfunctioning of their cars.

The tesla model Y has a predicted reliability score of 73 out of 100. This score ranks vehicles score from 1–100 and categorizes them.

A score from 91-100 is considered the most reliable car. While a score of 81-90 is a great car, you can rate it highly reliable.

A reliability score of 70-80 is an average score, and vehicles in this category could be more reliable. The last category is the least reliable.

In another reliability rating, consumer reports place the vehicle at nine among 14 models for reliability among Sport Utility Vehicles.

The low-reliability rating may be due to the recalls and the problems customers face when they ride the Tesla Model Y.

How Bad Is the Tesla Model Y Paint Issue?

The Tesla Y model has a terrible outing with its painting; most of the customer complaints border around the paintings and the exterior designs.

Many consumers have had to deal with carrying out a repaint or have returned their vehicles due to these problems. 

One common problem with the painting in the Tesla model is an excessive paint appliance in some areas over others.

More specifically, an owner of the tesla model Y once complained that the left-hand side of his trunk looked different from the other side.

When analyzed, the owner noted that part of the trunk may not have used enough paint or did not adhere to the steel.

Others have noticed blebs, different layers of paint, air pockets, and, worst-case scenario, some parts peeling.

Another problem the Tesla Y model encounters is accelerated paint degradation—something most owners consider abnormal.

Several customers have reported that after a few months of use, the original colors begin to fade into other lighter variants of the colors.

Car dealers have proffered some solutions to these problems. Car dealers have advised that using ceramic paint will help reduce all these problems.

Ceramic coatings form protective layers over the paints to protect them for extended periods.  

Is The Tesla Model Y Expensive to Maintain?

The tesla model Y is expensive to maintain. Depending on your location, you might spend a good fortune trying to maintain the vehicle. 

You might spend up to $4,732 yearly. The industry’s average for luxury cars must catch up to this amount by a narrow margin.

This amount is usually spent on repairs and routine check-ups of the vehicle. There is a significant chance that the need for a major repair would occur more than once within this time.

This amount does not include the average cost of insurance. When the average cost of insurance is added, the amount increases by another 3,461 dollars per year.

Your car dealer will consider any repair above 500 dollars. When these costs are aggregated, the overall maintenance cost is usually known.

Has The Tesla Model Y Been Recalled?

On some occasions, the Model Y car has been recalled. The cars were recalled following a widespread complaint by owners of the car.

These complaints bordered around the painting, the electrical system, the mechanical system, and the navigation system. Other complaints include the panel fittings and gap interval error.

As a result of these problems, Tesla has recalled up to 3500 units of these cars. These reports show up to 4 percent of cars are recalled.

When vehicles are recalled, there are some available options. The company can either repair the vehicle or, when the vehicle cannot be repaired, a total replacement is necessary.

When both options are not applicable, the company completely refunds you. Whenever you think your vehicle should be recalled, contact your manufacturer.

Here is a summary of the problems with the tesla model Y and why they were recalled.

ProblemWhy They Were Recalled
Cosmetic problemRapid discolorationUneven paintingsSeatbelt removal 
Technical problemElectrical problemsAutopilot problemVisibility problems.

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