3 Steps To Clean Tesla Windshield!

Last updated on April 18th, 2023 at 11:17 pm

Do you struggle with streaks or scratches on your Tesla windshield after cleaning? 

Would you like to know the best procedures and steps to follow to have that spotless, streak-free shine on your windshield? 

If yes, then this article is for you. Cleaning windshields, in general, can be tricky. Most car washes ignorantly use harsh chemicals or brushes that can harm the windshields. 

This article explains all you need to know about cleaning a Tesla windshield. 

Firstly, do not use cleaning agents that contain alcohol or ammonia. These chemicals harm the windshield’s glass, cause streaks, and can be a health hazard to the user. Also, to avoid streaks, use a streak-free glass cleaner. Lastly, use microfiber towels when cleaning. They are much more absorbent and easier to use compared to regular towels. 

In this article, I will take you through the step-by-step procedures to clean a Tesla windshield and the necessary cleaning agents required to do the job. 

In addition, I will explain how to clean a windshield wiper and replace a damaged one. 

How Do You Clean a Tesla Windshield?

How to Clean Tesla Windshield

Before you get to the task, you’ve got to procure the necessary tools.

Below are the two main cleaning agents required for cleaning a Tesla windshield:

Using microfiber towels is very important because regular towels may not be able to absorb water and grime or remove dirt as efficiently as microfiber towels. 

Microfiber towels also help reduce streaks significantly since streaks are mainly the product of soap or water residue that wasn’t thoroughly cleaned off the surface of the windshield. 

The type of microfiber towels you use matters as well. It’s best to use at least two different microfiber towel fabrics. 

One should have a rougher grade texture, and the other towel, a softer, plushier texture. First, use the rough textured towel when wiping the cleaning agent off the windshield. 

Then follow up with the softer towel for a second, cleaner wipe. Finally, if your windshield is filthy, consider using a third towel to wipe the last residue of grime off the windshield entirely. 

To put everything in perspective, here is the step-by-step procedure on how to properly clean your Tesla windshield:

Step 1

Spray the glass cleaner on the windshield surface. Ensure the cleaning agent spreads around the windshield, especially around the edges where more dirt and dust build up.

Step 2

Use the rough textured microfiber towel to slowly wipe away the cleaning agent off the surface of the windshield. 

The rough textured towel helps unclog dirt and grease build-up on the surface of the windshield, especially the corners and edges. 

Step 3

Use the softer, plushier microfiber towel to dry off the residue of the cleaning agent from the windshield’s surface. 

This softer and more absorbent towel will pick up all the loose debris and dust unclogged from the first cleaning with the rough towel. 

The surface of the windshield should look shiny and feel a bit dry to the touch after using the second towel. 

If you are unsatisfied with this and want to eliminate any chance of streaks, you could use a third towel to wipe the windshield. 

Do not use the same towels you use for your windshields and glass windows on other parts of your vehicle. 

Using towels with other cleaning agents (non-streak-free products) can cause streaks to appear on the windshield and might even harm the glass.

How to Clean a Tesla Windshield from the Inside?

Cleaning a Tesla Windshield from the inside requires more attention to detail than cleaning the windshield’s exterior. 

The reason is that the windshield’s interior is prone to film and dirt build-up on the edges. 

Here is the step-by-step procedure on how to clean your Tesla windshield from the inside:

  • Spray the ammonia and alcohol-free glass cleaner directly onto the microfiber towel. Ensure the towel absorbs a good enough amount and is sufficiently wet. 
  • Start from one side of the windshield and work your way across to the other side. 
  • Work vertically along the windshield and take extra care when cleaning the edges. 
  • Stop halfway, then use the softer microfiber towel to wipe the half section of the windshield you previously cleaned. 
  • Repeat this process for the uncleaned half section of the windshield.
  • Pay extra attention to the edges. First, use the rough textured towel to break up any dirt build-up, then use the softer microfiber towel to clean away the residue. 

How Often Should You Clean a Tesla Windshield from Inside?

Clean your Tesla windshield at least once a week. Of course, it is okay to clean the windshield more times than once, but at the barest minimum, once or twice a week is enough. 

You can mix warm water and glass cleaner to form a mixture. Doing this can make the glass cleaner last longer while being mild enough to use for cleaning. 

Always inspect the interior of your windshield for films or stain marks. If you come across tough stain marks, do not attempt to scrape the glass to remove the stain. 

Instead, spray the glass cleaner on the windshield and leave it on the glass for a few minutes. The stain will soak up the solution and will loosen up with time. 

At this point, you can then use your microfiber towels to wipe off the stain. 

How Do You Clean a Tesla Windshield Wiper?

Cleaning agents containing ammonia or alcohol should not be used to clean Tesla windshields. Also, avoid using harsh glass cleaners, abrasive brushes, or towels. 

Using abrasive brushes, towels, and harsh chemicals can damage the glass, cause smears, and create glare on the windshield. 

Below are a few products suitable for cleaning Tesla windshields:

Below is a table that highlights different windshield cleaning products that are safe for use and their prices:

Cleaning ProductPrice
Invisible Glass Cleaner SprayUSD 12 
Sprayway Ammonia-free Glass Cleaning WipesUSD 12.99
Puracy Organic Natural Multi-Surface CleanerUSD 25.74

How Do You Clean a Tesla Windshield Wiper?

Another integral part of the windshield that needs as much attention while cleaning is the wipers. Regularly check the wiper blades for cracks or splits. 

Some cleaning chemicals can contain contaminants that can damage the windshield and the wiper. These contaminants are in the wax spray from car washes, ice, bird droppings, etc. 

To avoid this, follow these guidelines on how to clean your windshield wipers properly:

  • Use a mild, ammonia and alcohol-free glass cleaner.
  • Damp a towel with glass cleaner solution and water
  • Raise the wiper upward and rub from top to bottom of the wiper.
  • Avoid rubbing the surface of the wiper vigorously to avoid causing splits.

Replace your windshield wipers at least once a year for consistent optimal performance. 

In cases where your windshield wiper gets damaged, follow the procedure below to replace it successfully:

  • First, put the Tesla in park mode and shut the wipers off. 
  • Then, move it to the service position. 
  • Raise the arm upward and place a clean towel between your wiper and the windshield to prevent cracks or scratching of the glass.
  • Press the locking tab while holding the wiper arm.
  • Position your new wiper on the wiper arm, sliding it toward the arm’s end until it locks in place. 
  • You can now remove the wiper from service mode and successfully use the new wipers.

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