Here is How To Update Tesla Without WiFi!

Last updated on September 12th, 2023 at 03:04 am

If you own a device that uses WiFi frequently, you will agree that your WiFi or data connection often experiences glitches.

Imagine experiencing a glitch while trying to update your Tesla. It can be annoying and might frustrate you. 

Such events can only frustrate and leave you stranded if you do not know how to update your Tesla without WiFi. Here’s how to update your Tesla without WiFi:

First, ensure your Tesla has a cellular data plan or a hotspot connection.  Next, open the Tesla app on your phone and go to the “Software” tab. Check to see if there is an available update. If yes, start the download and wait for it to complete. You can also install an update on your Tesla at a Supercharger Station.

In this article, I will walk you through the step-by-step process of updating your Tesla without WiFi.

At the end of this article, you will satisfy your curiosity concerning your Tesla updates, and I will show you how to fix your issues.

Can You Get Tesla Updates Without WiFi?

How To Update Tesla Without WiFi

Yes, you can get updates for your Tesla vehicle without WiFi. Tesla vehicles can receive updates through both WiFi and cellular data connections. 

If you have not connected your vehicle to WiFi, it can receive updates using its built-in cellular data connection. 

First, ensure your Tesla has a cellular data plan or connect your Tesla to your phone hotspot. 

To connect to your phone’s hotspot, go to the settings menu on your Tesla’s touchscreen, select the “Cellular” option, and then select “Access Point.” 

Once there, input the password for your phone’s hotspot. Once your Tesla is connected to the hotspot, it should be able to receive over-the-air updates.

Note that cellular data plans may have limited data allowances and may incur additional costs or charges for data usage. 

However, most Tesla vehicles have a certain amount of cellular data in the vehicle purchase.

Once you connect your Tesla to a cellular data network, the vehicle should automatically check for available updates and download them. 

If an update is available, you will receive a notification on your Tesla’s touchscreen. You can then install the update immediately or schedule it for later. 

I recommend updating your Tesla vehicle as soon as possible to ensure it runs on the latest software version.

Updates often include essential bug fixes, security improvements, and new features. 

Regularly updating your Tesla will optimize your vehicle’s performance and safety features. 

If you have a cellular data plan or can connect to your phone’s hotspot, you should be able to receive software updates over the cellular network. 

Just keep an eye on your data usage policies to avoid any extra charges.

However, if you cannot access WiFi or your phone hotspot, you can visit a Supercharger Station and connect your vehicle.

Immediately, your Tesla will update itself after a couple of hours.

How Can You Update Tesla Without a WiFi Connection?

You must take a few steps to ensure your vehicle receives updates even without WiFi. 

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get Tesla updates without wifi:

#1. Check your Cellular Data Connection

 Make sure your Tesla car has a suitable cellular data connection or you have a personal hotspot. 

Your Tesla car should already have a SIM card installed, but you may need to enable the cellular data plan or configure the mobile hotspot settings on your smartphone.

#2. Connect your Car to the Internet

Go to the “Settings” option on the Tesla screen and select “Cellular.” Check if the cellular connection is active and has signal strength. If not, activate it or connect to a hotspot. 

#3. Check your Tesla’s Software Version

Ensure you’re running the latest version by navigating to the software tab on your Tesla’s infotainment system.

If an update is available, a notification will be displayed, and you can proceed to download and install the software update.

#4. Check for Updates

Once your Tesla is online, go to the “Software” tab in the main menu and select “Check for Updates” to see any available updates.

#5. Download the Update

Once you’ve confirmed an update is available, you can begin downloading by selecting the ‘Download’ button. The update size may vary, so the download time may vary accordingly.

#6. Install the Update

After downloading the update, click “Install” to begin the installation process. Your Tesla car may need to restart a few times during installation.

#7. Monitor the Installation 

During installation, monitor the Tesla screen for updates or instructions.

You can view the download progress of the software update by navigating to the software tab on your Tesla’s infotainment system.

During the update process, it’s important not to turn off your car or disrupt the cellular data network or mobile hotspot connection. 

#8. Please Wait for the Update to Install

 The installation process may take some time, so it’s essential to be patient and wait for it to complete.

You can monitor the progress of the installation by checking the software tab on your Tesla’s infotainment system.

