NEMA 14 – 50 Outlet Installation Cost! (Full Breakdown)

Last updated on April 18th, 2023 at 11:18 pm

The NEMA 14–50 outlet is a common outlet you find in stores. It serves as a multi-purpose outlet for several electrical types of equipment.

Whether you prefer a do-it-yourself installation or to call an electrician, installing the outlet will cost you some amount.

In this article, I will tell you all you need to know about the cost of installing the NEMA 14-50 outlet in your office or home.

The cost of installing the NEMA 14 – 50 outlet ranges from about 500 dollars to 2500 dollars. This cost includes the amount you will pay the electrician to fix the outlet and the amount needed to purchase the equipment. These prices vary depending on the distance your power source is from the outlet.

How Much Does It Cost to Install A 14-50 NEMA?

NEMA 14 – 50 outlet installation cost

It will cost you between 500 and 2500 dollars to install a NEMA 14-50 outlet in your home or office. This installation cost does not include other mandatory charges.

Other mandatory charges include the amount to pay the electrician and the permit fees. These amounts are associated with charges not included in the amount stated earlier.

The amount charged by the electrician you employ to carry out the installation may vary. The money given to the professional is dependent on your negotiations.

Even without the associated charges, the cost may vary greatly depending on how far you want the outlet from the power source.

The prices increase as the distance from the power source increases. This price increase can be associated with the need for more materials to convey power.

These materials would have to convey electricity from the source to where you want the outlet. This increased distance will attract more materials for distances far away from the source.

Before you call your electrician, look around your house by yourself. This confidential survey will help you know where the power source is located.

Once you have the location of the power source, you can then have a better idea of where the outlet should be located.

This information gives you prior knowledge of what to expect. Your electrician can do a professional survey afterward.

He should have a more accurate suggestion of the best location to situate the outlet.

The electrician should also give a more detailed cost for the materials needed to place the NEMA 14-50 In a choice location.

What Do You Need to Install A 14 – 50 NEMA?

You will need some materials to install a NEMA 14-50 outlet. Materials that you must have handy include:

  • A UMC Plug
  • An Outlet Bowl
  • Cover Plate
  • 50 AMP Double Breaker
  • 8-Gauge Copper Wire

#1. A UMC Plug

A UMC plug is not a part of the outlet system itself. It would be best if you had them because a UMC plug fits into the NEMA 14-50 outlet.

The UMC is the Universal Mobile Charger. It is a universal fit for many outlets. The NEMA 14-50 is a level 2 charger that provides high-level electrical charges to your vehicle.

Ensure you have the right UMC plug for the NEMA 14-50 outlet. You can find a good UMC plug at any electrical store near you.

#2. An Outlet Box

After the outlet, you need to have an outlet bowl. When you place the outlet on the wall, it has to sit on a bowl.

The box collects the outlet and keeps it seated comfortably on the surface you want to place the outlet.

Your outlet box should be metallic. The inner surface is lined with an insulating material that prevents electrical charges from dissipating.

#3. A Cover Plate

The cover plate is also known as a switch plate. The cover plates are necessary to keep the outlet safe.

It covers the exposed area and keeps the wires and electrical connections sealed in the outlet box.

Aside from reducing risks, the cover plate provides aesthetic appeal to the outlet.   

#4. 50 Amp Double Breaker

The NEMA 14-50 outlet provides level 2 charges and requires a high-capacity voltage breaker. The 50-AMP electric switch protects two hot wires from a hazardous electrical surge.

Aside from protection against electrical surges, the 50-AMP breaker prevents two hot wires from having contact. You see electrical sparks when two hot wires come in contact.

The 50A breaker supplies 240 volts of power to the outlet. This electrical appliance can withstand heavy loads while supplying an adequate amount of electricity.

The 50A breaker can provide multiple devices with electrical energy. It is an essential appliance you must have handy before installing the NEMA 14-50 outlet. 

#5. 8-Gauge Copper Wire

Another must-have in installing the NEMA 14-50 outlet is the 8-gauge copper wire. Although electricians consider this wire a general-purpose wire, it is the best fit for the outlet. 

The 8-gauge copper wire can transmit high voltage electricity without overheating or melting.

The 8-gauge copper wire has thick insulation that wounds the wire. The length of the wire depends on where you want to situate the outlet.

The 8-gauge copper wire will transmit the electricity from the power source to the outlet. 

The farther the distance of the power source is to the outlet, the longer the length of wire you need.

What You NeedWhy You Need It
A UMC plugConnects to the outlet
An outlet boxEncloses the outlet and fixes it to the wall
A cover plateIt covers the outlet. It also reduces the risk of electrocution.
50-AMP double breakerprotects two hot wires from a hazardous electrical surge
8-Gauge copper wireDraws the electric current from

Where Can I Install 14 – 50 Outlets?

You can install the NEMA 14-50 outlet wherever you consider comfortable. However, there are some considerations you should adhere to for maximum efficiency.

It is most suitable to install your NEMA 14-50 in the garage. This site has a lot of benefits because it will provide cover for the outlet.

Once installed in the garage, the outlet is no longer exposed to wetness from rain or heat from the sun. 

Once in the garage, you can comfortably plug in your vehicle to charge while your vehicle is comfortably parked. 

Aside from just having it in the garage, other details you must consider in finding a precise location include the distance from the power source.

When installing your NEMA 14-50 outlet, the distance from the power source will determine the length of the copper wire. It would be best if you also noted the charging cable’s length.

In the garage, You should place the outlet in line with your vehicle’s charging port. This arrangement will improve ease of access.

Do I Need A Permit to Install A 14–50 NEMA?

Before you install the NEMA 14-50 outlet, you will need to have a permit. Depending on the local laws that govern your location.

In many cases, the house owners are allowed to have the permit. If you own the house, you can get a permit from the electrical agency in your town.

When you buy the house from another person or move into the house as rented property, you can get the permit handed down to you.

In some other cases, the electrician you employ to get the work done can get the permit on your behalf. 

You must visit your local electrical agency to know how it works whichever the case because you will need a permit.


The NEMA 14-50 costs between 500-2500 dollars to install. It would be best if you had a UMC plug, the outlet, an outlet box, and a cover plate.

A 50A double breaker and an 8-gauge copper wire of appropriate length are also required. The garage is the optimal location to install your NEMA14-50 outlet. 

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