This is How To Adjust Tesla Steering Wheel (Model 3, Y, S, X)

Last updated on April 18th, 2023 at 11:17 pm

Depending on the model, adjusting the steering wheel on your Tesla can be confusing. 

The location of the steering adjustment button varies in a few Tesla models, and the directions for an adjustment might differ between some models. 

However, once it is broken down and explained in detail, as this article does, and after fully understanding the adjustment controls, it will be easy to adjust your Tesla steering wheel. 

First, click the car button on your Tesla control panel and select “Quick controls.” Then, under “Adjustments,” click on “Steering Wheel.” For a model 3, Y or X, use the left scroll button to adjust the steering wheel to the desired position. For a model S (2020 and below), use a lever on the left side of the steering wheel.

In this article, I will explain in detail how to adjust the Tesla steering wheel in models 3, Y, S, and X. 

I will also explain why your steering wheel gets stuck and how to fix it when such a case arises. 

How to Adjust the Steering Wheel In Tesla Model 3?

How to Adjust Tesla Steering Wheel

Adjusting the steering wheel in all Tesla 3 models is relatively easy. 

The following steps below are for adjusting the steering wheel on the Tesla Model 3.

Step 1

Locate the Tesla control panel. On the panel, tap the car button icon at the bottom of the interface. 

This action will highlight several functions such as “Adjustments” and “Exterior lights.” For example, under “Adjustments,” you will find “Mirrors” and “Steering Wheel.” 

Next, click on “Steering Wheel.”

Step 2

After clicking on “Steering Wheel,” use the scroll button on the left-hand side to adjust the steering to your desired position.

Step 3

  • To raise the steering wheel up or down (height adjustment), roll the left scroll button upward or downward in the direction you want to adjust the steering wheel to.
  • Roll the scroll button to the left to raise the depth of the steering wheel to bring it closer to you.
  • Roll the scroll button to the right to lower the depth of the steering wheel to push it further away from you.

You can also adjust the sensitivity and feel of the steering wheel. Tesla users often assume a problem with their steering wheel, whereas the sensitivity level is low. 

Below is a procedure to adjust the steering effort on your Tesla steering wheel:

  • First, go to the control panel on your Tesla. 
  • Click on “Controls.”
  • Select “Pedals & Steering.”
  • Click on “Steering mode.”
  • Select a steering option (Comfort, Standard, or Sport).
  • Adjust the steering wheel to the desired position and save it.

The steering option on model 3 Teslas is divided into three trims:

#1. Comfort

This steering option has good sensitivity and reduces the effort needed to turn the steering wheel, especially when driving in town. 

It is important to note that the Tesla Model S feels easier to drive and park compared to the Model 3.

#2. Standard

Tesla believes this steering option offers the best handling and response time in most situations compared to the other options.

#3. Sport

This particular steering option reduces the steering sensitivity, increasing the effort required to turn the steering wheel. 

This option could be better, but some Tesla users prefer it. Generally, Tesla Model S is more responsive when driving at higher speeds than the model 3.

How Do You Adjust a Model Y Tesla Steering Wheel?

The Tesla Model Y and model 3 share the same steering adjustment procedure. 

Below are the steps to adjust the steering wheel in a Tesla Model Y:

  • Locate the Tesla control panel
  • Click on the car icon.
  • Click on “Steering” under “Adjustments.”
  • Adjust the steering wheel using the left scroll button. 
  • Roll the scroll button left to raise the steering wheel closer to you, roll right to lower the steering wheel, and push it further inside, away from you. 
  • Roll the scroll button up to push the steering forward and scroll down to bring it lower.

It is important to note that the steering’s scroll buttons on the left and right sides serve different functions.

The scroll button used for making adjustments to the steering wheel is the left scroll button. 

The right scroll button can initiate voice control if you don’t feel like manually setting up the control panel before making adjustments. 

To do this, press the right scroll button once and give the “Adjust steering wheel” command.

The control panel will immediately display the adjustment instructions on the left scroll button. 

Below is a table featuring a few customizable steering wheel options for your Tesla model Y and their prices.

Steering WheelSpecificationsPrice
Yoke Steering WheelDelicate hand touch, foam design with non-destructive installation.600 US Dollars
Carbon Fiber Steering WheelMade of quality leather and features an ergonomic design to cope with long driving hours.800 US Dollars
Tesla Roadster Steering WheelFuturistic design and finishing. Easy handling.660 US Dollars

Tesla Model S Steering Wheel Adjustment

The adjustment feature for a Tesla Model S is slightly different than the other models. 

The significant difference is that model S Teslas use a toggle button below the steering wheel to adjust. 

Unlike the model 3 and Y Teslas that use the left scroll button on the steering wheel to make adjustments. 

However, the directions for adjustments are still the same; the only difference is in the type of buttons. 

Below is the step-by-step procedure for making steering wheel adjustments on your Tesla Model S:

  • Locate the small toggle button directly below the steering wheel on the left-hand side. 
  • Push the toggle button down to lower the depth of the steering wheel and push it further away from you.
  • Push the toggle button to increase the steering wheel’s depth and push it upward, closer to you. 
  • Push the toggle button forward to raise the steering wheel forward vertically. 
  • Push the toggle button backward to bring the steering wheel down. 

How to Adjust Model X Steering Wheel?

The steering adjustment process for the Tesla Model X is the same as the model 3 and model Y. 

However, model X uses a yoke steering wheel, and the wheel’s sensitivity varies depending on the steering option. 

The left and right scroll buttons on the Tesla Model X can serve various functions aside from steering wheel adjustment. 

Below are a few functions you can perform with the left scroll button:

  • Push the scroll button to the left to replay a previous song or push it to the right to skip to the next song. 
  • Push the scroll button up or downward to reduce or increase the volume in your sound system while going through media files. 
  • To adjust your side mirrors, push the scroll button left or right and pull the mirrors inward or outward. 

Next, roll the scroll button up or down to position the side mirror upward or downward.

Below are a few functions you can perform with the right scroll button of your Tesla Model X:

  • You can use the right scroll button to engage and control Autopilot features like “Autosteer” and Traffic-Aware Cruise Control.
  • Press the right scroll button to activate voice commands such as calling a contact, putting on music, or navigating. 

Why Is My Tesla Steering Wheel Stuck?

The reason why your Tesla steering locks up suddenly stems from something triggering the car’s anti-theft system.

The function of the anti-theft system in Teslas is to lock the steering wheel to prevent a thief from driving away with the car if they successfully get inside. 

The anti-theft system activates when the steering wheel moves very forcefully suddenly, usually after the key is taken out of the vehicle’s cylinder. 

Also, other things may trigger the anti-theft system and cause the steering wheel to lock up. 

However, below are a few fixes for a stuck steering wheel in Tesla vehicles.

#1. Switch Off the Anti-theft System

To do this, slot the key into the ignition cylinder and wiggle gently. 

Typically, the ignition cylinder will feel blocked, but there will be enough space for you to make micro rotations inside it. 

Next, wiggle the steering wheel gently as well as you do the same for the key in the ignition cylinder. After a few minutes of this procedure, your steering wheel will free up. 

#2. Replace the Lock Cylinder

There might be an issue with your lock cylinder, causing the steering wheel to lock up. To resolve this issue, replace the lock cylinder. 

Also, ensure you buy a cylinder model compatible with your Tesla model.

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