Tesla Estimated Delivery Date Accuracy! (Read This First)

Last updated on April 18th, 2023 at 11:18 pm

The luxurious car company Tesla is one of the top-ranking car companies that run the global car market. 

Tesla delivers value hence the high expectation from customers, even as it concerns the estimated delivery date. 

While Tesla comes with 90 percent of its yearly delivery projection, the estimated delivery date is always a pain in the neck. 

This article seeks to answer whether Tesla’s estimated delivery date is accurate. Let’s take a journey to know better.

Tesla estimated delivery dates are always not accurate. As the name implies, it is only an estimated delivery date, subject to change. It is to say that the Tesla estimated delivery date is somewhat accurate, although not always completely accurate.

How Accurate Is The Tesla Estimated Delivery Date?

Tesla Estimated Delivery Date Accuracy

Tesla estimated delivery for the most percentage is not accurate. With the delivery date pushed back multiple times on the tesla website, it is clear that the date is inaccurate. 

The truth is that every Tesla estimated delivery date has been truly unpredictable from time immemorial. 

Based on some customers’ reviews, it will not be misleading to assume that the weather forecast is more accurate.

The value of Tesla-modeled vehicles is in a class of its own hence the high customer expectations. 

However, unlike other car companies, Tesla is continuously struggling to meet the high rim of demand.

Most of the problem isn’t from Tesla, as other factors affect every estimated delivery date projection.

While some estimated delivery dates will fall just right, other estimated delivery dates will face unprecedented occurrences that can become a struggle. 

One of the major struggles of Tesla, which grossly contributes to the inaccuracy of Tesla’s delivery date, is supply chain shortage. 

The shortage in the supply of semiconductor chips is a huge setback that affects the Tesla delivery date.

However, with all the struggles of Tesla, the estimated yearly delivery still hovers around 90 percent. 

Nevertheless, the individual quarterly struggles of Tesla to meet estimated delivery dates has a huge impact on the yearly estimated projection.

Comparing the Tesla yearly deliveries projections to the actual number of cars delivered shows some notable variation.

Below is a table showing Tesla estimated delivery projection and the actual number of cars delivered within the space of five years.

YearYearly Estimated Delivery ProjectionActual Number Of Delivered Tesla Cars
20211,000,000937, 179

How Does Tesla Estimate Delivery Date?

Tesla usually calculates their estimated delivery date quarterly. It means that Tesla usually has four delivery dates per year, with things being equal.

The Tesla estimated delivery date spams through a yearly delivery timescale under which every Tesla estimated delivery date should fall. 

The usual quarterly timescale is for tesla cars’ production, assembling, and delivery. It means that within every yearly quarter, Tesla is at the job of delivering their cars across the globe. 

We can conclude that Tesla attempts to deliver every new and custom-made car inventory quarterly. 

To achieve this, the first part of every quarter is gathering and assembling Tesla orders. Every Tesla delivery occurs based on geographical regions.

Typically, regions that are far off from the assembling Tesla plant will have their cars assembled within the first part of every quarter. It is done such that shipping will not be an issue.

The second part of every quarter is for Tesla orders within the assembling power plant. Usually, the Tesla estimated delivery date is set within the second part of the quarter.

However, the Tesla estimated delivery date varies a lot depending on a few factors that affect the production of Tesla vehicles.  

The factors that affect the production, assembling, and delivery of Tesla vehicles make for inaccuracy in Tesla’s estimated delivery date.

The Tesla model, type of vehicle, time of the year, and other factors contribute to the varying state of the estimated delivery date.

As mentioned earlier, for Tesla to meet the delivery of the yearly estimated projection, Tesla normally sells every quarter. 

However, although every Tesla delivery period suffers one issue, it is still amazing that Tesla meets 90 percent of its yearly estimated delivery projection.

Does Tesla Estimated Delivery Date Change?

Since Tesla estimated delivery date isn’t accurate, it is needless to say that the date has changed.

On making a purchase, you’ll observe that the delivery date has been pushed back on some days.

The review is that the inaccuracy of Tesla’s estimated delivery date is such that the weather forecast is even more accurate.

Usually, since the delivery date is usually only an estimated time frame, it is normal to expect some change. 

Nevertheless, you must note that in some cases, the change in the Tesla estimated delivery date results from unplanned occurrences. 

However, I must agree that Tesla has their share of the blame for the multiple changes in the estimated delivery date.

For starters, the shortage in the global market supply chain is a major problem to date for Tesla-modeled vehicles. 

Every automobile industry suffers when there are complications with supply accessories. 

Shortage in semiconductor chips has caused Tesla to change the estimated roll-out delivery date to 2023.

The shortage is so fierce that it forces the company to cut off the steering power system in their vehicles. 

The whole supply chain case has greatly and constantly caused the Tesla estimated delivery date to change. 

However, Tesla is doing everything to increase production, increasing the accuracy of the estimated delivery date in the long run.

Another strong point for the frequent change to the estimated delivery date is the high demand for mixed custom-ordered Tesla vehicles.

Virtually all Tesla car models are customizable with many configurations, from interior design down to exterior color.

The thousands of custom-ordered vehicles require a longer manufacture time, even beyond the estimated delivery period of 16 weeks. All the above makes for the change in the delivery date.

Does Tesla Arrive Before the Estimated Delivery Date?

A purchased Tesla can arrive before the estimated delivery date. However, it is rare to hear of such happening due to the numerous factors that affect the delivery date.

Note that you cannot, from your desire, bump the delivery date to become sooner. If there is any case of a Tesla arriving before the estimated delivery date, it will happen on its accord.

You must remember that the delivery date is only an estimated time frame after which you should expect your vehicle. 

It means that anything goes early and late, whatever the case. Every estimated Tesla delivery date usually has an extra added day to the normal manufacture time.

We can conclude by saying that there is still the chance for the possibility of early arrival. However, you’d often hear of a delay in arrival even after the estimated delivery date.

Whatever the case, be it early or late, there is some reasonable explanation. 

We understand that custom-ordered Tesla vehicles take time, so low-demand models have higher chances of arriving early.

Aside from opting for a low-demand and non-customized Tesla model to increase your arrival chances, do well to place an early order. 

Placing your order in the earlier quarter days affords you more chances of the Tesla arriving before the estimated delivery date.

There you have it, your perfect explanation for the arrival of Tesla vehicles before the estimated delivery date.


Tesla is among the ranking trusted and reputable car industry that sells big in the automobile market. 

Its luxurious brand of car models should be enough reason for Tesla to deliver in all ramifications.

However, from time immemorial, Tesla constantly suffered due to a delay in the delivery of cars within the estimated delivery date.

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