#9. Complete the Installation

Once the installation is complete, your Tesla will restart, and you should be able to use the new update features.

That’s it! These steps will allow you to update your Tesla without a WiFi connection. 

Ensure you have a robust cellular data or hotspot connection for a smooth update.

Can You Update Tesla With Mobile Hotspot?

Yes, you can update your Tesla with a mobile hotspot. 

A mobile hotspot is a feature available on smartphones, tablets, and other devices that allows you to turn your mobile device into a wireless internet access point. 

When you connect your Tesla to a mobile hotspot, it’s just like connecting it to a WiFi network, and you can use it to download and install updates, just like WiFi.

Here’s how you can update your Tesla with a mobile hotspot

#1. Turn on the Mobile Hotspot on your Device

Depending on your device, turning on the mobile hotspot may vary. Generally, you can find the mobile hotspot option in your device’s settings menu. 

Once you turn on the mobile hotspot, it will turn your device into a WiFi access point. 

#2. Connect your Tesla to the Mobile Hotspot

Once it is active, you can connect it just like you would connect to a standard WiFi network. 

Go to the “Settings” menu on your Tesla touchscreen, select “WiFi,” and then select the name of your mobile hotspot.

#3. Check your Mobile Data Plan

Updating your Tesla with a mobile hotspot will consume mobile data from your cellular plan. 

Check your mobile data plan and ensure you have sufficient data to download the update. 

Updates can be significant, so you must verify you have enough data to avoid incurring additional data charges or exceeding your mobile data plan’s limit.

#4. Initiate the Update 

Once connected to the mobile hotspot, go to the “Software” menu on your Tesla touchscreen and select “Check for Updates.”

Your car will then check for any available updates and start downloading and installing the update. 

It’s important to note that the update process may take longer than a WiFi connection depending on your mobile hotspot and cellular data connection. 

If you experience any issues during the update process, such as a slow connection or disconnection, try restarting your mobile hotspot and your Tesla to ensure a smooth connection. 

Just be sure to connect your car to a mobile hotspot with a stable and fast cellular data connection and check that you have sufficient data on your mobile data plan.

Can I Update My Tesla From My Phone?

Using the Tesla mobile app, you can update your Tesla vehicle from your phone. 

The Tesla mobile app is available for Android and iOS devices and free to download from the official app stores. 

Here are the steps you can follow to update your Tesla from your phone: 

  • Download and install the Tesla mobile app
  • Log in to your Tesla account
  • Connect to your Tesla vehicle
  • Check for updates
  • Download and install the update
  • Wait for the update to install
  • Reboot your Tesla vehicle

After these steps, your Tesla vehicle will have the latest installed software update. Some updates may require your Tesla vehicle to be parked and connected to a WiFi network. 

In such cases, you must wait to access WiFi before updating your vehicle.

Can You Use Phone Hotspot To Update Tesla?

Yes, you can use your phone’s hotspot to update your Tesla. 

It allows you to access the internet and download software updates for your Tesla vehicle even if you are not within range of an available WiFi network. 

To use your phone’s hotspot to update your Tesla, you will need to do the following

#1. Turn on your Phone’s Hotspot

 Go to your phone’s settings and select the “hotspot” option. Follow the prompts to turn on the hotspot and set a password. 

#2. Connect your Tesla to the Hotspot

 In your Tesla’s settings, navigate to the “WiFi” option and select “join other networks.” Search for your phone’s hotspot and enter the password you set earlier. 

#3. Download the Software Update

Once your Tesla is connected to the hotspot, you can navigate to the “software updates” menu and download any available updates.

However, you should note significant differences between WiFi and a hotspot to update your Tesla.

Here are a few differences: 

WiFi generally provides faster download and upload speedCompared to WiFi, using a phone hotspot will result in slow updates.
WiFi connections are more reliable and stable than phone hotspots.If you move out of range, your internet connection may drop or slow down.
WiFi access does not drain your cellular data usage. Using a phone hotspot may drain your cellular data significantly. 
Using  WiFi to update Tesla is very secure.Phone hotspots are not very secure and are less safer than WiFi.
WiFi may only be available in some places, especially on the open roadYou can use phone hotspots to update your Tesla from anywhere.

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