Why Don’t Teslas Have Front License Plates? (Read This First)

Have you ever wondered why you never see any Teslas equipped with front license plates? Well, you have company.

As the demand for electric cars grows, there are more Teslas on the road. Also, now that there are more brands of vehicles, many are missing front license plates from the manufacturing company.

Teslas don’t have front license plates attached because front license plate holders are not embedded in Teslas during manufacturing. Instead, it is the driver’s responsibility to install it. Also, some motorists don’t have front license plates because they either forgot to put them on or find them aesthetically unattractive. 

This article discusses the practicalities of installing a front license plate on a Tesla and answers any questions about doing so.

Why Are There No Front License Plates in Teslas?

Why Don’t Teslas Have Front License Plates

Teslas do not come with license plates mounted to the front of the vehicle because front license plate holders are not affixed to Teslas during production.

If you have just purchased a new Tesla, you are aware that although the license plate isn’t on the front of the vehicle, Tesla provides you with a holder for the front license plate.

The provided adhesive tape ensures a secure hold to the front bumper, and the tape is of decently high strength and longevity. 

Instead of depending on glue, however, some individuals prefer to use external drill mounts. These mounts need some extra drilling in the front nose cone to be installed.

Tesla has chosen not to pre-drill that front area to create a place for a license plate. 

This decision may have been part of the overall aesthetic, or they may have made it to save on manufacturing processes in the face of presently variable and changing rules.

However, many drivers have heeded Tesla’s instructions, which state that users may have one fitted afterward.

Installing the holder can be done in several ways by drilling into the front nose of the automobile or attaching it with adhesives. 

Is it Legal to Drive A Tesla Without A Front License Plate?

Driving a Tesla without a front license plate in some states and jurisdictions is illegal, as it is termed dangerous.

There’s been a heated debate between Tesla drivers, law enforcement, and other groups over this subject. 

Twenty states in the United States, including Ohio, have decided that front license plates are not essential.

However, the argument put out by Tesla owners was that front license plates cause damage to the bumper, limit air passage into the grille, and even affect the vehicle’s overall dynamics. 

Others have pointed out that eliminating the need for a front license plate reduces the total manufacturing amount, resulting in cost savings in resources and labor.

Lawmakers also brought up additional points, such as that vehicles without front license plates violate the law, which may subsequently lead to brand stereotyping. 

In a broader context, safety is one of government officials’ primary considerations over whether to need front plates. 

Some pointed out that front license plates may interfere with advanced driver assistance systems and safety features like adaptive cruise control, lane-keep assist, and automated braking. 

These features rely on cameras and sensors that must be positioned, and front license plates can interfere with their operation.

In response to this verdict, law enforcement organizations voiced their disagreement, stating the need for front license plates to facilitate the more accurate recognition of approaching Tesla cars. 

Other authorities raised objections because their current toll systems, dependent on scans of the front license plate to take effect, would be negatively impacted, resulting in a loss of earnings.

The police’s argument that recognizing a Tesla from two angles is preferable to just one appears logical. 

However, as we know, technological advancements in the automobile industry have gone a long way in the previous few decades. 

Due to the abundance of electronic sensors and signals used by Tesla vehicles for scanning the road and accessing online data;

There is also the possibility of digital license plates that law enforcement officers may scan. 

Currently, such license plates are only in Arizona, California, and Michigan; nevertheless, where some have broken ground and led the way, others are sure to follow in their footsteps. 

Can You Fit A Front License On Tesla?

Yes, your Tesla can be equipped with a front license plate since such plates are required by law in more than 30 U.S. states.

Although Teslas still do not come with a front license plate bracket pre-installed, this is the case even in California, where the headquarter is.

There is a common misconception that front license plates would prevent a Tesla from operating in fully autonomous mode; however, this is not the case.

There is no reason to avoid fitting a front license plate on your Tesla, whether due to its mechanical components, electrical components, or computer system.

However, most Teslas on the road that does not have front license plates are in that condition primarily because the owners of such vehicles have decided not to install a front license plate.

Most individuals who take great pleasure in the appearance of their vehicle do not want to attach front license plates because they believe that it detracts from the attractiveness of the automobile. 

The table below highlights the various types of license plates you can use and their best application. 

License PlatesRecommendation/Uses
Passenger plateStandard plates for commercial vehicles
Decal platesLicense plates for both commercial and private vehicles
Vanity platesPersonalized plates for private vehicles

Do Teslas Come With Front License Plate Holders?

Yes, Teslas come with a front license plate holder. Although Teslas do not have license plates affixed to the front of the vehicle, Tesla will provide you with the holder you need to install the mount.

They do not place a front plate bracket on the vehicle since not all states mandate that drivers have one. Tesla knows that many of its customers would instead go without it altogether. 

Nevertheless, the trunk of every Tesla should come equipped with a front license plate mounting kit as standard equipment.

Most recent versions come with a basic kit consisting of double-sided sticky tape from 3M and tiny mounting screws.

The mount has been crafted to conform precisely to the shape of the arc formed by the front bumper of the Tesla. Even though Tesla supplies the holder, you do not need to use it in any way.

You have the option of purchasing a mounting device that is less intrusive or just not affixing a front license plate at all.

If you reside in a state that needs a front license plate and doesn’t have one, you might face a fine depending on the laws of your state. 

In some jurisdictions, you may not be fined for driving without a front license plate for a period ranging from a few days to many months if you own a brand-new vehicle.

However, after you have obtained your permanent license plates, you must attach them to both ends of your Tesla. If you fail, you will be subject to a fine.

The use of front license plates as a means of recognition for police dash cameras and toll booths is a common rationale given by states that have front license plate requirements.

If your state mandates that you have a front license plate, there may be repercussions if you decide not to install one on your Tesla.

Most law enforcement officials will not initiate a traffic stop for this. However, if the police pull you over for another reason, they may add it to the accusations they already have against you. 

Therefore, if you see a Tesla driving around without a front license plate, don’t assume the driver is following the rules of the road. 

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