How To Put Tesla in Tow Mode? (Step By Step)

Last updated on September 12th, 2023 at 03:03 am

Your Tesla can move in particular conditions. For example, it can make movements in rough, steep, or flat terrain. 

There are functions in your car that enables you to make these particular movements. Not just in terrains, conditions may warrant that you tow your Tesla. 

For example, it could be that moment when you want to tow your Tesla for a road trip, you are having car troubles and have to get your Tesla for repairs.

This feature seeks to keep your Tesla brake disengaged while allowing small movements. 

You can have your Tesla in tow mode by keeping the parking brake disengaged while you can haul your car over a distance. You can access this feature by charging your car, having your critical handy, and clocking the tires. Afterward, press and hold the brakes, then activate the feature in the control panel.

By the end of this article, you would have known how to have your Tesla in tow mode and if you could make this happen from a remote location. 

Lastly, I will highlight the possibility of towing your Tesla without power. 

In the end, I will answer some frequently asked questions to give you a better idea of how to put your Tesla in tow mode.

How Do You Put Tesla In Tow Mode?

How to Put Tesla In Tow Mode

You can make your Tesla stay in tow mode by taking the following steps:

  • Put the gear shifter in the park.
  • Check the tires
  • Press and hold the brake pedal
  • Manipulate the control panel.
  • Long press the transport mode

#1. Put the Gear Shifter In Park

This process is the first step in achieving a tow mode. With this feature, you keep the parking brake disengaged.

You can put your Tesla in park mode by pushing and holding the parking brake switch. The idea of this mode is to keep the Tesla in an accessible moving mode.

Disengaging the gear from park mode helps you safely transport your vehicle without running at full speed. 

#2. Chock the Tires

The next step is to choke the tires. Choking your tesla tires ensures that your vehicle is secure. Wheel chokes are effective in safeguarding your car.

Although the choking process of a car is complex, the principles are generally the same.

To ensure your safety and the safety of those around you, you must make the final determination to what extent your tires will be choked.

There are some variables to look out for; these variables include;

  1. Wheel size
  2. Vehicle operating weight
  3. Level or grade of ground surface
  4. Tire pressure
  5. Condition of the ground surface

This table summarizes these variables with the size of the choke for your Tesla.

VariablesType of choke applicable
Wheel sizeLarge chokes
Vehicle operating weightLarge choke
Level of ground surfaceSmall choke for Large flatbed choke for steep ground
Tire pressureLarge choke

It would be best if you generally choked your Tesla against the gradient of the direction you wish to move it towards. 

If your Tesla tows in a forward direction, your choke should be placed in the back tires. Then, when you have safely choked the tires, you can activate your card in transport mode.

There are specific patterns of choking that can be best suited for your Tesla. These patterns are recognized based on how you pull your Tesla unto a flatbed.

Here are some patterns for towing your Tesla after placing them on choke mode:

  • First, pull from the front using two eyes.
  • Next, pull from behind using two eyes.

#1. Pull from Front Using Tow Eye

After choking the tires, pull your Tesla using an adequately installed tow eye. To pull your Tesla, find the tow eye. The tow eye is located in the front of the trunk.

Release the tow eye cover by holding firmly on the upper right perimeter. This pressure will pivot the two eyes cover inward.

Once this cover pulls inward, gently pull the raised section towards you. The front tow eye cover is connected to your vehicle’s negative terminal. 

Once the opening is complete, you can insert your two eyes fully into the opening. Once the tow eye fits the opening, twist continuously to fasten it securely.

At this point, you can now attach the winch cable to your tow eye.

#2. Next, Pull from Behind Using Tow Eye

The tow eye is located in the front of the trunk. The rear tow eye cover is located at the bottom of the perimeter.

You can release this cover firmly on its bottom until it turns inwards. Then gently pull the elevated section towards you.

Once the opening is complete, you can insert your tow eye fully into the opening. Once the tow eye fits the opening, twist until it is securely fastened.

At this point, you can now fasten the winch cable to your tow eye.

#3. Press and Hold the Brake Pedal

Once in your car, press and hold on to the brake pedal. The brake pedal is located in the space beneath the steering wheel. Your foot should press firmly to this pedal for up 30 seconds.

#4. Manipulate the Control Panel

After you have secured the car, apply pressure on the brakes to activate the transport mode on the control panel.

To access this mode, tap on controls, then click on the service menu. Then click on the towing menu.

The touch screen pops a message guiding you on activating the transport mode. Ensure that you follow the prompt to activate your Tesla in transport mode.

#5. Long Press the Transport Mode

You can now go ahead to long press the transport mode for 10 seconds. This feature turns blue. Your car is now free rolling and can be transported or towed. 

Can You Remotely Put Tesla In Tow Mode?

You cannot put your Tesla on tow mode from a remote location. You must be in the vehicle before activating the tow mode.

However, you can open your Tesla remotely so that anybody you authorize can get into the car to activate tow mode.

Once in the vehicle, tow mode can be activated by following some steps. First, you can open your vehicle remotely with the app.

Can You Tow Tesla by Shifting to Neutral?

You can tow your Tesla when you shift to neutral. Neutral allows your Tesla to move freely only when you are not pressing the brake pedal.

To move in this manner, shift to neutral gear when in the park. You can shit to neutral by pushing the drive stalk up or down to the first position.

When in drive, follow the steps above to shift into neutral. Check if the traffic autosteer is enabled. You must disable the traffic autosteer before you enter into neutral.

When in reverse, shift into the neutral position by briefly pushing the drive stalk back to its previous work.

Once you have engaged in neutral mode, you can tow the vehicle.

Can You Tow Tesla Without Power?

You cannot tow a tesla without power. So you have to charge the batteries before you can tow the car. 

Before you engage your Tesla in transport mode, you must have the control panel working. The control panel needs some power supply before it can work.

You can still disengage the brake and free the rear tires to pull the car to a flatbed. You do not need the power to disengage the brake, nor do you need the power to activate the tow eye.

Once you can free the back tires, you can tow your Tesla without power.  


Can You Transport Your Tesla with Wheels On the Ground?

No, it’s best not to transport your Tesla with wheels on the ground. However, there are recommended methods of transporting your Tesla. 

First, it should be on a flatbed or with dollies attached to the tires.

Which Tesla Has Transport Mode?

The tesla models X, Y, and 3 have transport modes. You can transport or tow this model safely with a flatbed or dolly.

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