Tesla GPS Antenna Disconnected! (3 Possible Causes & Fixes)

Using your GPS on your Tesla automobile is extremely helpful for direction. Certain features will be unavailable without the GPS, which might be uncomfortable.

It will be even more distressing if you are used to automating driving and other controls by the GPS antenna.

If the GPS antenna on your Tesla is disconnected, it may mean a few things.

Tesla GPS antennas are supposed to be working at all times. But, if it’s not, it means that it is disconnected. Many Tesla owners have experienced this problem regardless of the model they drive. It may mean that the GPS antenna is faulty and needs replacement. There might also be a disconnected wire that needs reconnection.

In this article, you will learn about the Tesla GPS and how to know if it is disconnected. Finally, you will know the signs to ascertain if it works correctly and how to fix it. 

This method also involves the tedious GPS antenna removal, which you find out more details as you read.

Why is My Tesla Saying GPS Antenna Disconnected?

Tesla GPS Antenna Disconnected

It is not uncommon to experience Tesla GPS saying the antenna disconnected. Many Tesla owners have experienced this problem in one way or the other.

Aside from this, they also believe to have experienced certain things like:

  • GPS is not giving the accurate reading
  • The rear camera is not turning on
  • GPS turning off while driving
  • GPS turning off and on while driving
  • GPS failing to match the present location 

There is no doubt that these issues can pose a threat to your smooth ride. For instance, if you are in a hurry to get to an unfamiliar place, it would be dangerous if you drive aimlessly.

Also, if there are signs like roads under construction, a ditch, or terrible roads, you might encounter them. That can lead to accidents or frustration.

For instance, a disconnected GPS will be a problem if you have a job interview and wish to beat the time.

In extreme cases, if you have an emergency, like a sick pet or child, that could be bad for you.

Imagine getting lost in a new town, and you’re running out of time. Trust me, it wouldn’t be a pleasant experience.

Ultimately, you must reset the GPS in order to avoid fatalities. If the software reset doesn’t work, you would have to call Tesla support.

It’s best to always carry a layout of the town you’re staying in. Just in case you have a similar emergency.

After all, you can never tell what could possibly happen.

Now, if your Tesla is saying GPS disconnected, it may be as a result of the following:

  • The GPS antenna needs a replacement
  • Network or connectivity problem
  • Tesla antenna needs a reset

#1. GPS Antenna Needs Replacement

A faulty GPS antenna is the first thing to check when your Tesla antenna is disconnected.

The reason is that the antenna is responsible for receiving signals that appear on the screen.

Ultimately, if it worsens and can no longer receive signals, it is unimportant and should be replaced.

But, of course, if it is not the primary cause of the problem, replacing it will not help in any way.

So, the first thing to do is to ascertain the problem before seeking solutions.

#2. Network or Connectivity Problem

Usually, a Tesla GPS antenna requires a network connection to function. However, if there is a problem with the WiFi, it will not work.

Now, when you see that the connectivity bar on the screen is absent, it implies there is no network.

Check your connection and confirm if the GPS is working correctly. But if it does not work, be assured that you have something else on your hands.

#3. Tesla Antenna Needs a Reset

Nothing can ever go wrong when you reset a gadget. Most times, the reason why there is a problem is that the system needs a reset.

It could result from a bug that needs fixing or other underlying problems. What you should do is troubleshoot and run a diagnosis.

Afterward, you have an opportunity to fix the problem.

How To Fix a Disconnected GPS Antenna?

Fixing a disconnected GPS antenna is challenging because it is in a weird position.

Nonetheless, you must be ready for the work to get everything back to normal.

First, it’s best to know that you must be a Tesla-approved technician to fix the disconnected GPS antenna.

Please, do not attempt to try to fix the GPS antenna. As soon as you encounter a problem with the GPS antenna, call Tesla support.

Before you can access the GPS antenna, you must cut out the windshield.

Yes, it sounds bizarre, but it’s the only way to access it. Can you see why it’s advisable not to fix it yourself?

How can you cut out the windshield without the appropriate tools and expertise?

Something with Tesla and its products is that they are very keen on their products.

First, only a technician can fix a Tesla. Every model has different features, and there are various technicians.

However, a skilled technician can have a vast knowledge of Teslas and their brands.

Also, you cannot drive your Tesla to any body shop for repairs. It would be best to go to only a Tesla-approved body shop first.

This place is where only licensed technicians can attend to you and fix your GPS antenna. Not only can you fix your GPS antenna, but you can also fix any other fault in your Tesla.

Also, it would be best if you knew that fixing the Tesla GPS antenna costs at least 800 dollars. Don’t worry; this amount covers both the windshield and services.

Of course, you wouldn’t expect that you would own such a luxurious automobile and repair it for a penny.

Nonetheless, ensure you have an excellent insurance backup plan before purchasing a Tesla.

So that if you are in an accident and the car is severely damaged, you have something to rely on. Plus the warranty will be of good help in case of a problem with a part.

Where Is The Tesla GPS Antenna?

The GPS antenna’s position might differ a little for each Tesla model.

For Tesla Model Y, it is located behind the windscreen and underneath the Geotab device.

If you wish to replace it, you have to go through many parts to get to it

  • Next, locate the proprietary connector behind the front seat’s console.
  • Afterward, locate the panel there and use the removal tool with light pressure to remove the panel.
  • You can use your hands to remove the cover of the panel aside before setting it aside.
  • Then use the other tool to loosen the screws by the side.
  • Now, unclip the panel covering the air vent and reach in to disconnect the two blue connectors.
  • Replace the Geotab device and put everything back in place.

Everything should work fine henceforth. But, of course, if you want everything done well, you should contact Tesla support. Nothing can go wrong when you make the right decision.

Here is a table that shows the Tesla models and their GPS antenna location.

Tesla ModelGPS Antenna Location
Tesla model xUnder the rear hatch glass
Tesla model sUnder the rear hatch glass
Tesla model y

How Do You Reset The GPS on a Tesla?

Resetting the GPS on a Tesla will improve the user experience. And it is something you should do from time to time.

The reason is that the navigation system may lock up occasionally because of a failure in the system update.

When this happens, you may begin to experience certain things like freezing during sessions or inaccurate readings.

At this point, one way to remove this problem is to reset the GPS.

On the other hand, you could replace the GPS antenna too. But it would help if you try rebooting it before attempting to replace it.

The good thing about the reboot is that you can do it yourself with the guideline I will provide below;

  • First, locate the two buttons at the sides of the steering wheel.
  • Press them simultaneously and hold them down for about 5 seconds. The screen will go blank and start up again, showing the Tesla symbol.

Another thing to do is to reach out to Tesla support so that they can reset your software themselves.

This process takes at least 15 minutes for them to get everything running. However, parking the car and waiting for everything to settle before moving would be best.

With permission to power off the vehicle, you should wait 30 seconds before you turn it on and test-run the navigation system to see the results.

Ultimately, this should be the best way to reset your Tesla GPS.

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