5 Steps To Put Tesla in Car Wash Mode!

Last updated on September 12th, 2023 at 03:03 am

As a Tesla owner, setting your car in wash mode before washing your vehicle is very important. Activating this mode protects your car from water damage while washing. 

However, if you do not set it correctly, water can penetrate your car’s charging port and the interiors and damage them.

If you’re having trouble activating the wash mode, below are the steps to get it done.

Before you turn on your car wash mode, ensure you park your Tesla. Then, select car controls on your touch screen. You will see the service icon, then click the car wash mode button. Once you activate the mode, your vehicle will close all the necessary openings.

This article highlights the step-by-step process of setting your Tesla car wash mode. You will also learn the usefulness of the car wash mode and how to turn it off.

5 Steps to Put Tesla in Car Wash Mode

How to Put Tesla in Car Wash Mode

Activating the car wash mode for all Tesla models is the same and is easier than it seems. 

Just follow the steps below.

#1. Put Your Tesla in Park 

The first thing to do before activating your car wash mode is to set your Tesla in the park (P). You must also ensure that your car is not in charging mode.

#2. Choose Car Wash Mode in the Control Panel of Your Touchscreen

Choosing car wash mode on your touchscreen is easy. Here’s all you need to do:

  • Move to the Control panel. 
  • Click on the Service button.
  • The Car wash mode will pop up. Click on it.

#3. Choose the Enter Car Wash Icon on the Alert Window

When you click on the car wash mode, an alert window will pop up. On that alert window page, you will see an Enter car wash mode column; click on it.

When you activate the mode, your Tesla will start preparing itself for washing by automatically switching off, shutting down, and disabling various features.

#4. You Have to Manage Some Features Manually

The car wash mode can serve as a checklist for every feature of the vehicle you need to keep in check before getting a car wash. This mode shows each feature with a status indicator and words. 

Once the wash mode automatically manages a feature, the status light will turn green. However, if you see a red light, you must manually regulate that feature. 

That is because not all features are automatic for some Tesla models. So when you see an alert signal after turning on your car wash mode, it’s best to resolve it manually.

#5. Select the Fold Mirror Option

It’s best to select the Fold mirror option that the car wash mode provides. Doing so will prevent any forceful damage that might affect the mirror during the car wash.

What Does Tesla Car Wash Mode Do?

Tesla car wash mode is a new feature that protects your vehicle from damage during washing.

When you activate your electric vehicle car wash mode, you should enable the Accessible roll mode so that your vehicle will be in a neutral state till you turn off the wash mode. 

Doing so will prevent your electric vehicles from applying parking brakes when you leave the driver seat.

Here are some things that the car wash mode does.

  • The mode will lock the windows, front, and rear trunk to prevent water from penetrating your vehicle innards.
  • The charge port door will lock automatically to prevent damage to the port and the door.
  • Also, activating the mode will disable the windshield wipers. Doing so will prevent them from being activated and destroyed during washing.
  • Also, activating the car wash mode will disable the parking sensor to stop unnecessary beeping.
  • Furthermore, this mode will disable the walk-away door lock and Sentry mode.

How to Turn Off Car Wash Mode in Tesla?

When you are through washing your vehicle at the car wash, you can deactivate the car wash mode. It’s something you can do easily. 

You can deactivate this mode in two ways:

  1. On your auto touchscreen, you will see the Exit car wash option. Click on the option, and your car wash mode will turn off.
  2. You can also set your Tesla into drive mode. Then increase the speed of your car to 10 mph and above. 

The mode will disable automatically once your car speed is above 10 mph.

Should You Put Tesla in a Car Wash Mode for Hand Washing?

It is safest to activate your Tesla car wash mode even when hand-washing your vehicle to prevent water from entering the interiors. 

Tesla recommends hand washing your EV rather than using an automatic car wash. It only exempts touchless car washes since no parts will brush against your car.

Although hand washing your car is very stressful, it is the most effective method of keeping your Tesla clean.

You can follow the procedures below for that excellent car wash.

  1. The first thing to do is a quick wash to get the layer of dust off it.
  2. The second step is to mix the cleaning solution inside a bucket. Again, choosing the perfect soap that will last and protect your electric vehicle paint is best.
  3. Start washing your car with a hand towel and the prepared cleaning solution. It’s best to wash from the top.
  4. Also, you must ensure you clean off the dirt on the hand towel every time you dip it inside the solution.
  5. Wash one section thoroughly and rinse them before moving to another, so you don’t have to worry about your electric vehicle painting.
  6. Wash the bumper, and the headlights last.
  7. After washing and rinsing your vehicle, use a soft microfiber towel to dry the water so it does not leave a spot on your auto.

Pro Tips for Washing Your Tesla

  • Don’t wash your vehicle in the sun. 
  • Avoid using hot water, detergent, or any elements containing hydroxide.
  • Do not aim water at the camera, windows, doors, or seals.
  • Dry your brakes after washing your EV by clutching the pedal many times 
  • Do not use soap with a PH higher than 13. You can check the label to confirm the PH.
  • Ensure you don’t use the windshield treatment fluid.

Although handwashing is the best method of keeping your luxurious EV clean, it has some setbacks. 

The table below explains the pros and cons of handwashing.

It cleans your vehicle thoroughly.It’s expensive and requires a lot of water.
Hand washing allows you to wax and polishes your car, giving it a new look.Handwashing is time-consuming.
A microfiber cloth will help you dry the water remnants on your car.You need a bigger space to wash your vehicle.
You get to choose the best materials for your Tesla.If you live in a colder environment, your water might freeze before you finish washing.
Handwashing reduces the scratches in your car.It requires a lot of equipment.

Why Doesn’t My Tesla Have Car Wash Mode?

Car wash mode is a great feature that Tesla producers included in the car in 2021. 

Current models, such as model Y, and recent editions of Model S and X, Model 3 have a car wash mode, while older models of X and S do not have this feature. 

So if your Tesla model does not support the car wash mode, you must manually turn off/ on your car features.

However, it’s best to check your vehicle manual if unsure whether your Tesla model comes with a car wash mode.

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