How To Stop Tesla Update? (A Complete Process)

Last updated on September 12th, 2023 at 03:04 am

If you are a Tesla owner, it is no new news that Tesla automatically updates its system for users.

Although these updates are for the good of the users, there are situations where you might want to update your device manually. 

Stopping an update is easy and has varying methods depending on your model. With all this being said, how do you stop your Tesla update

To stop an update, open the mobile app and navigate to the controls section. In the software section, you will see an option that says “software update” Click on that, and you should see the update that is currently downloading; look for the pause or cancel option, and that is it. 

Canceling a Tesla update is different, depending on the model you have. In this article, we will guide you on stopping Tesla software updates on models S, Y, 3, and X. 

How to Stop Software Updates in Tesla Model S?

How To Stop Tesla Update

To stop a software update in your tesla model S, ensure that you follow the steps provided below; 

  • On your Tesla screen, tap on the large “T” logo at the top center of the screen. 
  • You will see a gear icon at the top right corner; click on it to go to “settings,” 
  • When you get to the settings menu, click “software.” 
  • Look for the software update preference and click on it. 
  • You would see the available preference and select “advanced” or “custom.” 
  • From that option, you can now disable automatic software updates. 

You should have a valid reason for disabling automatic software updates, not just on the tesla model S.

 These updates help you receive essential bug fixes, enhance security, and update you on the latest features. 

How to Stop Software Updates in Tesla Model Y?

Stopping your Tesla update in model Y is similar to stopping the update in the S model.

To successfully do this, ensure that you follow the instruction you will be provided with below; 

  • Open your mobile app and log into your Tesla account via the app. 
  • Click on the gear-like icon at the top right corner and navigate until you get to settings. 
  • You will see an option that says “software update”; click on it. 
  • There is usually an “advanced” or “custom” option; click on which you prefer. 
  • After clicking on one, go to disable software updates automatically. 

After this step, you will have successfully disabled all possible software updates for your Tesla. 

If you don’t know if you should go for the advanced or custom option, you should take a look at the below;

#1. Advanced Option

The advanced update setting allows Tesla users to receive updates when they arrive or become available on your vehicle configuration and region. 

Usually, when these updates come in, they automatically download, but you can stop this by changing the settings to custom. 

#2. Custom Option

The custom update is just the direct opposite of the advanced option update; the custom update would enable the users to edit their interface and actions to meet their preferences. 

Tesla usually comes with an advanced option so that users can quickly get the latest vehicle updates. 

Still, if you prefer to customize your updates personally, you can follow the steps provided above to do this.

How to Stop Software Updates in Tesla Model 3?

Canceling a software update on the tesla model 3 once the update starts is not very easy.

To cancel or pause the update, follow the steps below:

  • Open the mobile app. 
  • Login to your Tesla account using credentials. 
  • Once you log in, select tesla model 3 if you have a list of vehicles associated with your account. 
  • Look for the software update in settings. 
  • You should see an option that says “disable or postpone” software updates. 
  • Choose the appropriate option for you and save the changes. 

Always remember that as time goes on, the Tesla toggle interface is prone to changes, so the options may vary slightly from the above descriptions. 

How To Minimize Automatic Software Updates on Tesla Models?

Even if you cannot automatically stop Tesla from providing updates now and then, there are ways to minimize this from happening. 

Below are some ways you can minimize the automatic Tesla updates on your Tesla, irrespective of the model;

#1. Wi-Fi Selection

Tesla usually updates their software over the wife network, so if you connect your device to a Wi-Fi network for updates next to go on, you can disconnect this Wi-Fi connection. 

By doing this, you automatically end software updates for your Tesla until you turn it back on again or it disc another Wi-Fi network is discovered. 

#2. Data Usage 

By default, Tesla’s are set to download over Wi-Fi rather than data, so with this knowledge, ensure that you operate on mobile data rather than Wi-Fi more often. 

#3. Schedule Software Updates 

Scheduling your updates is another effective way of controlling automatic system updates for your Tesla. 

You can set a specific time for updates to occur, allowing you to regulate when updates usually happen. 

#4. Contact Tesla Support 

If you want to avoid following the above methods and have a reason why you don’t want your Tesla software to update automatically, then you can contact Tesla customer service

They can help you provide the appropriate guidance and assistance.

How To Stop Software Updates in Tesla Model X?

To stop software updates on your tesla model X, ensure that you follow these steps; 

#1. Launch The Mobile App

Launch the Tesla mobile app connected to your smartphone or tablet to stop the software update. 

#2. Connect It to Your Vehicle

Ensure that you connect your mobile device to your tesla model X, and you should see your tesla model X connected to your mobile device. 

If you have other models of Tesla connected to the device, then all you have to do is tap on your tesla model X to connect that particular device. 

#3. Navigate Through the Vehicle Settings 

Tap the vehicle icon or name on the main screen to access the vehicle setting. 

#4. Disable Automatic Updates 

When you get to the software update section, you should be able to find an option that says enable or disable automatic update settings. 

If it is already enabled, then ensure that you disable it. Toggle on the switch or the checkbox to successfully disable this option. 

#5. Cancel The Ongoing Update 

If an update is already ongoing, then you should cancel it. You should find a button that says cancel updates and click on it. 

#6. Verify Your Settings

Once you have disabled automatic updates and canceled any update in progress, cross-check everything to ensure the changes have been applied correctly. 

If you follow these steps correctly, then it is inevitable that you have successfully changed the setting of your Tesla update system, so automatic updates are not carried out for you. 

Below is a detailed tabular comparison of the update variances of the Tesla models X, Y, S, and 3

FeaturesModel X Model Y Model S Model 3
Autopilot feature Included IncludedIncludedOptional 
Over-the-air updates Supported SupportedSupportedSupported
Software updates Released to improve features Released to fix bugs Released to improve featuresReleased to improve features
User interface Center touchscreen Instrument cluster displayCenter touchscreen Center touchscreen 


How Long Does the Tesla Update Take? 

Most software updates take up to three hours to fully complete. Some models, like the tesla model 3, must be in the park for it to update; ensure that you also leave the Wi-Fi turned on. 

How Many GB Is the Tesla Update? 

You would need about 6 GB to download your models’ latest version of Tesla updates. The majority of the maps need a lot of data to download. 

Can You Undo Tesla Update? 

When the Tesla update starts, you have about a minute or two to cancel the update. But if the software updates fully. Then you can’t go back to cancel any more. 

Why Is My Tesla Not Letting Me Update? 

The most common reason for an unsuccessful update is a bad internet connection. So, when this happens, hold on and try again when the network seems more stable. 

Can You Chat with Tesla? 

Yes, you can contact Tesla through chat by submitting a question or contact Tesla through customer care services.

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