This is How To Clean Tesla Glass Roof!

Last updated on September 12th, 2023 at 03:02 am

Cleaning a Tesla glass roof is just as important as cleaning any other car part.

However, you must do that with utmost diligence to avoid scratching the glass roof and to ensure you get the best feel of sunlight through it.

Hence, you must know and follow the correct methods to clean a Tesla glass roof.

First, get two microfiber towels, one light and the other thick. Use a mild glass cleaning liquid to wet the towels and clean the glass roof with a light towel to let loose the dirt. Then use the other thick towel to clean any hanging debris and give out a streak-free glass roof.

Caring for an electric car such as a Tesla can be pretty demanding. This guide will reveal everything you need to clean a Tesla glass roof properly.

How Do You Clean the Tesla Glass Roof?

How to Clean Tesla Glass Roof

There are three stages involved in cleaning a Tesla glass roof. It is a one-time wash; however, you must follow the three stages sequentially for proper cleaning.

The three stages of cleaning a Tesla glass roof are as follows;

  • Drenching: This involves spraying liquid or any liquid to loosen the dirt accumulated on the glass roof and make it cleanable.
  • Cleaning: After wetting your Tesla glass roof, use the less absorbent microfiber towel to clean it.
  • Shining: Finally, use the second microfiber towel, which should be more absorbent and fluffy to shine. 

You must follow these processes to keep your glass roof sparkling and unharmed.

Drenching your Tesla glass roof with clean water will help eliminate debris accumulated on it and make the residue easy to wipe off.

Also, the drenching process will help prevent scratches on the glass roof. There is a high chance of scratching your Tesla glass roof when you do not drench it due to poor adhesion.

Do not ignore the shining process, as it is also relevant. Most people seem to stick to just cleaning as it makes it look clean. 

Notwithstanding, recleaning it will make it streak-free and give the best output.

What Can You Use to Clean a Tesla Glass Roof?

To clean a Tesla glass roof, you can use ordinary water and preferably two microfiber towels with varying absorbability.

There are a few cases where you may use bleach to clean your Tesla glass roof due to the dust on the car.

That feeling is unavoidably natural, mainly during summer when you often deal with dust. You can use bleach to clean your Tesla glass roof, but it should be mild and non-abrasive.

Below is a tabular representation of the kind of liquid to use and the ones you should not use in cleaning the Tesla glass roof.

White vinegarHousehold cleaning agents
Prestone AS658PDetergent
Invisible glass cleanerDenatured alcohol

I recommend the Invisible Premium Glass Cleaner if it becomes necessary to use bleach. It gives out a fine streak-free clean and has no chemical effect on the Tesla glass roof.

Do not use Denatured-Alcohol-Solvent to clean your Tesla rooftop. It is no more than usual ethanol which is not advisable for cleaning glass stains.

You should not use something other than household cleaning agents and detergents to clean your Tesla roof. They contain harsh chemicals and should be the last option to use on your glass.

I also emphasize using two towels, preferably microfiber towels. These kinds of towels are softer, smoother, and have better absorbability.

Using any tougher towel than a microfiber towel would harm the glass roof. It will also leave particles hanging on the glass roof.

A microfiber towel is the recommended kind of towel to use to clean your Tesla glass roof. Also, the towels should be at least two. 

One should be for cleaning and the other for shining the glass roof.

Finally, do not use the two microfiber towels for cleaning your Tesla glass roof. It should be more of a dedicated material in that regard.

How Often Should You Clean a Tesla Glass Roof?

You should clean a Tesla glass roof at least once every two weeks to retain the nature of the glass roof.

Even so, there are no specific rules detailing how often you should clean the Tesla glass roof. So, the time interval between cleaning your glass roof will likely change given certain conditions.

These conditions are;

  • Frequency of the car usage 
  • Distance of car usage, and
  • Time of car usage

#1. Frequency of Car Usage 

The more frequently you use your Tesla car, the more you should clean it alongside the glass roof. 

It is not advisable to allow dirt to pile up on the glass of your Tesla glass roof for two weeks before you clean it. 

Doing this will only gradually reduce the overall performance of the glass roof over time. So, you will have to clean your Tesla glass roof more often as the frequency of its usage.

#2. Distance of Car Usage 

You can use a Tesla car for a fourth time in two weeks before cleaning it. However, you should not wait for a fourth time if you use it for a distance beyond 50 km.

It is better to clean your Tesla immediately after making a long-distance trip to prevent dust and debris from settling fully on the glass roof.

#3. Time of Car Usage 

The period of the year is just as important as how often you should clean your Tesla glass roof.

Summertime requires you to clean your Tesla glass roof more often because of the dry and dusty conditions.

That period of the year can be challenging because of the dry nature of the environment. And cleaning the Tesla glass roof becomes demanding also.

You should watch how often you clean your Tesla glass roof and the car. I know it is pleasing to know that your car is clean.

However, stick with cleaning your Tesla glass roof for two weeks under normal conditions. The only reason you should adjust that time interval concerns any of the conditions above. 

Frequent cleaning of a car will fade quickly with time.

Tips for Maintaining Tesla Glass Roof

Keeping your glass roof clean and ensuring you do not expose it to sunlight will keep it in a good state.  

Tesla’s glass roof is rigid and can withstand considerable pressure. However, that does not change the fact that it is one of the most fragile parts of the car.

Below are simple tips to help maintain your Tesla glass roof;

  • Always wipe off any dirt on the glass roof. 
  • Do not clean your glass roof dry.
  • Only use microfiber towels to clean the glass roof.
  • Do not leave your Tesla car under the sun.
  • Do not use harsh cleaning agents on your glass roof.

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