2 Steps To Turn Off Passenger Air Vent On Tesla!

Last updated on September 12th, 2023 at 03:02 am

Air vents are essential components in a car. They direct air into the car to reduce its temperature and improve your comfort.

However, on days with excellent weather, the passenger might not require the services of the air vent. In this situation, the practical thing to do is turn off the air vent. 

You can’t turn off the air vent on the passenger side in a Tesla. It’s only possible to turn off all air vents in the car. Tesla cars automatically turn on the passenger air vent when it senses a passenger on the passenger chair. However, you can redirect airflow or regulate the air’s intensity.

This article will explain how to adjust the settings of air vents to minimize their effect. Furthermore, you’ll learn some of the features Tesla’s Auto setting supports.

Also, at the end of this article, you’ll understand why climate control keeps coming on in the Tesla.

How To Turn Off the Passenger Air Vent In a Tesla?

How To Turn Off Passenger Air Vent on Tesla

Tesla’s climate controls don’t allow you to turn off the passenger air vents. Once the chair holds weight, the air on the passenger side comes on.

The weight can be anything, a bag, a laptop, or an object heavy enough for the sensors to detect. You can only turn off the entire climate control in the car.

To switch off the entire HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning); 

  • On the main menu of the touch screen, tap the fan icon.
  • When the temperature control menu comes on, tap the power button to switch off the HVAC system.

A shorter way to turn off the HVAC system is to press and hold the fan icon on the main screen.

A pulse will appear around the button and then vanish to show that the climate is off.

Can You Turn Off Tesla Air Vents Individually?

You can’t turn off air vents individually. It’s possible to regulate the vents individually, but impossible to turn off just on,e vent. 

The power button turns off the entire climate control. You can only adjust where and how much the air blows for each vent.

To access the temperature control menu, press the fan icon on the main menu of the touchscreen.

This screen has the various controls needed to adjust the temperature. Voice commands can also regulate temperature settings.

Though you can’t turn off the air vent, there are ways to reduce the vent’s influence.

Below, I’ll highlight how you can navigate the temperature settings on the touchscreen of your Tesla.

#1. Tesla Model X

Model X features a vent stretching across the dashboard’s width. You’ll see another air vent for the car’s rear between the driver and passenger chair. 

There’s also a touch screen beneath the rear vent for adjusting the air current.

You can adjust the direction of the air current in the front vents via the touchscreen on the dashboard. Tap on the fan icon to access the temperature control menu.

Tapping the button will bring up an illustration of the car’s dashboard. This illustration will let you select the area you want the air to flow out.

Furthermore, this illustration has a slider regulating how fast the fan rotates.

Set the speed by dragging the slider across the screen. It’s also possible to reduce the force of the air current. 

The air in a Tesla blows through one current when centered. However, you can split the single air current to reduce the intensity. 

To do this, tap the glowing airlines on the screen. You can do the same to the rear vents.

In addition, the car allows you to choose where the air blows. You can direct the wind to blow towards the roof, floor, or directly at the passenger. 

These settings for air redirection are on the main temperature control menus.

You’ll see seat icons with arrows pointing toward where the air will blow. Select any direction to your liking.

#2. Tesla Models Y, 3, and S

These models have air vents similar to model X. The only difference is that the rear vents don’t have a touchscreen to regulate the temperature. 

You can manually move the vents down, up, and left to right as you wish. This movement allows you to direct the air current since you can’t turn off the rear air vent.

You can adjust temperature settings on the front touch screen and reduce the air current’s intensity. 

The touchscreen and interface in these Tesla models are the same as model X. Apply the same settings above where you see fit.

Are Tesla Air Vents Automatic?

Tesla air vents are automatic by default. Climate control remains fixed at Auto to retain maximum comfort during any weather condition. 

Activating features under the Auto setting allow the car to set temperatures. The following are some of the effects of the Auto setting;

  • With the Auto setting, the rear vents will switch on when you activate climate at the front vent. 
  • The setting turns on the vents if the car’s sensors detect a person in the passenger chair. 

You can turn off/on the Auto feature by tapping on Auto in the temperature control menu. 

Also, there are climate arrows on the touch screen’s bottom. Tapping this arrow will bring up a pop-up menu.

This menu allows simpler access to some temperature controls. You can split the driver’s and passenger’s temperature controls in this menu. 

Tap Split to permit the driver or passenger to adjust their respective temperatures.

Why Does Tesla Climate Control Keep Coming On?

It’s no surprise that the climate keeps turning on in Tesla vehicles since they come automated with various features. 

These features, once activated, will continue operating till you switch them off in the settings. 

The table below highlights some reasons why climate control keeps coming on.

Overheat protection featureIt prevents the car from overheating when parked.
Climate On featureIt sets the car’s temperature based on the cabin’s temperature after parking.
BluetoothShared connections across devices can keep the temperature control on.

#1. Overheat Protection Feature

This feature activates by default to keep the car under temperate conditions for driving.

If you park your car, the feature kicks in once the cabin temperature rises above 105° F.

It can switch on climate control for about twelve hours after parking the vehicle.

This feature is a common reason why the temperature control turns on after leaving the car. 

You can disable this feature on the touchscreen. On the touchscreen, tap on Controls > Safety > Cabin Overheats Protection. 

Under this menu, you can select Off to deactivate the feature.

#2. Climate On Feature

This feature, when turned on, maintains the car’s temperature after you park the car. The car automatically sets the climate depending on the cabin’s temperature.

The car might come with this feature activated. Hence, you won’t know it’s the one turning on the temperature control.

Fortunately, you can disable it. To turn off this feature,

  • Click the fan button on the main menu to open the temperature control menu.
  • You’ll see the options OFF, ON, DOG, and CAMP in the upper right. Select OFF to turn off either of these features.

#3. Connected Devices

Devices sharing a connection with the car via Bluetooth can keep the temperature control on. These devices can be your phone or apple watch.

The climate will remain on if you’re outside the car but within range. Ensure to disconnect Bluetooth connections to the car when not in use.


You can’t disable the passenger’s air vent in a Tesla. The best thing to do is reduce the air current’s concentration or redirect it.

Also, it’s impossible to turn off a single air vent in a Tesla. You can only turn off all vents in the vehicle. Tesla cars have a default Auto setting.

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