Tesla Creep Vs. Roll Vs. Hold (In-Depth Comparison)

Last updated on April 18th, 2023 at 11:17 pm

Tesla is well-known for introducing new features and modes that make their car inventions better and safer as the days progress.

So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there is a Stop Mode Option. With stop mode, you can screech your car to a halt effortlessly, with no mishaps.

With the sub-options of Stop Mode Creep, Roll, and Hold mode available, it becomes hard to choose. So, which sub-option is the best?

The Creep Mode in Tesla’s stop mode makes your car act like a standard gas-powered automobile. While the Roll Mode works like a car in neutral. On the other hand, the Hold Mode makes your vehicle come to a stop without applying the brake. Though these sub-options share comparable characteristics, they have features that make them unique from the others.

This article will give you a detailed comparison between Creep, Roll, and Hold modes. Read further to learn more about them. 

What Is the Creep Mode In a Tesla?

Tesla Creep Vs Roll Vs Hold

The Creep mode in Tesla’s stop mode gives your car the room to act like a standard gas-powered automobile. 

It functions best while waiting in a slow-moving drive-thru line as you near the red light. 

You have to apply torque from your vehicle; it includes when you screech to a partial or precise halt using the car brake.

The resultant effect is once you raise your foot from the brake pedal, your car will move forward or backward slowly: this depends on if the gear is on drive or reverse.

If you desire to turn on Creep mode, note that Tesla has three stop modes; hence, you have to click on Creep mode to enable it. 

Here are the steps to help you facilitate Creep Mode.

  • Firstly, ensure your vehicle is in Park mode
  • Then tap the Controls> Pedals and Steering Stopping Mode on your screen.
  • Finally, click on Creep. Immediately you enable the Creep Mode; you can use it as soon as you come to a partial or complete halt. 
  • All you have to do is raise your foot from the brake pedal.

The good thing about the Creep Mode is that it would remain in the same mode until you deem it necessary to switch to a new stop mode. 

Know that this mode doesn’t affect your battery; it only controls your vehicle reaction once you step on the brake pedals. 

You can find the Creep Mode on Model S, Model X, and Model 3 Tesla. 

I will advise you don’t place your hope on Creep mode to apply sufficient torque to protect a car from wobbling down a hill.

Always have your foot on the brake pedal to continue with the stop mode or the accelerator pedal to help you up the hill. Not doing this might result in an accident.

What Is Tesla’s Roll Mode?

The Roll Mode in Stop Mode has similarities to putting your car in neutral gear. It works best when your car comes to a halt or is about to halt.

Roll mode will cause the car to roll down without restraint if it is up a highland, while on Roll mode, your automobile won’t roll down until it uses regenerative braking. 

Know more about the regenerative brake here. Know that while on Roll mode, if you hold the brake for some seconds, your vehicle immediately “Holds” as if on Hold Mode. 

However, if you press the accelerator, it immediately switches back to Roll mode.

What Does Hold Do In a Tesla?

When your vehicle is in Hold mode, it comes to a halt. This time around, it would apply the brake without you touching the brake pedal. 

It applies whether you are on a hill or a flat land; the car automatically halts as long as you don’t march on the accelerator pedal.

The hold mode works when on either driver or reverse. Immediately you hit the accelerator pedal, and the car starts moving; they refer to it as One Pedal Driving. 

New Tesla drivers regularly make the mistake of raising their foot from the accelerator to the brake pedal, which leads to an immediate slowdown.

However, with continuous practice, you can drive your car all day without needing to use the brake pedal. 

The Hold mode utilizes the regenerative brake regularly when on low speed than the other Stop modes. 

Using the regenerative brakes reduces pressure in the brake and puts more energy on the battery. 

If your car has been on Hold mode for more than 10 minutes, Tesla will immediately change over to “Park.

To move the vehicle, you would have to change it to driver or reverse. 

Likewise, if your vehicle’s door is open while on Hold mode, Tesla will immediately switch it to Park mode.

Hence, to move the car, you would have to move your vehicle to Drive or Reverse.

You don’t have to rely on Hold mode to halt your car. Always be ready to use the brake pedal once the situation calls for it. 

Tesla Creep Vs. Roll Vs. Hold; Which Stop Mode Is Best?

Regarding the Tesla stop modes: Creep, Roll, and Hold, it can be hard to select the best. 

The reason is understandable; these stop modes vary: they also satisfy their users.

In most cases, users often mistake the three-stop modes for another because of their resemblance. 

You should note, however, that these Stop modes are not the same.

That said, I will critically analyze the three stop modes. That way, you can pick the stop mode that suits you best. 

#1. Creep Mode

The Creep mode makes your car function like a standard gas-powered automobile.

It works best when you are held down in stop-and-crawl traffic or while driving into a parking space.

When in the Creep mode, you have to apply torque from your vehicle; this includes when you come to a partial or precise halt using the car brake.

The benefit of using the Creep mode is that it is easy to use; it remains in the same method until you decide to switch to a new stop mode.

It also doesn’t affect your car battery. However, you can’t rely on Creep mode to protect the car from rolling down a hill. 

Equally, have your foot on the accelerator pedal to help you up a highland or the brake pedal to persist with the stop mode.

#2. Roll Mode

The Roll mode in Tesla’s stop mode suits functions best when your car stops or is about to stop. Its overall feature makes it look like a car in neutral gear.

The Roll mode helps your car roll down without constraint. However, it won’t be able to roll down a slope slide area if you don’t use the regenerative brake.

#3. Hold Mode

While on Hold mode, your vehicle comes to a complete halt without using the brake pedal.

It works every three-stop or level land, as long as you don’t place your foot on the accelerator pedal.

The Hold mode uses the regenerative brake when on low speed than the Creep and Roll mode. 

However, using the regenerative brake reduces pressure on the brake and intensifies the pressure on the battery.

Regardless, know that you can’t rely on Hold mode to keep your car at a halt. 

Though you can ride all day without using the brake while in halt mode, ensure you use the brake once the situation requires it.

The three Tesla stop modes have features that make them stand out; the table below contains some.

Creep ModeRoll ModeHold Mode
The Creep mode functions like a gas-powered vehicle.The Roll mode works like a car in neutral gear.The Hold mode motions your car to a halt without using a brake.

Final Thoughts

The Creep, Roll and Hold modes are great Tesla stop modes. The good thing is they can serve you in the long run, depending on your choice.

The three stop modes serve similar functions; however, they stand out from themselves; you should choose a stop mode that suits you well.

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