Tesla Slacker Radio Not Working (Reasons & Solutions)

One of the perks of using Tesla’s Media Player is streaming Slacker Radio. But the streaming service doesn’t come by default, so Tesla owners have to equip it.

However, logging in to your Slacker account via the Tesla dashboard is all it takes. That’s not much of a hiccup. Instead, the premise for challenges is after the setup.

That’s a bummer for anyone looking forward to flexing Slacker and finding it doesn’t work. Bubbles burst!

The most common error with Tesla Slacker Radio is when the system logs out users. That’s often the result of a glitch and not uncommon after system updates. It’s also likely to happen when your Tesla Infotainment System needs an upgrade. However, performing a system reset is usually enough to get things working again.

Your Tesla Slacker Radio could be out of sorts for reasons other than that above. Do read on to find out what the problem may be in your case.

Besides diagnosing the problem, this article will also proffer working solutions. Here’s to having your Slacker Radio working again and streaming your favorite tunes!

Why Is My Tesla Slacker Radio Not Working?

Tesla Slacker Radio Not Working

The most common cause of this problem is a glitch that prompts users to log in again. That happens even when you don’t log out of your account or cancel the service.

Sadly, the service interruption doesn’t come with an explanation. What’s worse is that Tesla Slacker Radio can also stop working for other reasons.

So, that means you’ll have to attempt various solutions to correct the error yourself. 

Undoubtedly, there are fewer more frustrating situations than that. Being in a fix and unable to figure out the root cause.

In the case of a glitch, the system usually reverts to the page asking for your login credentials. At first, simply inputting your details should suffice.

Yet it doesn’t work that way because inputting your email address and password seldom works.

Naturally, you’d start second-guessing if your memory still serves you well to recall the correct information. Well, we can reassure you that your memory still serves well.

The issue here is that the glitch will cause a malfunction in the system. Thus, you’ll be unable to log in to your Slacker Radio account as usual.

Also, you will notice the prompt on the screen that reads, “Use Tesla Account.” Usually, you have to reach Tesla Support to get those details

Moving on, you may have trouble streaming Slacker Radio if your car’s time is inaccurate. That may not happen often, but you never can tell.

Your Slacker Radio service will malfunction when the time set in your Tesla vehicle is wrong. That’s because it’s out of sync with the actual time (your phone time).

There has to be a sync between both time settings since Slacker Radio is a real-time service. It’s the same as when using a similar app on your phone.

You’d have to ensure the time is accurate (in sync with the actual time) to use the app on your phone. The time setting may seem minor, but it goes beyond that.

Another factor that may cause your Tesla Slacker Radio to malfunction is system bugs. You can suffer this fate when your software drivers are outdated.

So it always helps to ensure that your software drivers are constantly updated. However, this is one aspect that some people overlook. It’s also vital for the whole vehicle.

Tesla regularly modifies various vehicle systems. So always perform routine checks to update necessary software drivers.

Lastly, always ensure you have an excellent internet connection to enjoy the Tesla Slacker Radio. That may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s also worthy of note!

How Do I Fix My Tesla Slacker Radio That Isn’t Working?

Here’s what you’ve been waiting for, yes? Solutions, Not to worry, we’ve got them in store for you!

A good internet connection is an excellent place to start using Tesla Slacker Radio. You can move on to the next step if that is in place.

Then, you can log in to your Slacker Radio account with a good internet connection. Double-checking your credentials at this point surely won’t hurt.

Then, you can use the streaming service as usual via the infotainment system. It’s not much of a task, so feel free to try!

Next, as it is with most electrical gadgets, performing a reset restores normal working functions. Thankfully, that’s also the case with your Tesla vehicle.

So, performing a hard or soft reset can get your Tesla Slacker Radio working again. But it’s vital to note that the steps may vary slightly depending on your Tesla model.

It also depends on whether you use the scroll buttons on your steering wheel. But you can always scan your vehicle’s manual for specific steps.

You’ll see the instructions under “Power Cycling the Vehicle.” You can follow the specific steps to perform the reset and hopefully have your Slacker Radio working again.

The following fix is to check if your vehicle’s time is in sync with your phone’s time. So, sync both time settings well if you notice they’re off.

Finally, if all else fails, you can always reach Tesla Support to report the problem. They may require you to provide photos of the issue so they can diagnose the fault.

Sometimes you may have to visit a service center near and get the fault fixed.

How Do You Reset a Tesla Slacker?

Resetting your Tesla vehicle also serves to reset the Slacker Radio. The reset runs through the infotainment system, which houses the Slacker Radio.

So, you can follow the steps based on your Tesla model to reset your vehicle. Review your vehicle’s manual under “Power Cycling the Vehicle” to verify the steps.

However, please follow the steps below to power cycle your Tesla vehicle. We’ve broken down the general steps to serve you if you can’t reach your vehicle’s owner’s guide.

#1. WITH scroll buttons:

  • Shut all your car doors.
  • Shift your vehicle into “park.”
  • Hold down the left and right scroll buttons for about ten seconds. You’ll notice the screens in your vehicle go black.
  • Wait until the Tesla logo lights up on the main screen. That’ll signal the infotainment system starting up again.
  • Your system should work as usual at this point.

#2. Power cycling WITHOUT scroll buttons:

  • Shift your vehicle into “park.”
  • On your vehicle’s touchscreen, select “Controls,” then “Safety,” and finally “Power Off.” That’ll shut the systems down in the meantime.
  • Wait to interact with your vehicle for at least two minutes. That means no touching the brake pedal, touchscreen, or doors opening.
  • When the two minutes are up, interact with your vehicle to wake it up.
  • The power cycle should have restored your infotainment system’s normal function, and you can stream Slacker Radio hassle-free.

Does Tesla Still Use Slacker?

Yes! Tesla still uses Slacker Radio. Although the streaming service now goes by the name LiveOne. So, remain calm if you see only either name on the infotainment system.

It’s the same service, so that tweak in the name shouldn’t confuse you.

One upside of using Slacker Radio on Tesla is access to a free Slacker Plus account. That gives Tesla owners the convenience of using an ad-free Slacker version.

Also, you get to enjoy using voice prompts to search for songs. That’s especially helpful when driving because drivers can keep their eyes on the road and stay focused.

Another perk is customizing a playlist of your favorite songs and streaming stations. Then, you’ll have cover artwork to appeal to your eyes when needed.

You enjoy all the benefits of Slacker Premium when you use Tesla Slacker Radio. All you have to do is equip the service on your infotainment system.

However, Tesla has made other alternative streaming services to improve variety. It can also come in handy in the case of a malfunction.

Let’s say your Slacker Radio isn’t working; you can switch to another streaming service to enjoy your favorite songs.

The table below shows some other streaming services on Tesla’s infotainment system.

Streaming ServiceBasic Feature
Apple MusicAvailable on all Tesla vehicle models.
KaraokeFree; Tesla service for karaoke songs.
SpotifyWide range of podcasts and songs.
SiriusXMPaid; only available in Model S and X.
TIDALAd-free, lossless music stream.
TuneInStream music, news, and sports channels.

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